1.What is the Hydra Waterproof Television?

Hydra is Seura’s newest innovation. Designed for wet environments such as the bathroom or kitchen, Hydra mounts flush with the wall for a sleek appearance. It is also color customizable, allowing the designer or homeowner to choose virtually any color of the rainbow. It is truly the first of its kind.

2. Where and how are homeowners using the Hydra?

Technology is in demand for every room of the home, not just the home theater. Homeowners want high-tech convenience from their morning routine to dinner time. And Hydra is popular in bathrooms near tubs, in showers and in kitchen back splashes. Because the glass face is as easy to clean as a window, it is perfect for messy environments like the kitchen.

3.What makes the Hydra unique?

By far, the custom color options make Hydra stand out. No other television has ever had options like these! Some clients choose neutrals to match surrounding tile while others choose bright colors that make a statement. There’s no limit to the possibilities – and homeowners love that.

4.What does the color customization process involve?

The color customization process for Hydra is simple. It is as easy as choosing a paint chip and doesn’t involve any complicated color formulas. Seura uses the universal Pantone color system, making it even easier to standardize with other design elements in the home. Customers can choose a color from hundreds of options in a Pantone swatch book. The reseller indicates the corresponding number on the order. The Hydra arrives in the exact match – it’s that simple!

5.What does the installation process involve?

The installation process occurs in two steps. First, the metal back box is installed into the rough opening by screwing it into wall studs of the wall. Next, the television is installed into the back box and sealed in place. All connections are be made at the point of install. This results in completely hidden wires and cords. We’ve created a 2-minute installation video online showing just how simple the process is. (http://www.seura.com/products-for-the-home/home-hydra/)

6.Does a professional installer need to install the unit?

Absolutely not. Although a pro installer may be helpful for some, Hydra was designed with the user in mind. Installation instructions are easy to read and detailed. We even have new 2-minute installation videos online that give a simple, step-by-step visual of the installation process. And of course, Seura’s legendary customer support is just a phone call away.

7.Where can homeowners purchase one?

Homeowners can purchase Hydra from any Seura reseller. Homeowners can request further information from their local electronic integrator or call Seura at (800) 957-3872 to find a Seura dealership.

8.What’s next for Seura? New products or technology on the drawing boards?

Of course! Seura is always brainstorming ways to improve on existing products and break barriers in creating new, uncharted technologies. Who knows what Seura’s idea makers will come up with next? I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to find out.