10 Best CD Players

cd player

Today’s best CD players feature updated technology not only in sound quality but also in connectivity. You’ll be amazed at the way so many features are now packed into small, excellent quality packages to complete your home stereo system. Check out our list of the best CD players available today to experience the biggest sound …

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10 Best Computer Speakers

computer speakers

Need a sound upgrade at your desk? Look no further than the best speakers for your computer. There are many options to choose from, and each one has distinct features that cater to different needs. Whether you are a gamer, want better Zoom calls, are looking for today’s best deals or enjoy Spotify jam sessions, …

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10 Best High-End AV Receivers

av receiver

Purchasing high-end AV receivers can turn an average theater system into one that provides a cinematic experience. The best high-end receiver for you should match your TV, projector or home theater output standards. It should also support the system’s speaker configuration to ensure optimal audio performance. While these home theater receiver devices are pricey and …

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10 Best High-End Turntables

high-end turn table

These days, it’s hard to find a high-end turntable that isn’t highly advanced. There are many moving components, and each one must be calibrated correctly to achieve optimal performance.  When choosing a turntable, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want to evaluate cost, connectivity, quality and more to ensure you pick the right …

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10 Best Speaker Brands

speaker brands

We’ve found the best speaker brands, from wireless Bluetooth speakers to tower speakers and everything in between. If you’re shopping around for audio equipment, research these brands first since they represent the best of the best in speakers.  Top Speaker Brands These top speaker brands are among our favorites. Their sound, technology and overall aesthetic …

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10 Best Subwoofers For A Home Theater

subwoofer home theater

Building your home entertainment system? Don’t forget subwoofers.  The right subwoofer completes your sound system. With its low-frequency tones, it can add dimension, depth, and feeling to what you hear. In this list of the best subwoofers for your theater today, you’ll find designs that deliver impressive bass that also look good enough to show …

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10 Best Surround Sound Systems

surround sound

Surround sound systems play a significant role in creating a cinematic experience when watching movies or listening to music.  If you want to upgrade your TV setup, there are various factors you should consider before buying a surround sound system. You’ll need to check the amplifier capabilities, connectivity options, technology and the size of your …

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7 Best Mini Stereo Amplifiers

stereo amplifier

The new mini stereo amplifiers on the market can turn your small space into a sound garden. They give you affordable stereo sound and take up roughly the same amount of room as a wireless speaker.  Whether you want a device for your man cave, she-shed or your college dorm, these mini amplifiers can bring …

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10 Best Headphone Amps

headphone amplifier

True audiophiles know that if you want to listen to the best music, you need exceptional gear. Sound technology has seen a steady improvement over the years thanks to high-quality headphone brands.  But how can you improve the sound from your current headphones? This is where a headphone amp comes in. These small amplifiers do …

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10 Best Portable CD Players

portable cd player

Having the freedom to take your favorite CDs with you is important, and portable CD players allow you to do just that.  From listening in the kitchen to the garage to the backyard and beyond, a portable CD player is great for the days you want to rock out to your music collection from anywhere. …

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