Electronics keep us all connected and inject some fun to our lives when we’re not working. However, they’re not always cheap.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best sites to buy discount electronics, all of which are well-trusted and sell some of the top devices you can get your hands on.

Top Sites to Buy Discount Electronics

If you’re drawn to gadgets but want to save money, take a look at the below sites. Bag yourself a bargain and save a ton of money at the same time.

As long as you’re purchasing from a reputable site with a generous return policy or free shipping, you shouldn’t encounter any issues when making a purchase.

1. Amazon


Amazon is one of the go-to online shopping sites for almost all product varieties, but it’s also great for bagging yourself a discount electronic gadget. This ubiquitous marketplace has a huge list of sellers advertising their used electronics. 

Navigating the website is simple, too, and you can select the seller with the most comparative price for the goods you’re interested in to receive a good deal. 

Aside from excellent prices, Amazon is a reputable site with great customer service. Amazon’s sellers will respond to your queries super along with all the answers you need as you try to find cheap electronics.

Plus, you can stay relaxed knowing that you can return your device for a refund should you wish.

In fact, Amazon’s sellers rely on positive feedback all the time from their buyers, so they’ll bend over backwards to avoid disappointing buyers.

2. Swappa

Swappa Homepage

Swappa lets you buy newish tech. If you’re on a tight budget, you can still find high-end gadgets for affordable prices from Swappa.

None of their listings are new, so you’ll need to steer clear if you’re not searching for pre-owned items. If not, you can discover smartphones, gaming consoles, TV, and more for much less than retail prices.

Buying from Swappa is simple, too, with no middleman involved. To make sure you receive gadgets in tip-top condition, Swappa has a strict process for active electronics in the listing stage. This helps ensure that you don’t receive a broken or inaccurately advertised item.

You’ll find a variety of electronics on Swappa, including smartphones, watches, tablets, phone plans, and even used computer parts.

3. Newegg


Newegg is another huge marketplace to visit for consumer electronic goods. This includes new and used electronics.

In addition to selling devices directly to consumers, Newegg also provides an open marketplace for resellers and individuals who want to sell electronics at a discount to its users.

They are one of the biggest online computer retailers, and also one of the first major players in this sector. 

With Newegg, you can buy all kinds of cheap electronics, computers and accessories that are new, refurbished and pre-owned. As a result, you can purchase a gadget for a modest price that’s in tip-top condition. 

4. TigerDirect


TigerDirect is popular among consumers and businesses looking for printers, laptops, and much more. Their wide range of cheap electronics provides you with a vast selection for all of your computing and electronics needs. Discounted gadgets abound on TigerDirect.

You might visit their website if you love cheap electronics and are open to the idea of a new purchase. In which case, you can visit their Featured Deals section, which showcases some of their latest deals.

Plus, TigerDirect makes it easy to navigate around their website with categories such as, Deal of The Week and Refurb of The Week. 

5. TechBargains


TechBargains is a go-to if you’re hoping to get a great deal on an electronic that will last. This website has hundreds of items in store, including from discount outlets, and third-party retailers, so you’re bound to find a cheap deal.

We highly recommend TechBargains if you’re searching for a device in the computing sector. In particular, this website is among the best shopping sites since it offers an extensive range of laptops, routers, printers, desktops, and much more.

You can also find wearables, smart home gear, gaming consoles, and audio devices for a fraction of the original retail price.

To get a further deal, make sure you sign up for TechBargains’ newsletter. They’ll send you discounts and updates on the latest products added to their website.

6. Slickdeals


Slickdeals might look like many similar “deal” websites, but they’re carefully curated and driven by the community. In fact, most of the deals listed online are submitted by registered members.

To make sure you receive high-quality devices for a discount price, make sure to check the reviews.

Navigating their website is easy, too, thanks to the editors at Slickdeals who create specific lists packed with the latest and best deals.

You’ll get peace of mind purchasing from Slickdeals, too, as your security is safeguarded when you shop. The website will only show you offers from sellers who have positive feedback from previous buyers as you are online shopping.

This discount electronics website sells a range of devices. This includes TVs, cameras (especially if you’re looking to get into Youtube content), smartphones, video games, and more.

They also have sections for other consumer items, such as cars and clothes, making them more than just a cheap electronics site.

7. Banggood


Banggood isn’t as well-known as some of the other sites mentioned above, but they are up and coming. In fact, they’re currently one of the largest online retailers in China.

Since their launch, Banggood has become a trusted online retailer that sells virtually anything a customer could want.

Visit their website to discover headphones, home audio, photography accessories, video game equipment, and more. Their wide range of products makes them You won’t find top-branded products like other sites above, but you will definitely find yourself a bargain.  

Banggood always has promotions running to help customers save money. The company also offers affiliate programs and reduced delivery charges to further help you receive a discount.  

8. Gearbest


Gearbest wants you to receive affordable quality in the electronic sector. Most importantly, Gearbest doesn’t let just anyone sell electronics on their website. Instead, all suppliers are checked, inspected, and tested before they can advertise a product with them.

The suppliers also undergo spot checks to maintain a high standard for all customers looking to buy consumer electronics. 

This is one of the best shopping sites for cheap electronics.

9. Micro Center

Micro Center

Micro Center is a great resource as it only sells electronics. More specifically, they are a good place to look for computer parts and accessories.

They do have other cheap electronics like cell phones, televisions and tablets, but computers is what they are most known for.

One section that is worth checking out from Micro Center is their refurbished deals. This will help you find cheap electronics as it offers some of the best deals on electronics.

10. Discount Electronics

Discount Electronics home page

Discount Electronics is another place to purchase discounted electronics. You can find everything from laptops to speakers and much more on their site. And all products listed are covered by a one-year warranty.

A great feature of Discount Electronics is that you can make large orders and get volume order discounts. This feature is great for businesses and schools that are looking to upgrade their electronics on a budget.

Another great thing about Discount Electronics is its customer service. Many customers have noted the excellent service provided during the ordering process.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Discount Electronics

We trust all of the above sites for buying discount electronics, but that doesn’t mean you should buy the first device you discover on a website when online shopping.

Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a discount electronic.

Check the Return Policy

The last thing you want is to buy a discount electronic for it then to stop working shortly after your purchase. To avoid this from happening, check the return policy and warranty on the item before bringing it home. 

For example, do you have 14 days to change your mind if it’s no longer suited for you? Will the company fix any damage that’s incurred from purchasing faulty goods? Are you able to return products with an open box?

These are some factors to check before handing over your money.

Check Price History 

You should also research the average current prices of the electronic you’re interested in buying. If you don’t do this step, you’ll never know if you’re truly being sold a good deal or not.

You can make sure you’re receiving a good price by keeping track of the price history and making comparisons to similar websites where this product is also listed.

The Companies Reputation

You shouldn’t trust every independent online seller who’s looking to sell you an electronic device. But you should be able to trust the company who provides the marketplace for selling the item.

Check for online reviews of past customers who’ve purchased a product from this website.

Another tip is to look at the selling option on their website. If you were a seller, what criteria would they be looking for? The more strict, the better.

For example, Gearbest checks and inspects all items received by the customer first before listing it on their website. 

What’s Included

Never make assumptions with what accessories you’ll receive with your electronic device. Look at the product description to see what you’ll receive.

Sometimes images can be misleading and a tablet might have a picture of the charger in it, but that doesn’t always mean the user is selling will throw in a charger with the price.

If the necessary accessories aren’t included with the electronic, research to see how much they’ll cost and their availability.

For example, if you’re purchasing a device that’s no longer available on the market but the seller isn’t including the charger, there’s little use in making the sale.

Also, consider whether or not you get free shipping since having to pay to ship your item can reduce potential savings.

Should You Buy Used Electronics to Get a Discount?

Naturally, there will be some concerns over buying pre-owned electronics: will they have been treated well? Will the gadget break easily? How do you know you can trust the seller before adding it to your online basket? Will all the accessories be included in the open box?

Educate yourself on the terminology before diving in to make a purchase. For example, ‘pre-owned’ and ‘used’ don’t have the same meanings. The former is when a product has been purchased and returned or reconditioned with some changes. 

Alternatively, a ‘used’ item had an owner and was used to its full effect, so there could be some signs of damage and general wear and tear.

There are many benefits to buying a used electronic over a new one. The biggest advantage is the discounted price. You can buy a discounted electronic for up to 50 percent off its retail price, helping you to save a small fortune.

You can also purchase older models that are no longer available, such as a Mac Mini. This gives you more options when it comes to selecting the best electronic device for you, rather than just what’s available in the current market.

However, be prepared to deal with things like missing accessories if you are buying a product that already has an open box.


If you’re always hunting for the best deal, it’s important that you’re searching in the right place. All of the above are the best sites to buy discount electronics, and each has something unique to offer. 

No matter if you’re looking to treat yourself to a new gadget or buy your favorite techie friend a gift, take a look through these sites. They’ll bring you the best deals, and help you to keep up to date with the latest electronic releases.