10 Best CD Players

cd player

Today’s best CD players feature updated technology not only in sound quality but also in connectivity. You’ll be amazed at the way so many features are now packed into small, excellent quality packages to complete your home stereo system. Check out our list of the best CD players available today to experience the biggest sound …

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10 Best Mini Projectors

mini projector

Get the popcorn ready. It’s time to get your outdoor patio or designated room in the house ready for a mini projector movie experience. Mini projectors have come a long way with technology and pricing. The good news is it is affordable to put in a miniature projector without high end pricing. Plus today’s technology …

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15 Best Places to Sell iPads

ipad images

There are many places to sell your iPad and still make a decent amount of money. The tricky part is finding a website or trade-in program where you can get the most money when selling your iPad for cash. If you want to sell your iPad fast and at a great price so that you …

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10 Best Modem and Router Combo Devices

image modem router

Did you know that if you have a router supplied by your ISP, you may be spending over $100 a year for no reason at all?  This is where modem router combo devices come in handy. Save money on your monthly internet bill by purchasing your own modem router combo and ditch that poorly performing …

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10 Best Charging Cases For iPhones

iphone charger

The latest iPhones come with a few extra hours of battery, but it doesn’t mean that battery juice will last forever. We spend most of our time on our phones going through emails, replying to messages, surfing through our social media, or making phone calls. All this network-hopping and screen-on time will drain your Apple …

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10 Best Blu-Ray Players

blu-ray dvd player

Your home entertainment setup may seem perfect, but Blu-ray players can make a significant difference in how you watch films.  Blu-ray players are available in two options, including the more recent 4K UHD Blu-ray format and legacy 1080p Blu-ray. Both choices offer lossless audio, but the video resolution could make a big difference, depending on …

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10 Best Universal Remotes

universal remote

Looking for the best universal remote for your home theater? Look no further. Universal remotes simplify things by consolidating the functions of various remotes into a single device. They offer superior ergonomics and intuitive buttons that are much better than the remote that came “in the box”.  Some even allow you to unify all your …

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10 Best Surround Sound Systems

surround sound

Surround sound systems play a significant role in creating a cinematic experience when watching movies or listening to music.  If you want to upgrade your TV setup, there are various factors you should consider before buying a surround sound system. You’ll need to check the amplifier capabilities, connectivity options, technology and the size of your …

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10 Best Music Streamers

audio streaming

Online streaming has become a big part of our daily listening habits. Luckily, the best music streamers will help you get your favorite music from Tidal or Spotify at the touch of the button.  With dedicated music streamers, you can enjoy improved audio quality and satisfy your digital Hi-Fi needs.  These devices support various hi …

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9 Best Smart Ceiling Fans

image of smart ceiling fan

Traditionally, buying a ceiling fan involved finding a model that matched the decor of your home and met your performance expectations with features such as quiet operation, wall-mounted remote control, etc. While these continue to be important factors to consider, today’s smart home options create a far more varied set of options to choose from.  …

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