11 Best Portable Power Stations

portable power station

Having a portable power station with you is crucial for comfort, productivity and safety when you are on the go.  Whether you are in the great outdoors, traveling or on your morning commute, having no power source can ruin your accommodations, communications and other important equipment.  With many different power stations to choose from, narrowing …

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10 Best Solar Power Banks

solar power bank

A drained phone, tablet or laptop battery can be a problem, especially if you’re off the grid. But, if you have a good solar power bank, running out of juice shouldn’t be an issue. In addition to portability, solar power banks allow you to recharge your devices anytime, anywhere. When you are searching for the …

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10 Best Solar Chargers

solar chargers

Solar chargers can be useful if you need to power your electronics while you are off the grid. But the benefits don’t end there. Most solar chargers are eco-friendly, cheap to maintain and reasonably long-lasting. The best solar chargers are portable and pack enough power capacity for your needs. They should also be built to …

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Three High-Tech Home Devices That’ll Protect Your Home from Severe Weather

Many people believe a severe weather event will never happen to them. Unfortunately, the facts beg to differ. According to a recent study from Esurance, most Americans have experienced at least one catastrophic weather incident within just the last five years. Despite that alarming fact, only 17 percent of U.S. residents felt they were personally …

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10 Ways an Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money

Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern home, and Ecobee is one of the leading brands in this industry. Their newest product, Ecobee4, lives up to all the hype that was started by the Ecobee3 before it, and adds even more value to that model with its voice-enabled Amazon Alexa feature that makes …

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7 Great Bathroom Tech Innovations You Won’t Want To Live Without

Bathroom tech innovations are the in-thing these days. Everyone is raving about the modern fixtures that make the home more functional. It’s no surprise because human beings are naturally forward thinking. We are always looking for ways to improve our experiences and our surroundings. Therefore it’s no wonder that tech innovations have now found their …

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Three Robotic Vacuums for Every budget

Robotic vacuums have been around for a long time now. In the last 10 years, robotic vacuums have been improving in design and function by leaps and bounds. What was once a curiosity is now a useful companion that cleans your floors. There is a dizzying array of choices when it comes to robot vacuums …

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