The best high-end TVs offer everything from stellar visuals to exceptional connectivity and more while providing an impressive number of smart functions.

Even though they are expensive, you’ll be blown away by the realistic picture quality and top-level performance these devices will bring to your living room.

Since everything looks better on a quality screen, we’ve rounded up the best high-end TVs currently on the market.

Top High-End TVs

Whether you are concerned about image clarity, price, sound or other special features, there’s an option out there for you.

Here are some of the top-rated high-end TVs that will completely transform your at-home movie nights.

1. LG OLED C1 77 Inch

7,081 Reviews
  • OLED DISPLAY: Watch your content come to life in over 8 million pixels. Each pixel turns on and off...
  • α9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Picture and sound adjustment happen automatically with our best processor. The...
  • GAME OPTIMIZER: Game Optimizer gives you easier access to all your game settings, while the latest HDMI...

Slim, sleek and superior, the LG C1 has our vote as the best high-end TV. 

As a replacement for the LG CX, the C1 boasts stunning picture quality that is powered by a near-infinite contrast ratio. 

You’ll love the almost instant response time, which makes fast-moving action look incredibly clear. Meanwhile, the low input lag is excellent for gaming. It also allows the TV to double as a PC monitor.

Speaking of gaming, this TV supports VVR, HMDI, G SYNC and FreeSync. These functionalities enable you to enjoy the graphic features offered by the latest consoles and graphics cards.

This TV is fantastic for watching movies. It produces deep inky blacks that look incredible in a dark room. Also, it can upscale lower-resolution content with no blooming around subtitles or bright objects. 

While this product isn’t noticeably bright for HDR, its high contrast delivers a satisfying HDR experience.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. The C1’s wide viewing angles provide accurate images, even from the side. Also, the Black Frame Insertion (BFI) further reduces blur.

Notable modifications include the new Game Optimizer settings, an upgraded webOS and a redesigned Magic Remote. 

2. SAMSUNG 85 Inch Q950TS

SAMSUNG 85 inch Q950TS
16 Reviews
SAMSUNG 85 inch Q950TS
  • REAL 8K WITH INFINITY SCREEN*: See the mind blowing sharpness and depth of real 8K with 16 times more...
  • DIRECT FULL ARRAY 32X**: Our most densely concentrated zones of precisely controlled LED backlights...
  • 8K AI UPSCALING***: Intelligent upscaling automatically converts all of your content into stunning 8K...

An 8K masterpiece, the SAMSUNG Q950T comes with impressive specs to match its hefty price tag.

It flaunts an almost bezel-free Infinity design and a smaller footprint for easy installation. 

Better yet, it features a One Connection box that houses input ports including HDMI 2.1, USB and Ethernet. The box ensures minimal cabling into the connection panel and is particularly useful when using a tv wall mount.

The TV runs on the latest version of the Quantum Processor 8K. That way, it can upscale picture quality irrespective of the content source to look as good as possible. 

It even uses deep learning to fine-tune details of complex images.

This TV uses adaptive picture technology for an immersive viewing experience. The technology balances deep blacks and local dimming, improving the contrast ratio.

HDR10, HDR10+ and Hybrid Log-Gamma are all supported by this TV. It also boasts a new feature called Adaptive Tone Mapping for a more impactful HDR experience.

What’s more, the device packs a seriously beef-up, six-speaker sound system. As a result, the audio is rich with plenty of amplification and an open sound stage. 

3. SAMSUNG 65 Inch QN800A

SAMSUNG 65 inch QN800A
216 Reviews
SAMSUNG 65 inch QN800A
  • QUANTUM MATRIX TECHNOLOGY WITH MINI LED: A brilliantly intense picture powered by tiny hyper-focused...
  • SAMSUNG NEO QUANTUM PROCESSOR 8K: Upgrade every picture to 8K with multi-layered neural networks.
  • INFINITY ONE DESIGN: Beauty derived from simplicity of design.

Landing a spot on our high-end TV reviews is the QN800A by Samsung. This unit offers four times the resolution of 4K TVs, so you can be sure of stellar visuals. 

While this is an 8K TV, you don’t need 8K content to enjoy its brilliance. The AI Upscaling tunes up lower-resolution to Ultra HD quality no matter what you’re watching. 

This TV comes with a Neo Quantum Processor, which is one of the most powerful picture-processing technologies. There’s also adaptive Machine Learning to optimize each scene. The two technologies work together to give you an ultra-sharp picture with epic detail. 

Another notable feature is the brand-exclusive Quantum Matrix Pro. This technology uses several Mini LEDs to control the backlight with remarkable precision.

Furthermore, the detailed local dimming delivers impeccable contrast with brilliant highlights and deep blacks. 

If you’re into video games, this TV has your back. It keeps fast-paced action crisp and smooth with no stuttering or tearing. It also has a Game Bar, which is a customized gaming menu for real-time screen adjustment.

Additionally, you won’t be disappointed by the audio quality. Its 4.2.2-channel sound system creates a richer, fuller listening experience with no additional equipment. 

To top it all off, the device can access your favorite streaming services from Amazon Prime Video to Disney and Netflix. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well. 

4. Samsung QN65LS03AAFXZA “The Frame”

Samsung QN65LS03AAFXZA
208 Reviews
Samsung QN65LS03AAFXZA
  • Samsung 65 Inch The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV
  • Artwork, television, movies, and memories - The Frame TV showcases it all on a beautiful QLED screen....

The QN65LS03AAFXZA literally looks like a frame, hence its name.

When you’re not watching, it will display spectacular works of art or your photos. You can change the TV’s wood frame to blend in better with your home decor. It comes with Samsung’s no-gap mount to sit flush against your wall. 

The Frame can even turn your movie nights into a work of art. It offers excellent picture quality, whether you’re watching 4Kor Blu-ray content. 

Also, thanks to Quantum Dot technology, this TV displays vibrant, precise colors at any brightness.

A standard LED/LCD TV uses LED to fix color temperature, but The Frame is different. It uses dual-LED technology. 

This means that it can alternate between cool and warm LEDs based on the content. The technology even minimizes leakage for enhanced contrast.

Are you worried about high energy bills? The Frame has an integrated motion sensor, so it’ll only light up when there’s a person in the room. Plus, you can adjust the sensor to turn off the display when the motion disappears.

Additionally, there’s the upgraded SolarCell Remote with a built-in solar cell. The remote uses the natural light in your home to charge the battery. 

5. Sony A90J 65 Inch

Sony A90J
444 Reviews
Sony A90J
  • COGNITIVE PROCESSOR XR – Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and...
  • XR TRILUMINOS PRO - Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see pictures...
  • XR OLED CONTRAST PRO – Feel immersive depth and realism with ultimate blacks and our brightest-ever...

The Sony A90J isn’t cheap, but it boasts top-of-the-line features that make it one of the best high-end TVs. 

This TV runs on a revolutionary new processor that is the first of its kind in a TV. Its Cognitive Processor A takes A1 up a notch by emulating human brains and behavior. The ripple effect is a breath-taking, true-to-life picture coupled with immersive and accurate audio.

Featuring a revamped panel, this is the brightest Sony-made TV ever. It can intelligently control contrast for ultra-sharp details and realistic depth. Plus, it can analyze individual scenes, identify the human focal point and enhance every detail of that area. 

The processor helps deliver richer audio as well. Backed by 3D Upscaling technology, it can generate intensified, Atmos-like sound, no matter the source. Furthermore, there’s the Acoustic Surface Audio technology to create an even more immersive experience. 

When you’re feeling lazy, simply ask the remote’s integrated Google Assistant to pull up a movie.

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6. LG 65QNED99UPA 65 Inch

LG 65 inch QNED99UPA
48 Reviews
LG 65 inch QNED99UPA
  • REAL 8K QUANTUM DOT NANOCELL DISPLAY: See brighter depth and detail. Thanks to Real 8K, the best in...
  • MINI LED: New MiniLED technology is a giant leap forward in LCD TV. MiniLED technology uses smaller LEDs...
  • a9 GEN 4 AI PROCESSOR 8K: The a9 Gen 4 AI Processor 8K is specifically engineered to power 8K...

The LG 65QNED99UPA delivers life-sized pictures and a host of smart functionalities. 

It uses the revolutionary Quantum Dot NaNoCell Color Technology. This creates lifelike detail and super-vibrant colors.

In addition, its panel packs nanoparticles to absorb annoying light wavelengths. This lets the set enhance greens and reds for crisp pictures even in a wide-seating arrangement.

The product is one of the best high-end TVs for gamers. It has dual HDMI input to support 4K at a remarkable 120Hz refresh rate. Better yet, the massive 65-inch display is roomy enough for a thrilling gaming experience. 

The set’s Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Low Latency Mode (ALLM) provide smooth graphics without frame stuttering. 

What’s more, the Game Optimizer assembles all your games settings in one place for quick access. Plus, you use the HGiG setting to enhance detail in your HDR games.

This TV’s integrated streaming platform allows you to access Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. 

The best part? The all-new Magic Remote enables you to find what you’re looking for in a snap. 

7. Sony 85 Inch X95J 

Sony 85 inch X95J
181 Reviews
Sony 85 inch X95J
  • COGNITIVE PROCESSOR XR – Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and...
  • XR TRILUMINOS PRO - Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see impressive...
  • FULL ARRAY LED & XR CONTRAST BOOSTER 10 – Precisely controlled backlighting brings out real-life depth...

The Sony 85″ X95J combines a massive display with a super-thin side profile. This creates a futuristic panel that appears foldable.

The attractive design aside, this set is as powerful as it is expensive. It allows you to watch movies in HDR and SDR because of its good contrast and brightness. 

If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate this unit’s excellent response time and HDMI 2.1 support.

The device is one of the best TVs for watching movies in a dark room thanks to its local dimming feature. It can upscale lower-resolution content and has a huge selection of apps if you like to stream movies. 

If you are a gamer, this product delivers a fast response time with minimal blur for fast-moving objects. It even has an outstanding low input lag. 

In addition, this TV is future-proof. It has two HDMI 2.1 ports to handle your next-generation consoles or PC.

8. Sony 75 Inch X900H

Sony 75 inch X900H
  • 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1: See premium 4K pictures, rich with real-world detail and texture. Upscale everything...
  • TRILUMINOS Display: See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color and gradation.
  • FULL ARRAY LED with local dimming: Brighter highlights and detailed dark scenes along with realistic...

The Sony 75″ X900H boasts an appealing combination of value and performance.

Its advanced video processing makes it a worthy contender for the best high-end TV. The X1 processor can analyze color in individual objects and fine-tune contrast correctly. 

When a picture is re-mastered this way, you get rich texture, greater depth and more realistic images. This set can even upscale HD scenes to near 4K resolution using X-Reality PRO technology. 

Meanwhile, the LED backlight and local dimming help enhance the 75-inch TV’s exceptional native contrast. 

This TV can generate a wider brightness range that many conventional LED-backlit models can’t match. It does this by dimming some sections of the screen and boosting others. 

Furthermore, the proprietary X-Motion Clarity with a 120Hz refresh rate reduces blur by dimming the overall image brightness.

The X900H comes with an integrated Android OS. This lets you log into your Google ID to access a vast collection of content, games and apps from Google Play. 

Additionally, the built-in Chromecast is great for streaming movies, TV shows from your Android or iOS phone.

9. LG OLED 77 Inch XPUA 

516 Reviews
  • GALLERY OLED DESIGN: Bezel-less design. Impossibly thin. No gap from screen to wall. LG OLED TVs are...
  • PIXEL LEVEL DIMMING: 8.3 million pixels control the light show. Millions of pixels emit their own light....
  • α9 GEN 3 AI PROCESSOR 4K: Everything you see and hear is automatically made better, clearer, smoother,...

The LG OLED 77 inch XPUA is a masterstroke of engineering. Thanks to everything that it offers, this TV is a home theater lover’s fantasy fulfilled. 

This product offers a top-notch flat screen that features the latest specifications and standards. It supports Atmos to Dolby Vision, Chromecast, AirPlay 2.0 and Amazon Alexa. 

While the exterior is impressive, the interior carries the all-new brand exclusive Alpha a9 Gen.3 processor. You even get enhanced facial recognition and multi-level noise reduction. 

Like any high-end TV worth your consideration, this product offers HD to 4K upscaling. The much-enhanced motion technology is worth noting as well. 

This set has four HDMI 2.1 inputs that can handle 4K up to 120Hz. You can use its three USB ports to power your devices or host your flash drives. 

You’ll also find an RF tuner. The tuner is compatible with ATSC 3.0, making the LG XPUA reasonably future-proof for broadcast TV. 

While this unit has built-in speakers, it doesn’t deliver pitch-perfect audio. Fortunately, the TV supports Dolby Atmos and has an eARC HDMI port. This lets you pass the signal to one of the best soundbars or receivers on the market. 


When you are looking for a high-end TV, you should keep a few things in mind.

If your budget allows, go for a set that can upscale content to 4K or 8K. While 8K content is still scarce, you’re better off with an 8K TV.

Choose a model that offers a 120Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate means smoother action whether you’re watching movies, live sports or gaming. 

Also, the more ports for HDMI cables the TV has, the better. As a rule of thumb, choose a set that has HDMI 2.1. 

Finally, for the screen size, go for 65 inches and up. It’s true that bigger is better.

All the high-end TVs on our list meet these requirements. The only thing you need to do is pick one that suits your needs and budget. Then, sit back and enjoy the show!