The latest iPhones come with a few extra hours of battery, but it doesn’t mean that battery juice will last forever.

We spend most of our time on our phones going through emails, replying to messages, surfing through our social media, or making phone calls.

All this network-hopping and screen-on time will drain your Apple iPhone battery faster than you think.

Carrying a bulky portable charging bank is one solution solution. However, the popularity of the iPhone and its accessories have given us an even better product: battery charging cases.

Top Charging Cases For iPhones

Below is our top charging cases for iPhones that hit the sweet-spot of style and utility to keep your iPhone going a full day or longer. Let’s take a look!

1. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Smart Battery Case
346 Reviews
Apple Smart Battery Case
  • The Smart Battery Case is compatible with Qi-certified chargers.
  • When fully charged, the Smart Battery Case delivers up to 50% longer battery life.
  • Charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for increased talk time, internet use, and even longer...

Since we’re discussing battery charger cases for iPhones, it makes sense to start our list with one of the battery cases from Apple itself.

This minimalist accessory allows for seamless integration with your iPhone.

Depending on your model, the design will vary with different cutouts near the camera and headphone jacks, But since this one is designed for the iPhone 11 Pro, it is slightly larger with a bigger camera cutout.

This is one of the best battery cases that offers extra battery life of nearly 50% when fully charged. You’ll enjoy longer talk time, audio and video playback, and internet use.

A unique feature on this case is that you’ll also get an intelligent battery status displayed on the iPhone lock screen and in the notification center to keep you updated about the charge status.

Additionally, the case is compatible with lightning accessories such as the EarPods with Lightning Connector and the Lightning Digital A/V adapter.

We do have two complaints, though. 

The case is expensive. But considering it’s an Apple product and the additional software integration you get, customers understand that you will be paying a premium for this accessory.

We also weren’t too impressed with the protection level. It’s a pretty basic silicone case that has a microfiber material lining in the interior.

2. Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case

At first glance, this charging case from Alpatronix looks very different from the regular battery charger cases on the market. Its two-toned design brings some serious style and flair to your iPhone.

But the trendy appearance isn’t the only good thing about the Alpatronix Battery Case.

It can double your battery juice, giving you more time to make calls, watch videos, check emails, and more.

It’s also slightly curved inwards near the top that keeps the camera lens protected from any drops. On the other hand, a raised bezel keeps your screen safe.

The charging case is made with soft rubber that is strong enough to absorb any shock and protect your device.

The fact that Alpatronix Battery Case isn’t compatible with wireless charging can be a problem for some. But it was the lower durability of the charging port that was our primary concern.

This can make the cord disconnect randomly.

All that said, reviewers love the overall design of the case, especially since it avoids the “chin” at the bottom of the phone common with most battery charger cases.

3. mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case

mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case
47 Reviews
mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case
  • Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro - 2,000mAh battery gives an additional 13 hours of audio or 5 hours of...
  • Designed with Charge Force, a QI wireless charging technology that delivers power wirelessly instead....
  • Forward facing speakers for better and enhanced sound; the port and speakers are unobstructed. Audio will...

When compared to the other iPhone charging cases available on the market, the mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case is slightly bulkier. However, despite its bulk, mophie designed it so it doesn’t cover your Lightning port.

This gives you the flexibility to use your wired accessories while the case keeps your phone topped off with wireless charging.

One of the biggest benefits of the mophie Juice Pack biggest is the high-impact protection. The device is made with the sturdy polycarbonate material that protects your iPhone from sudden slips and bumps. It has a soft-touch finish that feels comfortable in your hand while giving you a good grip.

It has a 2000mAh juice power that provides extra battery life to your iPhone up to nearly 13 hours.

When battery is fully charged, you can expect:

  • 13 extra hours of music playback
  • 5 extra hours of video playback

Talking about the cons, reviews of the case seem to indicate that the charging consistency of this case can be inconsistent. There’s also plenty of room for improvement where performance is concerned.

4. ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Charging Case

ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Charging Case
2,262 Reviews
ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Charging Case
  • Add 170%+ Battery Life to iPhone 13 Pro Max/14 Plus: Two UL-Certified 5,000mAh Li-polymer battery cells...
  • MIL-STD Protection & Shockproof: ZEROLEMON rugged case offers full edge protection, protecting your...
  • Lightning Earphone & Data Sync & CarPlay & Apple Pay Compatible - Compatible with lightning earphones and...

The ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Charging Case can be the perfect option if you frequently find yourself struggling to keep your iPhone from dying.

Design-wise, it looks sleek and stylish. ZeroLemon has designed the iPhone charging case to protect your phone from scratches as well as other daily wears and tears. But there is a bit of added length because of the battery. 

With its powerful 10000mAh battery, this accessory can boost your total talk time by an extra 24 hours. It adds 170%+ battery life to the iPhone 13 Pro Max or 14 Plus.

The phone case uses four LED lights to indicate battery life and charging status. The button on the back allows you to switch the charging capabilities on and off as required, protecting your phone from overheating.

A few customers have reported how the accessory stops charging after a while, but it isn’t much of a deal-breaker as ZeroLemon includes one year warranty to replace any defective product.

5. GIN FOXI Battery Case

GIN FOXI Battery Case
4,544 Reviews
GIN FOXI Battery Case
  • ⚡【SLIM & LIGHT & REAL 7000mAh CAPACITY】🔋With upgraded battery chip and component shell, the...
  • ⚡【ADVANCED SYNC & FASTER CHARGE】🔋Testing 8000 times in insertion and withdrawal, full Access to...
  • ⚡【SUPER CRAFT & LONGER USE LIFE】🔋 Using advanced original iphone materials and the latest...

This iPhone charging case has a rugged construction. It’s made with a hard shell backplate and bumper structure.

When you consider the safety level, the GIN FOXI Battery Case is definitely one of the best options. It features raised edges that provide it effective drop protection, keeping your phone safe from even the lightest of scratches.

Its 7000mAh battery pack doubles your phone power, so you can enjoy more talk time or web browsing time. You only need to plug your phone in your Lightning charging cable with the case, and it will start charging.

Four LED indicator lights show the remaining smart battery case life without you having to check the screen.

The case isn’t wireless charging compatible, though. It can also interfere with the speaker at times due to which you may have to readjust the case.

6. Runsy Battery Case

Runsy Battery Case
142 Reviews
Runsy Battery Case
  • ✔️ Charging and protecting, 2 in 1 function. Built-in short-circuit and overcharge protection. Charge...
  • ✔️ Integrated power switch allows you to turn on/off the battery case quickly. 4-light LED indicator...
  • ✔️ Slim design with accurate cut-outs. It’s perfect for traveling and outdoor activities. You can...

The Runsy Battery Case can more than double your total battery expectancy, packing 6000mAh of power, and is fitted with a power switch. You can use the switch to turn the battery pack on or off as required.

Just like the other iPhone charging cases, even the Runsy has four LED indicator lights with each light representing 25% of the power. 

You can sync your iPhone to a computer without taking the charging case off because of the sync-through technology.

From a production standpoint, the charging case is made with high-quality material, having a raised bezel to keep the screen scuff and scratch-free. It has a matte finish for an added tactile impression that gives you a better grip.

While the case keeps the phone safe from dust, bumps, and scratches, it is advisable to apply a screen protector – just to be on the safer side.Apple Lightning wired headphone listening, as well as a Lightning-to-headphone adapter, is also supported.

7. QTshine Battery Case

QTshine Battery Case
917 Reviews
QTshine Battery Case
  • ★【Compatible Model】①Please note this battery charging case is ONLY fit for iphone 11 Pro (5.8...
  • ★【6800mAh High Capacity Extended Your Battery Life】Equipped with a powerful 6800mAh built-in...
  • ★【Safe Charging and Protection 2 in 1】QTshine battery case for iPhone 11 Pro was charging and...

At less than $25, the QTshine Battery Case is a great budget option that combines versatility and functionality. It packs a massive 6800mAh battery pack that can extend your iPhone juice by nearly 17 hours!

In other words, you can expect the case to charge your iPhone at least two to three times on a single charge.

Moreover, this smart case automatically stops charging once full, extending the battery lifespan of the device. Other features include a sync-through tech, 360° protective bumper design, and four LED battery pack level indicators.

Having said that, you need to be very careful when removing the iPhone charging case. While it isn’t too complicated, you should take care not to force it too hard. Otherwise, you’ll end up breaking the case.

QTShine offers two years of after-sale technical support. Keep in mind, that this isn’t the same as a warranty.

8. Alpatronix Battery Case

No products found.

The Alpatronix BX13 Battery Case is an excellent tech accessory and a value for the money.

This battery case for your iPhone 13 goes beyond providing high-quality protection. It supplies your device with enough charge to keep it going until the end of the day despite constant use.

The phone features a hard shell and is made with materials like rubber. While the former keeps your phone scratch-free, the latter can absorb shocks from sudden drops and impacts. It has a raised bezel that keeps your screen protected against cracks.

The case is also compatible with Qi charging, giving you the option to use a wireless charger. While this particular version is designed for the iPhone 13, Alpatronix has versions for all the current and previous few generations of iPhones.

You also get a micro USB cable and a tempered glass screen protector for a complete protection solution for your iPhone.

9. UNLOU Battery Case

UNLOU Battery Case
9 Reviews
UNLOU Battery Case
  • SYNC & Portable Built-in 10800mAh , add extra 150% backup battery for iPhone 13 Pro Max wherever you need...
  • Upgraded design with Qi Wireless Charger ,The high-capacity charging case can be extended for your iPhone...
  • 360° FULL PROTECTION : The iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery case with upgraded Raised bezel design, camera...

The UNLOU Battery Case is a fast-charging product that is also very protective. It’s a little bulkier than its competitors, but the accessory has been purposely designed this way to keep your phone protected from any sudden drops.

It features a lip around the screen and has a two-piece slide-on battery design. The case itself is very slim, which is surprising considering its good drop protection.

The actual battery in the case has 10800mAh power, which effectively doubles your iPhone‘s battery life. Plus, it’s also quick charging, making it faster than most battery cases on the market.

While customers have all praised the elegant design, the charging connection is a bit unstable. Considering the higher price tag, this is a serious disadvantage that UNLOU should work on improving.

10. Ekrist Battery Case

No products found.

There has been a conscious shift in design preferences with customers opting for slim and thin battery cases to large and bulkier versions. If you prefer an ultra-slim charging product as well, you should take a look at the Ekrist Ultra-Slim Charging Case.

Not only is the phone case comfortable to hold, but it also has the ability to extend your phone’s battery life. You can expect up to 200% more activity time for talking or web browsing. With a 6800mAh battery, this is one of the most powerful battery cases on our list.

Additionally, it has a hardback cover with a raised bezel to keep your screen crack-free. Ektrist has also taken the necessary measures to prevent short-circuiting, overcharging, and overheating problems.


Choosing the right iPhone charging case is incredibly important if you want to protect your investment.

You’ll be surprised at the sheer number of mediocre products available on e-commerce sites that can overheat your iPhone and disrupt the wireless, cellular, or Bluetooth signals.

Plus, you won’t find yourself reaching for your charger during the day if you buy a high-quality product.

Besides acting as a protective measure, these accessories will supply your iPhones with that extra juice and look good while doing that!