There are many places to sell your iPad and still make a decent amount of money. The tricky part is finding a website or trade-in program where you can get the most money when selling your iPad for cash.

If you want to sell your iPad fast and at a great price so that you can buy a newer model, we’ve found the best options to make the process stress-free.

Where to Sell Used iPads

Whether you are looking to get as much cash as possible or just want to offload your device quickly, these places can help you sell your iPad.

1. SellCell


The convenience that SellCell offers is unmatched, making it one of the top online selling websites. 

Selling your iPad through SellCell is quick and easy since the site’s landing page tells you almost everything you need to know to get started.

The process is simple. Just enter your iPad’s details, then SellCell will scan dozens of bulk buyers online to give you the best offer. 

This method saves you from the tedious process of scrolling through various programs to see which one has the best price for your old iPad.

The analysis is impartial, allowing you to make an informed decision. You can even use the platform to sell your old cell phone.

2. OCBuyback

OCBuyback is an instant trade-in website that offers reliable and fast services. It features a three-way process where sellers select the device, drop it locally or ship it and get paid. This is one of the best sites for selling your iPad.

The platform has garnered a handful of positive reviews from different sellers thanks to its comprehensiveness and intuitive interface.

Rather than spending extra costs on shipping fees, the website provides you with a prepaid label, ensuring excellent customer satisfaction. They also offer free shipping via USPS.

OCBuyback performs a thorough inspection upon receiving your old iPad, so make sure you include accurate details. It processes your payment within two days after receiving your device. 

In addition, there’s no limit to the number of iPads you can sell, giving you a quick solution to eliminate clutter in your home.

3. Buyback Boss

Besides providing a reasonable offer for your used iPad, Buyback Boss features a user-friendly interface, making it simple for beginners to maneuver when selling your iPad.

First, you need to describe your iPad’s condition to help the site determine its value. If you accept Buyback Boss’s offer, you’ll ship your old iPad to the company as directed.

Tracking your device online using the shipping label throughout the shipping process is possible, eliminating the fear that it might get lost before you receive your money. 

Another fantastic thing about Buyback Boss is that it offers same-day payments, which is great if you’re strapped for cash.

Although Buyback Boss doesn’t have an app, it saves you from having to list your item and meet strangers in public.

Keep in mind that you’ll receive your money via check or PayPal. This is something that might be limiting for sellers who prefer alternate payment options.

4. Decluttr

Decluttr offers you an easy and quick way to get the most cash from your used iPad. You’ll be required to enter your device’s generation and check whether it is in good, poor or faulty condition. 

Once you get an evaluation of how much you can sell your old iPad for, Decluttr sends a welcome kit accompanied by a free shipping label.

An inspection happens soon after Decluttr receives your package, and this helps them determine the final value.

It’s best to give an honest review of your old iPad to avoid Decluttr deeming it unsellable or giving you a revised offer.

There are three payment options, including direct deposit, PayPal and mailed check. You don’t need to worry about including original accessories like other programs may require.


BestBuy is another great platform to sell your iPad that eliminates the need to create a product listing and wait for customers to contact you.

Using the site is seamless since you are only required to fill in key details like storage capacity, model, color and carrier. The next page features other questions where you’ll explain your iPad’s general condition.

You can choose to sell your old iPad by mailing it in or trading it in at the store. Employees at the physical store use the same information to determine how much your device is worth, but there may be a little wiggle room. 

The website provides you with a high and low price after evaluating your device’s physical appearance and functionality. This helps you determine if you are comfortable selling them your old iPad.

6. Swappa

Unlike most online trade-in companies where you get a fraction of what your iPad is worth, Swappa gives you the most cash since you deal directly with the customer. 

The downside of this is that it may take a while to sell your iPad. Fortunately, you’ll be sure it will sell at a great price.

The platform provides you with pricing data based on your iPad’s specifications, making it easy to set the best amount. 

Although Swappa requires you to go through the process to list your iPad, it saves you from the hassle of worrying about biddings and reservations.

You’ll need to take pictures of your product, then add a few required details. An iPad that’s in mint condition sells for the most money, so ensure it doesn’t have any cracked or chipped glass if possible.

7. eBay

A lot has changed since eBay’s debut in the late 90s, making it one of the best platforms for reliable transactions.

The beauty of this platform is the vast range of options that await sellers. You can list your iPad in auction-style and take unlimited pictures. This gives you a competitive edge over other sellers.

You can also offer a buy now price if you want to avoid the hassle of an auction.

The listing process is straightforward. Simply take a few photos of your iPad, give an accurate description and then wait for bids or someone to buy your gadget outright.

Buyers pay via PayPal, which has a handful of seller protection features. You’ll only ship your iPad after receiving your payment, making this a great place to sell iPads.

Pro Hometoys Tip: Price your iPad competitively to sell it faster.

8. Craigslist

If you sell your iPad on Craigslist, it is free and gives you the most money, but ensure your listing is well-written. For example, you need to have a selection of clear pictures, an intriguing sales pitch and an attractive price. 

Remember, Craigslist is a highly competitive place, so buyers are always looking for the best deals.

If the lowest price you’re willing to take for your iPad is $300, consider pricing it at around $330 to leave room for negotiation. Including your number speeds up the process compared to sending emails back and forth.

When exchanging the iPad for cash, check whether your city has an official meetup location. If not, make it in a public place to avoid falling for scams.

9. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has grown tremendously over the years, making it a great place to sell iPads. Listing your product on Facebook is free, so the competition is pretty high. 

When you want to sell your iPad quickly, ensure you take clear pictures of your iPad that show the front and back. Also, include relevant specs and the general condition of your device so you get the best price.

It’s important to note that Facebook doesn’t have seller protection services like other platforms. Be extra cautious when meeting a potential buyer.

If you decide to meet the buyer, do it in a well-lit public place. In addition, check whether the cash is enough before you hand over your iPad.

10. Apple Trade-In

Apple Trade-in

When you want to sell iPads quickly either in-store or online with free shipping, you can go through Apple Trade-In

Regardless of what method you choose, your iPad’s condition must match the one described. If it doesn’t, you’ll receive a revised quote, and you can agree to its terms or reject it.

Apple Trade-In pays sellers through an Apple gift card or instant credit. The trade-in process takes about three weeks once you mail your iPad, so pick this method if you don’t need to get paid quickly or to receive your gift card fast.

You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label, which means that you get free shipping like Decluttr, and you can choose to include the accessories for free recycling.

11. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In allows you to sell iPads for an Amazon gift card. Once you visit the site, you’ll select your model from the different iPad models, answer a few questions about your iPad’s condition and then get a quote.

Thankfully, Amazon Trade-In buys both working and non-working iPad models that other trade-in programs won’t. As such, you may get at least $4 for a first-generation iPad, which is better than letting it collect dust in your house. 

You’ll also get paid extra money if you include the original accessories, allowing you to get the best price.

If you find Amazon Trade-In convenient, you can also use it to declutter other items in your home. For example, you could use it to sell your Mac.

12. NextWorth

NextWorth has been a convenient place to sell iPads and electronics since 2005. Like many buyback websites, it will offer you an instant quote for your iPad. 

You’ll need to indicate the specific model, carrier, amount of storage and any other required details for NextWorth to determine its value.

NextWorth inspects your iPad at least four days after receiving the device. It releases payment on the fifth day after the final inspection. 

This platform pays sellers via check or PayPal. Fortunately, NextWorth ships back your iPad for free if you aren’t satisfied with the final value.

13. OfferUp

With over 56 million users, OfferUp is a safe platform to sell iPads. Using this platform is as easy as taking clear pictures of your device, posting them and including a relevant description.

OfferUp allows you to sell nationwide or to local customers. If you plan to meet the buyer in person, use the Community MeetUp Spot to find a secure location. 

If several days pass without potential buyers showing any interest, consider rephrasing your description or lowering the price.

Once you sell your item, you can rate the buyer to give them the option to rate you as well. This helps in building community trust and increases your chances of making another quick sale in the future.

14. Walmart Trade-In

Walmart Trade-In partners with CEXchange to give you access to a Gadget to Gift Cards page. Here, you’ll choose your device type, specific model, brand or any other specifications required. 

Then, you’ll get a rough idea of how much your iPad is worth.

Walmart Trade-In asks some straightforward questions based on the iPad’s condition and specifications. After the product is evaluated, you’ll get a Walmart Gift Card.

15. EcoATM


EcoATM is a safe and convenient platform for selling your iPad. The company has over 4,800 kiosks across the United States. 

The EcoATM app has a built-in locator, which helps you find the nearest kiosk to drop off your device.

All you need to do is put your iPad into the kiosk, and it will determine your device’s value. It also accepts cases, chargers and other accessories, but there’s no payout. 

Although EcoATM accepts non-working devices, you’ll get the best price if your iPad is functional. It’s also best if your iPad doesn’t have a broken screen.

The security standards with EcoATM are fairly demanding. Fortunately, this provides a great way to ensure customers don’t buy stolen devices.

That said, you will have to present a valid state ID. This will be compared to photos of you standing on the machine. Later, you’ll complete the transaction by providing a thumbprint scan.


There is no shortage of reliable and trusted platforms to sell your iPad for the most cash. Most programs only require you to give an honest review of your iPad, making the process quick and seamless. 

Be sure to take clear pictures of your iPad if your preferred selling site requires images.

Remember to protect your personal data by resetting your iPad to factory settings. This will erase all cached data, saved passwords and other sensitive information.

Once your device is scrubbed, you can safely sell it and make some extra money.