About Us

Hometoys.com has been serving those interested in home automation and technology since 1996.

Hometoys was acquired by Brian Locker and Deacon Hayes with a desire to expand the site’s content offering with content, product recommendations and reviews helpful to the every consumer.

Our goal is to help make the buying process easier when looking for electronics to improve your life.


Brian Locker / Editor in Chief

Brian Locker’s love for technology began in 1989 when he first learned how to launch the game “Jumpman” from a 5 1/4” floppy disk on his dad’s Commodore 64 PC. As a self-taught tech guru, Brian spent many of his early years tinkering, breaking disassembling, reassembling, and apologizing to his family for the damage caused to gadgets in the home.

While earning his Bachelor of Science at Arizona State University, Brian earned a living selling big screen TVs and home theater solutions at the now-defunct retail chain Ultimate Electronics. Brian eventually moved from the electronics sales floor to the law school classroom, but his itch for technology remained. Brian went on to start a technology-focused law firm where he continues to manage a thriving business and real estate litigation practice group.

In 2018, Deacon Hayes approached Brian about acquiring a website in the tech space. They eventually identified Hometoys, a well-established e-magazine and industry publication doing business since 1996. Drawing from his life-long love of tech, Brian currently serves as Hometoys’ co-CEO where he manages content and contributes to strategic vision for future growth of the site.

Brian lives in Marietta Georgia with his wife and five children.

Deacon Hayes / President

Deacon Hayes has worked at multiple electronics stores including Ultimate Electronics, Fry’s Electronics and Best Buy.

Deacon has extensive experience in building and growing online businesses and with his love for home electronics, Home Toys was the perfect fit for Deacon to acquire with Brian Locker.