10 Best Modem and Router Combo Devices

image modem router

Did you know that if you have a router supplied by your ISP, you may be spending over $100 a year for no reason at all?  This is where modem router combo devices come in handy. Save money on your monthly internet bill by purchasing your own modem router combo and ditch that poorly performing …

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10 Best Cheap Home Internet Services

home internet

If you’re an online gamer, work remotely or frequently attend Zoom calls, you need a reliable internet connection.  However, choosing the right home internet service without breaking the bank on subscription and installation costs can be challenging.  While there are cheap providers, dealing with sluggish download or upload speeds is not conducive to an enjoyable …

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5 Best DOCSIS 3.1 Modems

home modem

Looking for the best DOCSIS 3.1 modems? Look no further. Ditching another monthly fee and unlocking the better, faster speeds from your ISP through DOCSIS (data over cable service interface specification) 3.1 technology.  In this post, we’ll share the best DOCSIS 3.1 modems compatible with most cable ISPs. We will also explain why they are …

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10 Best Outdoor WiFi Extenders to Get Internet Outside

outdoor wifi image

Looking for the best outdoor WiFi extenders? Look no further. WiFi changed our lives. It cut cords, giving us more freedom to move while working, creating and playing. However, if your WiFi signal is lacking, an invisible cord in the form of a Wi-Fi extender can tether you to the edge of your living room. …

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What’s the Difference Between A Router And A Modem?

Router vs Modem

If you’re setting up an internet connection in your home or office, you might be wondering what the difference is between a router and a modem. At first glance, they may appear to serve the same purpose. However, each device has different functionality that allows you to access the internet. In this post, we’ll help …

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10 Best HDMI Splitters

hdmi splitter

Dealing with a bunch of tangled cords is something most people don’t want to struggle with when they are trying to switch displays. Different outputs, multiple cables and a mess of wires are never desirable. Whether you’re trying to avoid a tripping hazard or bad aesthetics, a splitter can help. HDMI splitters help split the …

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10 Best Wireless Access Points

wireless access point

Wireless access points (WAPs) are crucial for any home, office or institution that needs to support multiple wireless internet users. Unlike traditional wireless routers, WAPs offer a broader transmission range and flexible networking. They also allow multi-access point interconnections if you want to extend your wireless network. When you are shopping for a wireless access …

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10 Best Cable Modems

cable modem

Slow internet speeds can cause disruptions when you are downloading files, streaming movies or simply surfing the internet.  Fortunately, a reliable cable modem coupled with one of the best internet service providers (ISP) can improve your WiFi speed for fast response times. When buying a cable modem, the key factors to consider are upload and …

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6 Best DSL Modems

dsl modem

If you have a DSL internet connection, you need a DSL modem that connects to the internet via your phone line. However, all DSL modems aren’t created equal.  The best DSL modem for you must be compatible with your service provider’s DSL technology. It should also support at least 100 Mbps speeds and have an …

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10 Best Gigabit Modems

gigabit modem

Few things are more frustrating than staring at your phone or computer for minutes while you’re waiting for a web page to load. Fortunately, a gigabit modem can help solve this problem. These devices have cutting-edge technologies that speed up your internet to make browsing, online gaming and movie streaming seamless. Before deciding on a …

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