If you are converting your older music to the digital age or you’re looking for something to record your business presentations, you might be in the market for a CD recorder.

These devices will convert your music from analog to a digital format and store it on a CD for you. Once your recordings are digitized, the sky is the limit for how, where and when to listen to your audio files.

Choosing a quality CD recorder will help you capture and keep the music you have on older mediums that won’t work with today’s technology. 

You can also make sure that recordings of your audio files for work or other professional activities are accessible in formats that are compatible with most settings.

Regardless of where you are recording from, the media inputs you need or how you plan on listening to your recordings, our list of the best CD recorders can help you find a device that meets your needs.

Top CD Recorders

There are many CD recorders on the market to choose from. Keeping in mind what exactly your specifications are, here are the best options for high-quality CD recorders.

1. Tascam CD-RW900SX

Tascam CDRW900SX Professional CD Recorder/Player
87 Reviews
Tascam CDRW900SX Professional CD Recorder/Player
  • Independent input level controls provides versatile level control
  • Automatic track division (level, time or manual)
  • Gapless continuous recording

Our top pick for the best CD recorder is the Tascam CD-RW900SX. It’s made for professionals but is easy for beginners to use as well. 

The playback is crisp, and there’s no sacrifice when it comes to sound quality.

While this recorder does utilize pass-through for recording, it isn’t an issue. However, some options don’t have this feature, so keep that in mind as you consider which recorder to purchase.

You’ll have a variety of connections at your disposal, including analog, digital optical and coaxial for both input and output. 

Better yet, you’ll get independent level controls for both left and right channels in addition to pitch and job controls that make the sound experience extra precise. These features let you fine-tune your recording levels. 

You can control the digital input for optimal recording levels from a digital source. Other functions include auto-cue, auto-ready, pitch control, power-on playback and fade-in/fade-out playback.

This model’s new TEAC tray-loading transport has been fine-tuned. Additionally, the device’s drive can accept any legal CD type, including MP3 CDs. 

The transport allows for gapless recording when writing track markers. You won’t find this capability with off-the-shelf PC drives.

An optional record-mute function can even put in a beat of silence between tracks. Better yet, the keyboard input lets you easily label the track information. 

Both of these features make the recorded CD feel like an original CD, which is a nice touch. 

This model is great for someone who wants high-quality sound with individual controls for tweaking and perfecting.


  • Inputs that cover just about everything
  • Keyboard input
  • Clean recordings


  • Higher price
  • Only one disc tray

2. Brennan B3 HiFi CD Ripper & Recorder

Brennan B3 HiFi - Hard Disk CD Ripper & Recorder with Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Stereo Power Amplifier, NAS, Wav, Lossless (FLAC) and MP3.
15 Reviews
Brennan B3 HiFi - Hard Disk CD Ripper & Recorder with Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Stereo Power Amplifier, NAS, Wav, Lossless (FLAC) and MP3.
  • B3 is a hard disk music player that can store your entire CD collection.
  • Rip CDs with a click. Find any track in seconds.
  • Compatible with Sonos Loudspeakers. Internet Radio and Bluetooth.

The VocoPro CDR-1000 is a professional standalone CD recorder that is designed to be part of an existing rackmount. 

You won’t need any extra equipment to burn to CD-Rs and CD-RWs, but you will need to connect the equipment you need to record from. This includes a CD player if you’re looking to go from CD to CD. 

Still, there is no need for a computer to burn, erase, or playback a wide variety of CDs. Erasing and finalizing CDs can be done with one click, and the machine is fairly intuitive to use once the setup is complete.

If listening is important to you, keep in mind that this player will need to be rack-mounted. As a result, you’ll need to adjust headphone length accordingly.

This unit is designed for quick recording. It gets the job done with accuracy, conciseness, and speed without requiring the use of a computer.

The VocoPro is built for professional use but is a great choice for everyday use and home burns. It is excellent for anyone who wants professional recordings, whether it’s for business or pleasure.


  • One-touch erase and finalizing
  • Professional grade and doesn’t require a computer


  • Expensive

3. HopCentury Remote-Controlled Music Digitizer

Music Digitizer CD Recorder for Music Audio Capture Device Cassette MP3 Recorder Converter with 3.5mm & RCA Line Input
498 Reviews
Music Digitizer CD Recorder for Music Audio Capture Device Cassette MP3 Recorder Converter with 3.5mm & RCA Line Input
  • Powerful Audio Capture Recorder: Capture all audio signals and save it as MP3 files in a USB flash drive,...
  • Record Audio: You could press the RECORD button to star and stop recording at any time you like, it is a...
  • Support SD Card & USB Flash Drive: You could plug a SD card or a USB flash drive on the music capture...

The HopCentury Remote-Controlled Music Digitizer is a different way to capture and record your music. It’s not just a CD player or recorder. Instead, it also saves your audio in digital format as MP3s. 

Record onto a USB flash drive or SD card, then later transfer that music to your computer, another drive or the cloud. 

Essentially, this allows you to keep and digitize your music collection, including records, cassettes and other older systems. Once recorded, files are stored at CD quality levels. 

A computer is not required to record. It’s only needed if you choose to upload or burn. 

One of the best features is that it supports a vast array of media. It has an RCA and 3.5mm (AUX) input as well as a 3.5mm output to listen directly. 

Hook up your phone, DVD or game consoles, TV boxes and cassette players. You can connect just about anything to this device. 

Additionally, the remote control makes it easy to start and stop recording and play or pause the music.

In order to get a completely clean recording without static, volumes need to be turned up to max, and the card or drive needs to be formatted before use.

These quirks aside, it’s a great unit that supports a lot of different multimedia. This recorder is ideal for anyone who wants multiple storage formats or isn’t sure which file they want to finalize with.


  • Compatible with just about everything
  • Convert all your music to a digital format
  • Useful remote


  • Not a CD player
  • You need to bring the storage
  • Multi-step if you’re looking to burn a CD

4. Sony RCD-W500C

Sony RCD-W500C CD Player / Recorder
12 Reviews
Sony RCD-W500C CD Player / Recorder
  • 5-CD/dual deck with 4x high speed dubbing
  • Records CD-Recordable and CD-ReWritable discs
  • CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 playback capable

The trusted name of Sony is behind this five-CD dual deck player and recorder that has many excellent features.

4x high-speed dubbing and CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 playback as well as recording onto CD-R and CD-RW discs makes this the perfect machine for any needs you have pertaining to CD playback and recording.

The Super Bit Mapping (SBM) recording, a noise shaping process developed specifically for CDs by Sony, increases the dynamic range of the recording. This gives you super crisp and high-quality sound. 

High-speed finalizing is convenient, and CD text entry lets you write tracks and titles. Another great feature is the multi-functional remote control, with one-touch start and stop for recording.

Overall, the unit is a strong contender for a standalone CD recorder, with dual disc for recording from a CD to a CD. Sony has set the bar high with quality and design with this premium recorder. 

This is a great device for those looking to burn music at home, who want high-quality audio and don’t mind sitting down to learn all the functions of the unit.


  • Dual deck
  • High-quality recordings
  • Remote control


  • Manual is difficult to understand
  • Laser can get hot and will not record well, not up to longer jobs

5. Philips CDR765 Audio Compact Disc Recorder

The Philips CDR765 CD Recorder is a dual disc machine that creates sound that makes you feel like the artist is in the room with you. 

Its crystal clear recording will leave you speechless, and its simple design fits well with any decor. 

One-touch finalizing and erasing makes recording and re-recording a breeze. It is capable of single-track transfers as well as high or normal speed dubbing. 

Analog and digital sources and optical input mean you can record from just about everything. From vinyl to cassettes to other CDs and more, the list of what you can use to produce your own mixes is endless.

This machine is much easier to operate than recording through your PC. It’s plug and play, with recording, finalizing and erasing intuitive enough that you don’t need a manual to figure it out. 

Ultimately, this recorder is perfect for anyone who just wants to record since it’s extremely intuitive and fast.


  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Doesn’t require a computer
  • Works with an abundant amount of multimedia


  • Gaps
  • Works best with Phillips CDs

6. NOLYTH External CD/DVD Recorder and Player

External Bluray DVD Drive, USB 3.0 Type-C Portable Blu-Ray CD DVD+/-RW Burner Drive Slim BD DVD Player Recorder for Laptop Mac PC MacBook Windows Desktop
675 Reviews
External Bluray DVD Drive, USB 3.0 Type-C Portable Blu-Ray CD DVD+/-RW Burner Drive Slim BD DVD Player Recorder for Laptop Mac PC MacBook Windows Desktop
  • 【5 in 1 External Bluray DVD Drive】NOLYTH bluray drive has independent slots for TF and SD Card. Also,...
  • 【Special Designed Blu Ray Drive】This external blu-ray drive is designed by NOLYTH, has a RGB lighting...
  • 【Easy to Use Bluray Burner】Just plug the micro USB port of data cable into the back of this bluray...

The NOLYTH External recorder and Blu-Ray drive is a five-in-one external drive that packs a lot into its tiny package. 

It comes with independent slots for TF and SD cards as well as two USB 3.0 ports. This device supports playback and burning of BD, DVD, CD and Mini Disk. 

Not only is this recorder a workhorse, but it’s also fun. It comes with RGB lighting that shifts between different colors once it’s plugged in.

While it’s compatible with most PCs, you can’t hook it up to a phone, iPad, projector or most other types of media. 

This drive is great for burning directly from your computer to a CD-R or CD-RW or any of the media formats mentioned above. 

Unfortunately, it won’t burn from vinyl, cassettes or CDs. However, if you’re looking to get your downloaded music into disc format, this is an easy, compact, plug-and-play option. 

Overall, this is the perfect unit for someone who needs multiple PC options for many different things, including burning CDs.


  • Multi-functional
  • Plug-and-play


  • Not recordable from other media types
  • Requires computer


There are many options for CD recorders. Knowing what kind of input and output you’re looking for is ground zero when it comes to figuring out what device to get. 

Make sure to check that whichever recorder you purchase is compatible with any existing equipment you already have. 

Other important details to keep in mind include what kind of recording format you’re looking for, storage capabilities and whether or not the device can monitor recordings live.

Regardless of your needs, you’ll find a device on this list that will meet your specifications and allow you to accomplish your recording goals.