Avid tech users crave superior specs, and as a result, the resale market is booming. Since Apple has released new watches every year, it may be time to say goodbye to your previous model and prepare for an upgrade.

Before jumping into the next pre-order train, you should consider selling your current Apple Watch and putting the money toward a new one. But when is the best time to sell your Apple Watch? And how can you get the most money out of it? 

We’ll tell you when and how. 

Tossing your Apple Watch at someone, counting the dollars, and walking away can be tempting. But putting some thought into your preparation for selling it may put some extra cash in your pocket.  

Prepare Your Apple Watch for Sale

Getting the most out of your Apple Watch is the goal. While there really isn’t a bad time to unload a used watch, depending on the expected demand and the current stock, the resale value may vary.

Start prepping your watch for resale by taking a few minutes to wipe it clean of all dirt, oil, debris, and other stains. You also always reset the watch to factory settings to wipe any personal information. You may also want to consider revamping the old band.

With those pointers in mind, lets jump into the process of preparing your Apple Watch for sale. 

Step 1. Unpairing Your Apple Watch

Open the Watch App

The Apple Watch app is the easiest and fastest way to unpair your Apple Watch. Make sure you keep your Apple Watch and iPhone close for the unpairing to work. 

Tap My Watch (Bottom of the App), Tap the Name of the Watch (Top)

Once you get to the app, you’ll spot your Apple Watch with a name on it. When you press that, you’ll notice an orange “I” next to the icon. Next to it will be a bright red menu with other settings, where you’ll see “Unpair Apple Watch.” Click “Unpair.”

Unpair the Device

A warning will pop up to confirm whether you want to unpair the Apple Watch. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch” to continue. 

Unpairing disables the activation lock, allowing the buyer to pair the watch on their phone. The process may take some time, so keep the devices plugged into their chargers. Make sure the watch doesn’t disconnect from your phone before the process is complete. 

Your iPhone will automatically backup all of your content and settings.

Step 2. Removing Your Apple Watch from Your iCloud Account

The Apple Watch is an exceptional piece of tech, which is why you’re probably excited to have the latest model. But a willing buyer may have a difficult time if you don’t remove your iCloud data from your old Apple Watch. 

For the Apple Watch to have a new iCloud account, you have to remove the Activation Lock. The function links your Apple Watch to your iCloud for security. Read on as we discuss the steps you can take to remove the Activation Lock and iCloud account.

Go to iCloud.com

Removing your iCloud doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. The steps are straightforward.

Go to Find My iPhone

Just like an iPhone, an Apple Watch contains lots of personal information. Here, you’ll need to deactivate Find My iPhone to avoid linking your information with the buyer. 

  • Select “All Devices”
  • Click on “Apple Watch” followed by “Erase Apple Watch”

Apple provides a warning sign, and once you tap “Erase All,” you cannot undo the process. If you have an active plan, choose “Erase All and Keep Plan” so you don’t have to mess with your cellular data.

You might need to enter your Apple ID password, though it depends on your previous settings.

Select ‘Next’ Until the Device Is Erased

As mentioned earlier, the process may take some time, so connect your devices to their respective chargers. 

Click the ‘X’ Next to Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is now unpaired, reset, and ready for a new iCloud account. 

Places to Sell Your Apple Watch for the Most Money

Now that your Apple Watch is prepared for sale, it’s time to decide where to find your prospective buyer.  Below, is a list of some of the best places to sell your Apple Watch. Let’s take a look.

1. SellCell

sell apple watch series 6

We love SellCell as a one-stop-shop to see who will offer you the best deal for not only cell phones, but apple watches as well.

Their site is fairly simple to navigate.  

On the navigation bar, select “Other Tech” and then you will find the “Other Apple Products” section. From here, select Apple Watch. Next select which Apple watch series you have.  In my case, I chose the Apple Watch Series 6.  

The screen will then display your options based on watch size and material (titanium, stainless steel, or aluminum). 

Once you select your watch to sell, SellCell will display buyers and what they are offering to pay you. Select your buyer and then SellCell directs you to that buyers site. Follow the buyers process to complete your sale. 

Note, not all buyers are the same so do your research.

2. OCBuyBack

sell apple on OC buyback

When it comes to simplified selling for your Apple Watch, OCBuyBack has you covered.  They take current models as well as older models. 

Simply pick your model, select your material, select your size, and condition (Like New, Good Condition, Fair). Then provide how many you have and it will provide you a price.  From here you will provide your name and address.

They provide you with a prepaid label you can print out. You will need to box up the item yourself.  

You can also sell your old iPhone to them as well.

To be paid, you can select PayPal (3% processing fee), Check or Square Cash.

3. Decluttr

It's so east to sell your Apple Watch with Decluttr

One of our favorite sites to get rid of basically everything, is Decluttr.  They even take Apple Watches. 

From their site, select Sell Tech, Sell Apple Products, Sell My Apple Watch. Next, select your series, then size and material You will then select the condition and an offer is immediately provided. Make sure your condition meets their criteria before you continue. 

Select your offer and check out. You can add this sale to a voucher if you plan to shop or sell other items. Otherwise, they pay via PayPal, direct deposit or check. 

You can also sell your used dvd’s, legos and other electronics to Decluttr.

4. Best Buy

Best Buy trade in

If your Apple Watch is in perfect condition, Best Buy offers a slightly higher trade-in value than Apple. The eCommerce platform Best Buy offers will pay you in credit to use at the retailer.

It’s a perfect way to get the latest Apple Watch or any other device without spending too much. 

For an Apple Watch Series 1 in perfect condition, you can get a trade-in value of up to $50, while for a Series 2, you can get a credit worth up to $80. For newer models, the trade-in value is even higher.

Visit the Trade-in section on Best Buy’s website and enter the model and your Apple Watch condition. You’ll get the exact trade-in value of the watch.

5. Apple

select your device to get a trade-in estimate

If you want to trade in your old Apple Watch, the Apple Recycling Program is another good option. Apple allows customers to trade in Apple watches to get Apple Store Gift Cards or credit.

For the 1st generation Apple Watch, you can get up to $40 credit. Series 1 and 2 bring a trade-in value of up to $40 and $80, respectively.

For Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5, expect a trade-in value of up to $100, $160, and $200. However, the value of your Apple Watch will depend on its current condition.

Depending on your Apple Watch, you can get valuable credit you can use toward the latest watch from the Apple Store. You can also use the credit to buy other products from Apple’s website or in-store.

6. eBay

eBay search for apple watch series 6

You already have an eBay account, right? If not, you have to create one to sell your current Apple Watch on the largest used marketplace on the internet.

Ebay has more than 182 million users globally, making it a perfect ecommerce platform to sell used items such as Apple Watches. With the right strategy, you’ll sell your watch easily and quickly.

With eBay, you have two listing options: a fixed price or an auction listing. The fixed price listing allows you to set a non-negotiable price for the watch, while the auction choice lets you sell the item to the highest bidder. 

To set a reasonable fixed price, check the pricing of already listed Apple Watches on eBay.

What else makes eBay a perfect place to sell used Apple Watches? Well, the trust factor. eBay is a trusted eCommerce store with millions of loyal customers.

If your watch is in good condition and well-priced, there’s no doubt you’ll get a buyer quickly on the platform. In addition to this, eBay charges lower selling fees compared to most platforms.

7. Carriers

AT&T trade in program

Besides the carrier services, many leading carrier companies also buy used items to resell to their customers. You can look for a trusted carrier that buys used Apple Watches or one selling via carrier services.

Tell them about the watch, and if it’s in good condition, they will purchase or look for a buyer.

8. Swappa

Apple Watch Sale on Swappa

Swappa is another great online marketplace to buy or sell used items. If your watch is in good shape, you can list it on Swappa. The platform has a large audience, which increases your chances of finding a buyer quickly.  

Swappa’s verification process involves running ESN checks and proof of ownership. As a result, it’s one of the most trusted sites for trading used devices. Coupled with an aggressive price tag on your Apple Watch, it’ll sell in no time at all.

The free shipping policy also makes Swappa an excellent option for many buyers.

9. Mercari

apple watch series 6 on Mercari

Using a selling app is an excellent option when it comes to selling your used Apple Watch. Mercari allows you to list the item for free, but you’ll pay a 10% flat rate once the watch sells. With so many users on the platform, you can sell your watch in minutes.

You’ll set the price of your watch, but it’s advisable to be fair and reasonable. Once the Apple Watch sells, you’ll receive the money when the buyer rates the transaction.

What if the buyer doesn’t rate the transaction? Don’t worry — you’ll still receive your money after three days.

10. Craigslist

apple watch on Craigslist

If you want to sell your watch locally and in-person, Craigslist is your best option. Craigslist is an advertising platform where you post your item for sale and wait for potential buyers to contact you. You then include your phone number and the price of the Apple Watch for quick connection.

Craigslist is an excellent platform because potential buyers will easily find and contact you directly. It’s advisable to negotiate the price over the phone to identify the right buyer. As a result, you’ll save time by meeting only the right buyer and completing the transaction in minutes.

11. Selling to Friends or Family

The good thing with family and friends is that you don’t have to advertise or pay a commission. They know the exact reason you want to sell your Apple Watch, whether aiming to upgrade or solve a financial problem.

Selling to family and friends is an easy option. Below are insights to see you through the process.

  • Be sensitive to the price. Setting unrealistic prices can be a huge turnoff. Set prices that match the current market value. 
  • Be realistic. Sell your Apple Watch to people who are interested and can easily operate it. For someone that’s not tech-savvy, an Apple Watch may be too complicated to use.

Friends and family are an essential part of your market share. Treat them as unique customers to cash-in from your blood and friendship bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does my Apple Watch take a long time to sell?

The Apple Watch is a premium product and its demand depends on the market. People have different experiences with marketing Apple Watches, and it all depends on the approach employed.

Where you decide to market your Apple Watch makes a difference in the amount of money you’ll get. 

Being a luxury product, Apple Watches are common among iPhone users. For your product to sell faster, your target should be in areas where there’s a high demand for other Apple products.

What is the best platform to market my Apple Watch?

The emergence of countless online marketplaces has added a new dimension to the sale of used technology. Today, the world operates as one unit, thanks to the internet.

Although you will be out there looking for a reliable platform to market your Apple Watch, the marketing power lies essentially in your hands. Your smartphone holds the key to the success of your marketing strategy.

Social media is one of the ignored yet vital components of marketing. Through social media platforms, you can reach a large group of people at the same time. Use your presence in those platforms to market your Apple Watch.

How do I prepare my Apple Watch for resale?

The Apple Watch is known for its robust security systems that include pairing with your iPhone. Therefore, Apple Watches contain loads of users’ personal information.

Before passing it to the next user, it’ll be only fair if you delete your personal information. An Apple Watch without personal data will be as good as new.

Take time and inspect all the components of your watch with more attention on the screen. Don’t expect to make much money from a watch with a broken screen. Carry out simple repairs where you can to increase the resale value of your watch.

Preparing your Apple Watch for sale will also involve comparing it with other products on the market. Focus on surpassing the condition of similar products in the market to make the most money from your Apple Watch.


Knowing that you have options for selling your Apple Watch is good.  Knowing how to sell it the right way is even better. 

There is money to be made with all the companies offering to buy your watch. Make sure you do your homework and find the best price and option that works best for you.