Today’s best CD players feature updated technology not only in sound quality but also in connectivity.

You’ll be amazed at the way so many features are now packed into small, excellent quality packages to complete your home stereo system.

Check out our list of the best CD players available today to experience the biggest sound from your CD player.

Top CD Players

When it comes to finding the right device to play your CDs, think sound. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Bose Wave Music System IV

Bose Wave Music System IV
3,694 Reviews
Bose Wave Music System IV
  • Lifelike, room-filling sound with breakthrough waveguide technology
  • Fresh, updated design

Bose has been known for producing premium quality stereo sound for decades. So it’s no surprise that the Bose Wave Music System IV sits on top of our list.

You can expect immersive, life-like sound exactly the way the artist intended it to be heard thanks to the innovative waveguide technology that delivers high-performance bass, sharp treble, and crystal clear vocals. 

The CD player has a sleek, curved design with dual speakers, in addition to a front-loading style, MP3 playback, and AM/FM radio tuner – all of which make this a full media system in a slim package.

Its built-in LCD screen not only displays song and artist information, but assists with digital tuning as well.

The Bose Wave Music System IV comes with a handy remote control in a credit-card style design. The small profile and elegant design fits unobtrusively in your home or office with an updated, super-sleek build at only 4.5-inches tall and features the Bose signature wave design.

Key Features:

  • Large easy buttons
  • Weight 7 pounds
  • Dimensions ‎20 x 12 x 3 inches
  • Dual alarms
  • Bose waveguide technology
  • Slim remote with 12 presets


  • Remote control included
  • Sleep On/Off function
  • Excellent sound


  • Antena needed for remote areas
  • Bose returns difficult

Best for: A small to medium size room and those who like an easy setup.

2. KeiiD CD Player 

KeiiD CD Player
1,191 Reviews
KeiiD CD Player
  • Limited supplying item. Repurposed with VW original car CD radio head unit which is really durable and...
  • Slot-in type CD player. HiFi rich sound with high quality dome-silk tweeter and 4-inch bass speaker in...

The KeiiD CD Player could be an excellent option for those wanting a CD player with unconventional looks and reliable performance. 

This retro-designed Bluetooth home stereo system has a VW car CD and radio head unit for exceptional durability, rich tone, and HiFi sound quality. The slot-in style CD player with dual 4-inch bass speakers has vintage-styled knobs and a 5-inch display. 

You can use the CD player’s Bluetooth chip to pair with your phone or iPad for wireless streaming.

What’s more, the Keiid CD Player also doubles as a TV soundbar system if you’re in a pinch. A convenient remote control lets you adjust volume and skip tracks without disruption.

You also get a microphone, Aux input, and SD card playback feature built-in.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • High quality dome-silk tweeter and 4-inch bass speaker in both sides
  • +/- 10dB base. mid-range and treble adjustable
  • 5 EQs optional


  • Solid design
  • Bass, midrange and tweeter included
  • Stream from phone to player


  • Known Bluetooth issues

Best for: Those who care about design and could be great for a home office.

3. TEAC CD-P650 CD Player 

TEAC CD-P650 Home Audio CD Player
1,882 Reviews
TEAC CD-P650 Home Audio CD Player
  • AUDIO CONNECTION. Connect the digital audio output from an iPod to digital input devices to enjoy higher...
  • RECORD. The CD-P650 includes a feature to record CDs to USBs in MP3 file format to transfer audio CDs to...

The TEAC CD-P650 Home Audio CD Player is a great option for your home or office with its sleek, streamlined design. It delivers crystal-clear playback with premium sound quality, assuring you an effective sound solution. 

It has a center-mounted CD drive that balances the weight to reduce vibration and resonance during playback, and delivers clear, true sound quality.

If you opt for headphone connectivity, an A-R630 integrated amplifier boosts sound to deliver a surprisingly big soundstage from an affordable CD player.

The TEAC CD-P650 Home Audio CD Player includes all the connectivity options you might expect, with standard stereo output via RCA and digital PCM output over optical TOSLINK.

You can also record CDs to your USB device in MP3 file format for a smooth transfer from CD audio to MP3 player.

An iPod digital interface lets you enjoy the exceptional sound quality from the integrated DAC over your existing HiFi system.

Key Features:

  • USB and iPod Digital Interface
  • Record CDs to USBs in MP3 files
  • 1x and 2x recording speeds
  • Set MP3 file recording bit rates from 64, 96, 128 and 192 kbps
  • Output uses PCM format (44.1 kHz/16 bit)


  • Wider soundstage
  • Recording functionality
  • Great sound


  • No eject button on remote
  • CD drawer can stick

Best for: Those looking for an affordable cd player for a home theater setup.

4. TEAC CD-RW890MK2 Home Audio CD Recorder

Teac CD-RW890MK2 Home Audio CD Recorder
568 Reviews
Teac CD-RW890MK2 Home Audio CD Recorder
  • CD RECORDER. The CD-RW890MKII is capable of recording to audio CD-R/RW media from both analog and digital...
  • AUTO TRACK. Auto track detects silent intervals when dubbing records or cassettes to CD-R/RW,...

The TEAC CD-RW890MK2 Home Audio CD Recorder with Synchro-Sound recording technology is another TEAC addition to our list because of its excellent sound quality. 

As with the CD-P650, this unit has a center-mounted CD drive system to help minimize vibration while simultaneously delivering premium sound quality. A level meter ensures ideal balance.

One of the most unique features of this CD recorder is the unique Synchro technology that lets you record from analog audio sources directly to digital.

Even better, this the recorder begins recording audio automatically at the beginning of any track and stops when the signal ends.

Additionally, when the sound fades between tracks, the recorder will automatically insert track breaks, saving all kinds of time and effort when recording from analog to digital. 

You also get multiple playback modes in this full-featured CD player, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants premium sound recording technology in a single, compact unit.

Key Features:

  • Connectivity – Digital Input Optical (TOS), Optical Digital, Analog RCA
  • Weight 9.9 pounds
  • Remote


  • Great for recording CDs and records
  • Easy to use deck
  • Erase function with CD-RW


  • Remote buttons smaller than most
  • Not able to record audio/voice over

Best for: Those looking to record onto CD’s from both analog and digital sources

5. Philips FX10 Bluetooth CD Player Stereo System

Philips FX10 Bluetooth CD Player Stereo System
1,691 Reviews
Philips FX10 Bluetooth CD Player Stereo System
  • Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smartphone - Bluetooth is a short range wireless...
  • Dual amplifier for better sound performance - Dual amplifier ensures enhanced sound performance by...

One of the best CD players for a complete home stereo system is the Philips FX10 Bluetooth Stereo System. 

You can enjoy exceptional sound quality in its price-class from dual super bass reflex speakers.  Also featured are an AM/FM radio, MP3 player, and USB output. It has the innovative MAX Sound technology that boosts the bass to maximize performance for a more immersive sound experience. 

The dual amplifier reduces the inter-modulation between the woofer and tweeter, creating a rich and powerful sound.

The deep, rich bass quality perfectly balances with higher sound frequencies so your music retains a full, detailed sound. Moreover, the 3.5mm auxiliary port delivers direct playback from portable players.

The Philips FX10 Bluetooth Stereo System has a bold black and brass construction and looks as great as it sounds. With its digital tuning and station presets, as well as Bluetooth for wireless streaming, this is one of the best CD players to add to any home or office.

Key Features:

  • 230 Watts
  • Dual amplifiers
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • “Max Sound” technology
  • Weight 15.92 pounds


  • Quiet CD player
  • Quick loading and unloading CD
  • Compact with great sound


  • No headphone jack
  • Equalizer is preset

Best for: Those who are looking for an all in one solution that has a home theater system with a cd player.

6. Marantz CD6007

Marantz CD6007
97 Reviews
Marantz CD6007
  • Versatile playback for all your audio: Easily enjoy your CD and CD-R/RW collection and more through the...
  • Supports all your favorite files: Enjoy all your files through the front USB port including: WAV, MP3,...

This single disc CD player has amazing sound and is easy to connect. Enjoy your favorite CD and CD-RW through the front USB input.

The Marantz supports all your favorite files including: WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC HD, ALAC, AIFF and DSD files.

The controls on the unit are solid, easy to use, not cheap like other models.

Key Features:

  • High quality DAC 192-kHz/24-bit D/A conversion features an AK4490 chip
  • Gold-plated RCA phono outputs on the rear of the player.
  • Dimensions 13.4 x 17.3 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 14.3 pounds


  • Excellent sound
  • Stunning clarity and definition
  • Reasonably priced


  • Must go through manufacturer for warranty

Best for: Those looking to take their current system to the next level.

7. Cambridge Audio AXC35 Single-Disc CD Player

Cambridge Audio AXC35 Single-Disc CD Player with High Performance Wolfson DAC and Remote Control
215 Reviews
Cambridge Audio AXC35 Single-Disc CD Player with High Performance Wolfson DAC and Remote Control
  • ✓ DESIGNED FOR CDs – Most manufacturers focus on adding functions unrelated to audio performance,...
  • ✓ NO CORNERS CUT – The AXC35 uses the Wolfson WM8524 DAC to ensure superb sound quality from standard...

For those of you who own a DAC, you can purchase this Cambridge Audio AXC35 in lieu of a standalone player.

The sound quality is excellent especially for those that want to be able to clearly hear each instrument of their favorite band playing.

A machined-metal chassis makes for an excellent solid body design. The Cambridge CXC system only reads CDs, not SACDs or MP3 CDs. Hence, we chose the Cambridge Audio AXC35 which plays WMA files from CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM discs.

Key Features:

  • Output TOSLINK optical and S/PDIF coaxial
  • Dimensions: 12.01 x 16.93 x 2.95 inches
  • Weight: 4.3kg
  • Single disc player
  • Great remote control


  • Excellent sound quality
  • DAC
  • Remote included


  • Single disc player

Best for: Anyone looking for a great DAC to connect to excellent speakers and enjoy quality sound.

8. Marantz ND8006

Marantz ND8006 Low-Profile 4-in-1 Digital Media Player: CD Player, Music Streamer, DAC and Pre-amp |...
40 Reviews
Marantz ND8006 Low-Profile 4-in-1 Digital Media Player: CD Player, Music Streamer, DAC and Pre-amp |...

The Marantz ND8006 model includes all the bells and whistles including the CD player. It combines the CD player with a digital source hub.

It comes with built-in HEOS and DAC functionality. Plus Bluetooth. Since it has audiophile grade DAC and HDAM for accurate details of digital signal, you won’t miss a beat hearing the high-resolution sound.

Key Features:

  • DAC and Pre-amp
  • Airplay 2, Bluetooth and HEOS
  • Amazon Alexa Compatible
  • Dimensions 14.53 x 17.32 x 4.17 inches
  • 17.64 Pounds
  • Wireless, Bluetooth, WiFi


  • Wireless, Bluetooth enabled
  • Remote
  • Listed as one of Amazon top sellers


  • Slightly higher priced than most models

Best for: Those looking for an all inclusive system.

9. Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer

Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer,Black
2,834 Reviews
Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer,Black
  • Remove and replace 5 CDs as one continues to play. Dimensions (W x H x D):17 1/8 inch x 5 3/16 inch x 17...
  • Plays Audio CDs, MP3-Encoded CDs, CD-R/RWs*, Digital filter 352.8 kHz

If you are looking for a CD player that loads more than one disc, give the Onkyo a try. You can even change out your 5 as one CD is playing.

Playing your favorite CD collection gives you around 5 hours of play time. This is great when you are hosting a party or getting work done around the house and do not want to fuss changing out one CD at a time.

If you like programming features of a CD player then the Onkyo is your perfect pick. The system comes with 40-Track Programming and 6 Repeat Modes. Repeat modes include: Entire Disc/All Discs/Random Tracks/Programmed Tracks/Random Memory/Single Track.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions 17.01 x 17.13 x 5.16 inches
  • Weight 13.2 pounds
  • Plays Audio CDs, MP3-Encoded CDs, CD-R/RWs
  • 40-Track Programming, 6 Repeat Modes 


  • Multi-CD player
  • Good customer service
  • Random search feature


  • Longer in size than most units

Best for: Anyone wanting a multi-CD player.

10. Victrola Retro CD Player and Multimedia Player

Victrola Retro CD Player and Multimedia Player
7,087 Reviews
Victrola Retro CD Player and Multimedia Player
  • MORE THAN A RECORD PLAYER – With 50s retro looks & modern features, this turntable plays & records your...
  • NO STEREO SYSTEM OR EXTRA EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. Get it up and running in minutes. Retro looks combined with...

If you love a classic, retro style, the Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player and Multimedia Center may be a great option for your home. With its sturdy, rugged construction and beautiful chrome detailing, this CD player combines top-notch performance with classic style.

Perfect for any room in your home or office, this vintage-looking CD player has a complete set of retro-style button controls for the CD player, as well as a 3-speed belt-driven turntable for your vinyl collection.

An AM/FM radio completes the media center, while built-in speakers assure balanced, crystal-clear sound quality. 

You can also record your CDs or vinyl favorites to MP3 software with the included USB cable. An input selection button lets you switch between your media formats at will.

It also features blue LCD lights that emit a soft glow that won’t detract from the retro appearance. This player also features Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm auxiliary port and a headphone jack.

All in all, the Victrola Retro CD Player and Multimedia Player is a fun CD player for anyone interested in the 50’s retro style combined with the latest in connectivity.

Key Features:

  • CD player, AM/FM radio, and record player
  • This 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) record player
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 19 Watts
  • Dimensions 13 x 7 x 15 inches
  • Weight 8.65 pounds


  • Clear sound quality of record player
  • Record records to MP3
  • Retro style


  • CD player reviews claim faulty

Best for: Those who want a Turntable as well as a CD player and like the retro look.


Today, CD players are so much more than a basic-looking device that plays music.

They’re now packed with features that have kept them from going obsolete, like Bluetooth, USB, and new portable designs that deliver rich, powerful sound. 

With so many brands, shapes, and sizes, zeroing on to a single device could get tricky – but not anymore! We’ve included some of the best CD players that will ensure you enjoy music the old-fashioned way.

Be it Bose or Sony, you’ll find a suitable option regardless of your preferences and budget.