12 Best Home Projector Screens

image of projector screen

More than ever, people are watching movies at home. Streaming is becoming the preferred option even when movies are just released. If you love the idea of creating a theater in your home and want an authentic look, you’re in the right place. In addition to a full-sized or mini projector and a home theater …

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10 Best Mini Projectors

mini projector

Get the popcorn ready. It’s time to get your outdoor patio or designated room in the house ready for a mini projector movie experience. Mini projectors have come a long way with technology and pricing. The good news is it is affordable to put in a miniature projector without high end pricing. Plus today’s technology …

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6 Best Portable TVs

portable tv

When looking for flexible options to view your favorite streaming providers, portable TVs are worth considering. They’re easy to set up and can work in any outdoor setting, allowing you to watch content from anywhere. The best portable TVs will impress you with their image quality, size, price and battery life while taking your viewing …

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10 Best TV Wall Mounts

tv wall mount

While they’re not as flashy as other home gadgets, TV wall mounts can make or break your viewing experience.  Having a wall-mounted TV can even save space if you live in a smaller apartment. However, with so many options available, including fixed mounts, full motion mounts and more, finding the best option for your home …

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10 Best Blu-Ray Players

blu-ray dvd player

Your home entertainment setup may seem perfect, but Blu-ray players can make a significant difference in how you watch films.  Blu-ray players are available in two options, including the more recent 4K UHD Blu-ray format and legacy 1080p Blu-ray. Both choices offer lossless audio, but the video resolution could make a big difference, depending on …

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10 Best Outdoor Projectors

outdoor projector

There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite movie or show while simultaneously enjoying a starry night sky. The best outdoor projectors make this luxury a reality. These projectors feature exceptional visual quality, portability, streaming capabilities and more, turning any outdoor space into an open-air theater you’ll never want to leave. Don’t miss our list of …

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10 Best DVD Players

dvd player

Though streaming video is top dog these days, there’s still something satisfying about watching crisp, clear video through a DVD player or Blu-Ray player.  It also offers flexibility that you can’t always get with streaming – such as viewing at the cottage, on the road, or just watching movies no longer available on Netflix.  DVDs …

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6 Best Budget Cameras for YouTube

black camera with lens close up

While it’s ultimately your content that’s going to make or break your YouTube channel, finding the perfect camera for what you’re doing can definitely make it better. However, so many people find all the information out there and get overwhelmed with their options.  The purpose of this article is to narrow down the seemingly limitless …

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What is RPX At A Movie Theater?

RPX movie

Going to the movies has been a core part of American culture since the first theater opened over 100 years ago in Pittsburgh.  In fact, according to a Gallup study, most moviegoers reported seeing 1.4 movies per month in theaters last year. Believe it or not, that was a record low. With so many people …

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10 Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors

short throw projector

An ultra short throw projector is a fantastic way to take your movie, binge-watching or gaming sessions to the next level. They can be placed inches away from a wall or screen while still projecting a huge image.  Typically, these devices require special types of lasers. Plus, they usually have other fun features to enhance …

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