Despite the demand for smartphones and tablets, tabletop radios continue to be timeless forms of entertainment and mass communication.

With manufacturers integrating modern technology such as Wifi and Bluetooth into these receivers, there is no doubt they will continue to be popular. 

Tabletop radios have features that make them both functional and appealing gadgets. They also provide clear sound to ensure you fully enjoy your favorite music or radio broadcasts.

Whether you are concerned about price, functionality, battery life or a different feature, we’ve found the best tabletop radios on the market.

Top Tabletop Radios

With many tabletop radios on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. We’ve narrowed the top contenders based on budget and features.

1. Panasonic RF-2400D

Panasonic Portable AM / FM Radio, Battery Operated Analog Radio, AC Powered, Silver (RF-2400D)
  • SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE FM/AM RADIO WITH HIGH QUALITY SOUND: Portable handheld radio with digital tuner has a...
  • EASY-TO-SEE DESIGN: Large dial with fluorescent pointer allows for easy viewing, even in the dark
  • SMOOTH TUNING: Digital tuner with AFC (Auto Frequency Control) enables easy and stable tuning

The Panasonic Portable AM / FM Radio is a small but powerful tabletop radio that lets you enjoy music or programs on the go.

Its design and functionality are simple to use with only a few buttons and controls. You won’t need a manual to figure everything out. 

Panasonic is known for designing some of the best-sounding radios. The Panasonic Portable AM / FM is no exception. It delivers strong bass as well as clear lows and mids as long as the radio is in an area with good reception. 

This radio lets you enjoy music and programs through an AC adaptor or batteries. If you’re looking for a radio that doesn’t need continuous tethering, this comes in handy. 

In addition, you can switch between the two power sources effortlessly.

If you’ll be spending all day indoors, AC is the natural way to power the radio. It lets you save the batteries for a day spent outside. 

The radio has smooth tuning, which you can use for setting your favorite stations accurately. Additionally, the tuning has Auto Frequency Control for cleaning up buffering stations as the signal improves. 


  • Resistant to severe weather
  • Headphone compatible
  • Fluorescent tuning pointer


  • Great sound quality
  • Gets plenty loud
  • Big tuning knob


  • Inconsistent signal quality

2. Avantree SP850

Avantree SP850 Portable FM Radio
  • 3-IN-1 RADIO SPEAKER: You can stream music wireless from your PC / phone / tablet via Wireless. Kids and...
  • AUTO & MANUALLY SEARCH & SAVE CHANNELS: With one click, the device will auto search and save all...
  • AMAZING SOUND WITH SIX EQUALIZER MODES: Experience your tunes tailored to you, with the natural, rock,...

The Avantree SP850 is a powerful tabletop radio that delivers lots of performance in a small package. The radio is a three-in-one speaker, which means that you can stream music from your tablet, phone or PC. 

Better yet, you don’t need any special cables for a connection as it supports Bluetooth. 

This level of versatility makes the Avantree an excellent choice for kids and older adults who want to stream their favorite songs and media recordings.

The freedom to use other devices means that you aren’t stuck with AM / FM radio signals for all your entertainment needs.

This radio has an SD card you can access by choosing the Micro SD card mode on the radio. The benefit of this feature is that it lets you extend the functionality of your radio.

It also means that you can use the play, pause, rewind and forward buttons if you miss anything. 

Furthermore, searching and saving new channels on the radio is a breeze. The Avantree SP850 is a one-click gadget. Anyone can quickly learn how to get to their favorite channels. 

Its auto-search feature displays all the available channels that have a decent signal in the area. This lets you enjoy noise-free reception no matter the location.


  • Six equalizer modes
  • 24-month warranty
  • USB cable as the antenna


  • Great volume 
  • Clear sound on local media
  • Easy to carry around


  • Setup can be complex

3. Sony CFDS70-BLK

Sony CFDS70-BLK Home Audio Radio
  • A compact CD/cassette player with AM/FM radio, sleep-timer, and 3 station preset capability.
  • Enjoy full-function stereo sound, Playback CDs, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs with shuffle and program functions,...
  • FM/AM tuner with digital tuning and 30 station presets, AC and battery power options with up to 19 hours...

Sony is one of the most reputable companies in sound processing. That fact certainly reflects in the Sony CFDS70-BLK. The product has excellent sounding speakers that handle radio transmission and portable media reasonably well. 

With a compact CD player, you’ll be able to access all your MP3 and FLAC files easily. This is an excellent feature to have if you’re into ripping CDs and remaking your own. 

This product makes for an excellent radio in its AM / FM functionality. With three preset stations, it will remember your favorite channels. You won’t have to seek the frequencies manually. 

The radio comes with a built-in cassette tape that lets you record audio. This is handy if you don’t have time to listen to a certain program in real-time. Instead, you can come back and listen to the show when your schedule clears up. 


  • Has a sleep-timer
  • MEGA BASS boost
  • Aux audio input


  • Great sound and radio quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly portable as it’s light


  • Doesn’t get loud enough for some people

4. Eton Elite Executive

Eton Elite Executive Radio
  • International Radio Receiver: The Executive Satellite receives every radio wavelength—AM(Mw), FM With...
  • Versatile And Portable: This receiver also picks up VHF Aircraft Band and Single Sideband (Ssb); It comes...
  • Stay Safe and Have Fun: As a proud partner of the American Red Cross, we are committed to your safety....

The Eton Elite Executive is a powerful radio with the ability to receive international radio signals. It’s set to cover every radio wavelength, letting you enjoy AM, MW, FM with RDS, SW and LW. 

This receiver allows you to choose between precision automation and manual digital tuning to manage these frequencies. 

It is versatile and portable since it can pick up SSB (single sideband) and VHF (very high frequency) aircraft bands. This means that you’ll have even more options for listening to the radio without relying on expensive equipment. 

You can travel with the Eton Elite Executive to any country worldwide and continue enjoying all your favorite stations. 

Every travel-centric radio needs a decent way to carry it around. The Eton Elite Executive comes with a leather case. This keeps the radio protected while giving you easy handling on the go. 

The Eton Elite Executive is also designed with the most challenging use cases in mind. The radio is suitable for emergencies. It has easy-to-tune weather alert radio stations that you can rely on during natural disasters such as storms.


  • Functional squelch feature
  • Four-alarm mode
  • Line-in and line out


  • Accommodates backup battery packs
  • Access to multiple frequencies
  • Easy to use presets


  • USB charging instead of AC

5. Como Audio Solo

Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker
  • Multi-room music system with one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi sound
  • Countless music sources including FM radio, Internet radio, Bluetooth streaming, Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Hand crafted furniture grade real wood veneer cabinets for truly stunning décor matching

The Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker is a multi-room music system that blends the best of modern technology with classic traditional radio into an elegant package. 

With one-touch streaming and Hi-Fi, the radio lets you enjoy the highest quality audio quality in a package that is well-polished. 

If you get the Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker, you’ll have access to various music sources. The radio supports FM radio, Bluetooth, Wifi connectivity and internet radio. You’re bound to have one or more gadgets that can hook up to the radio. 

For instance, your smartphone, tablet and PC can all be connected to the radio through Bluetooth. You can listen to your favorite tracks without having to mess around with additional cables. 

The design of the Como Audio Solo Wireless Speaker is one of the radio’s selling points. Its high-quality body is made from hand-crafted veneer, giving it an elegant look. This provides the radio with a muted but classic look. 


  • Custom signal processor
  • RMS digital amplifier
  • 30-watt channels


  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great customer support


  • EQ settings need more options

6. Greadio AM / FM Weather Alert Radio

Greadio AM/FM Weather Alert Radio
  • ★【Life Saver with NOAA Weather Alert】Professionally get weather broadcasts from 7 NOAA stations at...
  • ★【Best Reception with Auto-search and Save】With updated DSP and external antenna, this am fm radio...
  • ★【Long Lasting Enjoyment】This transistor radio used by 2 AAA batteries that can be found in every...

The Greadio AM / FM Weather Alert Radio is a handheld receiver that gives you various features in a small and portable package. 

It is designed to be extremely useful in disaster situations such as raging weather. The radio can receive broadcasts from seven NOAA stations with crystal clear sound quality. 

This device automatically monitors and alerts you when hurricanes, severe storms and tornadoes are predicted nearby. It gives you critical information needed to make an emergency evacuation. 

The radio will even alert you once the disaster has passed. This allows you to make plans to go home or get your family members from a shelter.

This radio has some of the most sought-after features. Thanks to auto-search, you don’t have to worry about balancing the signal at the right frequency. The radio will do it for you. 

Also, the save feature lets you keep a list of your favorite stations instead of repeating the search every time like you might need to do with other tabletop radios.

To capture as many stations as possible, the Greadio comes with an external antenna and a DSP. These work together to ensure that you get as much range as possible. 

The radio has a small LCD screen that displays the output of your interactions with the gadget. This creates an excellent user interface since you engage your visual senses to better interact with the radio.


  • Can be powered through AAA batteries
  • Alarm clock function
  • Has an earphone jack 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Intuitive design
  • Alerts on disasters


  • Lacks a DC connection

7. Sony ICFP26

The Sony ICFP26 is a portable radio that gives you superior functionality over other gadgets in its size class. It comes with support for FM and AM. This means that you can use the radio for pure entertainment.

It is an excellent device for older people who don’t want to deal with the complexity of a smartphone to listen to music. Moreover, most modern smartphones don’t come with the FM function. Those that do usually skip the AM option. 

This tabletop radio has a flexible tuner that easily lets you switch between radio modes. The slider is fluorescent so that you can adjust the channel in the dimmest of conditions. This may be handy during a blackout.

Unlike other small handheld radios, this device has a built-in speaker. What’s impressive is that the speaker doesn’t add much to the heft of the radio. You may think that it’s a low-quality monitor, but it’s not. 

The speaker on this product gets quite loud for such a small gadget. This makes it perfect for broadcasting an event in group situations. It also gives you the freedom to leave the headphones at home. 

The headphone jack supports the latest audiophile headsets. It ensures that the power delivered to the in-ear monitors matches the signal produced by the radios IC. 

You won’t have to deal with any distortions as long as you stick to some decent headphones or use the built-in speaker. 


  • Telescope antenna
  • Tough carrying strap
  • Replaceable battery


  • Great AM reception
  • Amazing battery optimization
  • Strong build


  • Some users have complained of static

8. Victrola Retro Wood

Victrola Retro Wood Radio
  • MORE THAN A RADIO- Listen to music through traditional AM/FM and through bluetooth wireless streaming...
  • GREAT QUALITY SOUND- This timeless radio (9.5 in x 6.3 in x 4.9 in) comes with built-in stereo speakers...
  • WIDE-RANGE BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – The built-in Bluetooth pairs quickly with smartphones, tablets and...

The Victrola Retro Wood is a classic FM / AM radio with several modern features that make it a universal receiver. 

To capture as many stations as possible, the Greadio comes with an external antenna and a DSP. These work together to ensure that you get as much range as possible. 

The design of the Victrola Retro Wood is one of the most unique in its class. It has a vintage look that elevates the aesthetics of the background. This makes it excellent for a living room, bedroom, study or office.

Better yet, its sound is out of this world. You get to enjoy the power of the built-in stereo speakers without dealing with the bulk often seen in other tabletop radios. 

The sound comes out with no distortions or annoying static. This is an excellent radio that lets you travel back to the 50s with today’s audio technology.

There is excellent Bluetooth connectivity on this device. The radio gives you a wide range, which may be necessary if you have your smartphone in your pocket all the time. Thanks to this option, streaming from your local files or streaming apps is a breeze.

In addition, the radio interfaces excellently with multiple devices, including laptops, tablets and dedicated music players. 


  • Bass and treble knob
  • Two-band radio support
  • A rotary dial


  • Great sound quality
  • Clean bass and treble
  • Solid Bluetooth connection


  • Few color options

9. Tivoli Audio Model One

Tivoli Audio Model One Radio
  • The Model One BT radio begins with a handmade wood cabinet that is both beautiful and the ideal...
  • Natural replication of sound. This single mono bluetooth speaker delivers true musically accurate tonal...
  • Simple to use - One knob for power and source, one knob for volume, a tuning dial to help you pull in the...

The Tivoli Audio Model One is a unique radio receiver with one of the most intriguing designs when compared to other tabletop radios out there. 

This radio is made from furniture-grade veneer, which gives the overall package an attractive look. Additionally, the housing serves the secondary function of controlling the acoustic performance of the radio. 

The sound quality on the Tivoli Audio Model One is top-notch. It has some of the most advanced audio reproduction technologies.

FM / AM and playing local files are handled with precision at all volume levels. This ensures that you’ll hardly deal with any static or distortion. The same goes for Bluetooth streaming, which is often contentious due to the reliance on external devices.

Using the Tivoli Audio Model One is straightforward. The radio isn’t designed with tech users in mind. Instead, it caters to the average person who wants a radio with extra functionality to stream their favorite music. 

You won’t need a manual to operate the Tivoli Audio Model One. Every function is a single button or knob turn away. 


  • FFSS function
  • Low-no-noise feature
  • Amber tuning LED indicator


  • Small but powerful
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Handles weak signals well


  • Limited color options

10. Tivoli Audio PALBT Radio

Tivoli Audio PALBT Radio
  • The robust, battery-operated wireless bluetooth speaker for use both indoors and outside.
  • Our Classic Collection’s simple take on audio quality and style, but in a portable package. the stylish...
  • Lasting battery - Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack with a minimum of 16 hours playback time.

The Tivoli Audio PALBT is a small pink radio that serves as an entertainment receiver and a fashionable appliance. Its design is the most superficially striking aspect of the receiver. 

Aside from a refreshing look, the Tivoli is a fantastic radio. Its sound reproduction is unmatched no matter the source of the signals. 

That said, it supports Bluetooth, making it great for amplifying locally-stored media. 

The Bluetooth feature will allow you to stream music from your phone’s memory card or music streaming apps. 

This tabletop radio comes with a 5:1 ratio AM / FM tuner. This gives you precise control over the frequency. You can also locate radio stations manually and use an antenna to clean up the static.

Ultimately, you can listen to nearly every FM / AM station whose frequency covers your location.

Interference is a common problem with radio receivers. It often distorts the audio or adds static, making listening difficult. The Tivoli Audio PALBT solves this problem using magnetic shielding. 

The speakers on the radio are covered with 2.5-inch magnetic shielding. This ensures that electric interference doesn’t affect the receiver.


  • Auxiliary output
  • Stereo headphone out
  • AC and battery support


  • Great sound at all volumes
  • Holds charge for long
  • Beautiful design


  • Lack of multiple design options


Tabletop radios have come a long way since the early 20th century. They continue to deliver FM / AM radio signals despite newer, superior technologies. 

Today, you can get a tabletop radio that integrates signals for live programming, Bluetooth and Wifi. Just consider your needs before making a purchase to ensure you end up with the right radio for you.