10 Best High-End AV Receivers

av receiver

Purchasing high-end AV receivers can turn an average theater system into one that provides a cinematic experience. The best high-end receiver for you should match your TV, projector or home theater output standards. It should also support the system’s speaker configuration to ensure optimal audio performance. While these home theater receiver devices are pricey and …

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10 Best Gaming Projectors

Gaming Projector

Most people play games on TVs and monitors, but fixed displays have their limitations. Once you buy a 65-inch TV or a 22-inch monitor, you’re locked into that size.  With a gaming projector, you get a size range. A 75 to 200-inch display becomes pretty “normal” and takes your gaming experience to the next level.  …

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10 Best Solar Power Banks

solar power bank

A drained phone, tablet or laptop battery can be a problem, especially if you’re off the grid. But, if you have a good solar power bank, running out of juice shouldn’t be an issue. In addition to portability, solar power banks allow you to recharge your devices anytime, anywhere. When you are searching for the …

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What is Dolby Atmos? Everything You Need to Know

dolby atmos

A decade ago, Dolby Atmos was an up-and-coming technology. It was hailed as the evolution of cinema sound and introduced 3D immersion in a world where stereo reigned supreme. Then, the technology jumped off the silver screen into households and onto mobile devices via streaming. It’s now available across TVs, cinemas, smartphones, soundbars and headphones. …

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10 Best Portable DVD Players

portable dvd player

When choosing a portable DVD player, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. Most importantly, pick a model with the power capacity to handle long hours of playback between charges. It’s also wise to purchase a player with a swivel screen so you can adjust your device for a perfect viewing angle. Additionally, …

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10 Best Solar Chargers

solar chargers

Solar chargers can be useful if you need to power your electronics while you are off the grid. But the benefits don’t end there. Most solar chargers are eco-friendly, cheap to maintain and reasonably long-lasting. The best solar chargers are portable and pack enough power capacity for your needs. They should also be built to …

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10 Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

outdoor bluetooth speakers

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers make it easy to share your music with others. They can take picnics, barbeques and pool parties to a whole new level of fun. Plus, since they’re wireless, you can carry them from point A to B without the inconvenience of pesky cables.  The best outdoor Bluetooth speakers pack a powerful punch …

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10 Best Wireless Access Points

wireless access point

Wireless access points (WAPs) are crucial for any home, office or institution that needs to support multiple wireless internet users. Unlike traditional wireless routers, WAPs offer a broader transmission range and flexible networking. They also allow multi-access point interconnections if you want to extend your wireless network. When you are shopping for a wireless access …

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6 Best HDMI RF Modulators

hdmi rf modulator

If you want to connect your analog TV or monitor to a media device, Xbox or PlayStation, you need an HDMI RF modulator. HDMI RF modulators allow you to connect traditional input/output ports and HDMI inputs. Think of these devices as connectors that hook up your analog TV or monitor to devices like Amazon Fire …

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10 Best Laser Projectors

laser projector

If you are looking for a superior way to watch your favorite content, laser projectors are a fantastic solution. They offer deep blacks and improved color compared to lamp-based models.  Laser light source projectors can handle the rigors of everyday use. Plus, unlike other types of projectors, they can maintain their color and white brightness …

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