There are two major names to know when choosing an OLED TV: LG and Sony. OLED Televisions (Organic Light Emitting Diode) take image quality to the next level.

You’ll find the most OLED TV models from those manufacturers, but LG is the “OG” of the OLED TV game. 

LG is the creator of OLED technology. Brands like Sony employ their own processors to create a signature look and adjust performance.

No matter what brand you choose, the picture on an OLED TV is nothing short of magnificent. 

In this post, we’ll share the best OLED televisions of all sizes. From budget buys to all-out splurges, these options will improve your viewing experience instantly.

Top OLED Televisions

This list of our top picks for OLED televisions offers a range of screen sizes and standout features to make viewing a main event.

1. LG OLED 83 C1

LG OLED 83 C1 Television
60 Reviews
LG OLED 83 C1 Television
  • LG Electronics - OLED83C1PUA - 83" Ultra Slim 4K UHD ThinQ AI OLED TV W/ A9 Gen 4 Intelligent Processor

This is the TV to get. This LG OLED 83-inch television delivers. 

First, millions of self-lit pixels contribute to its ultra-thin footprint. No need for multiple layers of display tech. What’s left is a pure visual feast.

Next, it uses an AI (artificial intelligence) processor. AI adjusts the picture and sound to give you the best overall audio-visual experience.

The AI processor learns over time, optimizing your content from gaming to streaming instantly.

Additionally, the built-in gaming optimization suite provides quick access to game settings and modes to reduce latency. It offers a quick-response to magnify and ascend your gaming experience.

Then, it’s a time-saver. Google Assistant and Alexa are integrated into the TV. Check the weather, pull up your shopping list or control other smart devices without lifting a finger.

Did we mention it’s a streaming device? Just connect your accounts like Netflix, Prime Video or Apple TV+.

Finally, the build includes Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. These elements create a full range of sound with the picture to match.

This 4K TV is the stuff wish lists are made of. It’s a top-tier choice with the price tag to match, but we think the aesthetic is totally worth it.

2. Sony A90J Bravia XR

Sony A90J Bravia OLED Television
448 Reviews
Sony A90J Bravia OLED Television
  • COGNITIVE PROCESSOR XR – Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and...
  • XR TRILUMINOS PRO - Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see pictures...
  • XR OLED CONTRAST PRO – Feel immersive depth and realism with ultimate blacks and our brightest-ever...

This 4K OLED TV represents the pinnacle of Sony’s Master Series. This A90J Bravia XR is Sony’s brightest and best OLED model.

It has a premium price tag and the features to match. Like an ultra-thin bezel that takes the picture to the edge. Or, a speaker system integrated into the screen.

The speaker is the screen. The screen is the speaker.

Technology behind the screen delivers pinpoint sound from the on-screen source. So, if a person is speaking on the right side of the screen, the sound emanates from that point.

In addition to deep bass from the built-in subs, Sony performs acoustic magic to provide a virtual surround sound effect. 

It also has a port to act as a center channel speaker in a home theater system

Whether you are watching a movie or gaming, the visual presentation is nothing short of stunning. Natural colors. Bright. True black. All of that.

But then you also get features like the Cognitive Processor XR. It works to deliver sight and sound in a natural way, similar to how eyes and ears receive input.

The picture can also adjust to the environment, whether light or dark, giving you the best viewing proposition. You can adjust the settings to different viewing modes as well. 

If you’re into gaming, there are two HDMI 2.1 ports. One port doubles as HDMI eARC. This OLED TV offers good response time, low lag and a vibrant presentation.

Finally, you can use voice controls on the integrated Google TV or pair an Alexa-enabled device like the Echo Dot.

Out of the box, this TV provides top-notch sound, visuals and entertainment. It’s ideal if you want the latest and greatest and are willing to pay the price.

3. Sony A8H Bravia

Sony A8H Bravia OLED Television
1,493 Reviews
Sony A8H Bravia OLED Television
  • PICTURE PROCESSOR X1 ULTIMATE: Sony’s best processor analyzes content to bring out OLED’s intense...
  • OLED plus PIXEL CONTRAST BOOSTER: Millions of individual pixels are supercharged for more vibrant colors...
  • GAME MODE: Take your PlayStation experience to the next level with a Sony 4K gaming TV featuring...

The Sony A8H combines the best of Sony’s audio and visual technology. It’s a 4K OLED TV that looks and sounds great out of the box.

The integration of Android TV means you can skip buying a separate streaming device. Connect with your Google account to access all of your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube seamlessly.

This OLED TV has a regal profile. Ultra thin for a beautiful wall presentation, but also comes with sturdy adjustable feet to rest on a TV console.

Keep the TV at a low profile or raise it to add a soundbar without obstructing the view.

Bezels are thin for more viewing real estate. The visual technology offers full, rich detail and depth of images.

This is not a gaming TV per se, as it does not have HDMI 2.1 ports, but video games look decent enough. This is more of a TV for a cinephile — those with passion for watching films and other visual content.

The included HDMI eARC port is your gateway to experience the swoon-worthy sound of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.  

This TV also does a good job of upscaling lower resolution content. It’s a great option at a lower price — an excellent introduction to OLED TVs.

4. Sony A80J Bravia XR

Sony A80J Bravia XR OLED Television
2,462 Reviews
Sony A80J Bravia XR OLED Television
  • COGNITIVE PROCESSOR XR – Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and...
  • XR TRILUMINOS PRO - Rediscover everything you watch with billions of accurate colors and see impressive...
  • XR OLED CONTRAST – Feel the beauty of OLED contrast with pure blacks and lifelike brightness. Auto Low...

The Sony A80J is close to the Sony A90J in terms of the technology. Yes, A90J delivers a brighter OLED experience, but the A80J is still a standout OLED TV.

For most people, the factory settings are excellent for a plug and play experience. For discerning viewers, Sony has lots of options for customized calibration.

You can use the Google TV platform or basic TV. With basic, you can hook up your own streaming device. Just make sure it’s on par with A80J technology for the best experience.

If you prefer watching cable or satellite content, you’ll be happy to know this TV can upscale 720p or 1080p signals to improve the picture.

This 4K TV offers a detailed picture. Colors are rich and realistic. That’s thanks to the powerful Cognitive Processor XR. From sports to movies the viewing experience is satisfying.

What about gaming?

It does offer HDMI 2.1 ports, but VRR (variable refresh rate) on this model is not supported yet. Sony assures it is on the way. VRR helps you experience a smooth, precise gaming experience.

If you aren’t ready to add on a home theater system, but want great sound out of the box, this is a shoe-in. Sony builds the speakers into the screen.

And, when you are ready to expand your sound profile, this TV supports Dolby Atmos, which can take your connected speakers to new heights. 

The Sony A80J is a solid choice if you want a great picture and sound up front, a built-in streaming platform and a lower overall cost than comparable OLED TVs.

5. LG G1 OLED evo

The LG G1 OLED TV is feature-rich. It’s a choice that cinephiles and gamers can appreciate.

The display is vibrant, thanks to evo — upgraded OLED panels that increase brightness. technology.

Images are clear and crisp. Contrast is on point.

As an LG Gallery Series TV, it’s aptly named. It looks like a work of art. It boasts a super thin profile. 

It’s designed for wall mounting and comes with the hardware, but you can also buy a stand separately if you prefer it to sit on a console.

Like other top 4K OLED TVs with HDR technology, it can improve the visual quality of anything you are watching, especially low resolution cable shows. But it shines when it displays 4K or HDR mastered content.

As for gaming, this TV is impressive. It has a game optimization dashboard and supports G-SYNC, VRR, HGiG and FreeSync. Upgraded HDMI ports allow for quick response gaming in real time. 

Whether you are gaming, watching sports or enjoying a movie, the a9 GEN 4 AI processor automatically adjusts sound and picture to give you the best viewing and listening experience over time. 

If you like the thought of a built-in streaming platform, you’ll appreciate webOS. You can access your favorite streaming apps without an additional device.

This TV also has some neat features like a remote with an NFC tap to pair feature that unlocks smartphone integration, voice assistant control and a sports alert feature to keep up with your favorite teams.

It’s a well-built OLED TV that draws you in. It commands attention and continues to gain popularity.

6. Sony XBR A9G

Sony XBR A9G OLED Television
1,074 Reviews
Sony XBR A9G OLED Television
  • OLED plus PIXEL CONTRAST BOOSTER: Millions of individual pixels are supercharged for more vibrant colors...
  • MASTER OF QUALITY: Faithfully conveys creator’s intent on screen to deliver the best picture quality
  • PICTURE PROCESSOR X1 ULTIMATE: Sony’s best processor analyzes content to bring out OLED’s intense...

Even though it’s been out for a while, this OLED TV is still relevant. The Sony XBR A9G checks so many boxes right up front.

It’s ultra thin for flush mounting. It has a small footprint should you decide to use the included stand. The bezel is lean, giving you more viewing space.

For the expense of this TV, you might benefit from getting it professionally calibrated, but the default settings are impressive in cinema mode.

The visuals are punchy. They seem to grab you and take you in. 

That’s due to Sony’s X1 processor, compatibility with Dolby Vision and a suite of visual enhancements that boost contrast and analyze content for optimized viewing.

Android TV works lightning fast thanks to an upgraded chipset. This is beneficial if you want a clean aesthetic, as no streaming box is necessary.

If you want great sound without a bulky speaker setup, this model offers speaker technology behind the screen. Sound is excellent with good vocal clarity, highs and lows. 

Sound perks like Acoustic Surface Audio+ and compatibility with Dolby Atmos via HDMI eARC give you a full-on audio experience that fills the room.

If you like voice control, you have options. Google Assistant is integrated and works with Android TV. You can also pair this 77-inch OLED TV with an Alexa device.

Is this OLED TV worth it? If it’s in your budget, absolutely. 


LG OLED GX Television
172 Reviews
LG OLED GX Television
  • LG Electronics 55 Gallery 4K UHD ThinQ AI OLED TV W A9 Gen 3 Intelligent Processor

LG’s Gallery Series OLED TVs are just breathtaking. The GX begs to be wall mounted. You won’t find any legs included in the box.

It’s super thin with hardware to ensure it lays flush to the wall.

This is a mid-range TV, not the cheapest or most expensive, but with features that we’ve come to expect from a premium OLED TV.

Sound is an afterthought in this model. For a better audio experience add a soundbar at a minimum. You can also hook up wireless speakers with Bluetooth Surround.

The standout features on this TV include the picture (obviously), gaming support and the a9 GEN 3 AI processor.

The picture benefits from self-lit OLEDs that can turn on and off as needed. This gives you vibrant natural looking colors, good shadowing, true black and excellent contrast.

This TV supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos. It also turns up gameplay with features like G-SYNC, FreeSync, VRR and low latency mode. 

This model supports ATSC 3.0, the new unified standard for broadcast TV. Plus, it has WebOS to help you access your favorite streaming content easily. 

LG ThinQ integrates the voice assistant of your choice such as Google Assistant or Alexa. 

LG’s AI processor keeps everything running smoothly. This TV performs well and handles HDR content expertly.


LG A1 OLED Television
436 Reviews
LG A1 OLED Television
  • LG Electronics - OLED48A1PUA - 48" Ultra Slim 4K UHD ThinQ AI OLED TV W/ A7 Gen 4 Intelligent Processor

If you are ready to have an OLED in your home but not ready to break the bank, consider the LG A1.

No, it doesn’t get as bright as other LG OLEDs, but it’s still plenty bright.

The picture is still excellent, especially in darker settings (as is the case with most OLED Tvs). The views are great from any angle. 

The a7 Gen 4 AI processor is a bit slower than some upgraded models, but not so much that it degrades the viewing experience. The processor upscales audio and visual content and sound and delivers crisp details.

It’s a more affordable choice with decent gaming specs and a breathtaking cinematic experience. This TV supports Cinema HDR, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos.

Built-in voice assistance via Google Assistant or Alexa offers hands-free interaction. WebOS offers access to your go-to streaming apps without an additional device.

The ultra-thin design looks stunning whether wall-mounted or placed on an entertainment console. This is a great entry-level OLED TV and one of the best budget buys for LG TVs of this class.


OLED TVs offer some of the most amazing visual experiences you can get today. The technology is next level.

Some offer built-in sound that’s substantial. Others could benefit from the addition of a soundbar or an entire home theater system.

Before you decide on which model to buy, think about what is most important. Do you want a cinematic experience? Is an OLED TV what works best for gaming? Do you prefer built-in streaming or a streaming device? Will your Blu-ray player be compatible?

Getting to the heart of what you really want will guide a successful purchase.

No matter your preferences, there is an OLED just right for you (and in your budget).