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Are Smart Homes Vulnerable to Malware?

Nex-Gen Advancement in Home Automation Future Scenario

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

Are Smart Homes Vulnerable to Malware?

Is a Nest Thermostat Worth the Money?

Is a Nest Thermostat Worth the Money?

Tony Fadell, the former Apple designer best known as one of the creative minds responsible for the iPod, burst onto the smart home scene with the Nest Thermostat.  A simple, sleek, round device made of aluminum and glass. The sales pitch for the Nest is straight...

15 Best Drones for Kids

Drones have become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially for kids. And it’s easy to see why. Flying drones is both fun and educational, especially for parents looking for ways to get their children engaged in something other than a TV screen or...

The 10 Best iPhone Charging Cases of 2020

The latest iPhones come with a few extra hours of battery, but it doesn’t mean that battery juice will last forever. We spend most of our time on our phones going through emails, replying to messages, surfing through our social media, or making...

Best iPhone Screen Protectors for 2020

The safety of your iPhone is a serious matter. While we agree that its minimalist and classy design makes Apple flagships one of the best-looking phones on the market, it‘s still fragile. Let us not forget the heartbreak caused when you drop...

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