10 Best Macbook Pro Alternatives

Alternative to Macbook Pro

Macbook Pros have long been the top pick for those who want something powerful and sleek that also offers high-quality graphics. Yet, if you are looking for a Macbook Pro alternative, you have options.  Your first step is to consider what you are looking for. Is it power, graphics, processor or battery life? Next, figure …

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10 Best Large Screen Phones

large screen phones

Large-screen phones can keep you entertained during your commute, help you run your business or let you see things on a large display.  There are many products to choose from, and each one has a different screen quality, camera, processor, feel and overall performance. With all these variables, it can be tough to choose the …

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10 Best Home Theater Seating Options

home theater seating

If you’re in the process of creating an epic home theater, having the best seating is a must.  Maybe you’ll opt for stylish comfort and a quiet, manual recline for a posh feel while still getting the full home theater vibe. Or maybe you’ll choose an option with extra features like cup holders, tray tables, …

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10 Best Outdoor Projectors

outdoor projector

There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite movie or show while simultaneously enjoying a starry night sky. The best outdoor projectors make this luxury a reality. These projectors feature exceptional visual quality, portability, streaming capabilities and more, turning any outdoor space into an open-air theater you’ll never want to leave. Don’t miss our list of …

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7 Best Mini Stereo Amplifiers

stereo amplifier

The new mini stereo amplifiers on the market can turn your small space into a sound garden. They give you affordable stereo sound and take up roughly the same amount of room as a wireless speaker.  Whether you want a device for your man cave, she-shed or your college dorm, these mini amplifiers can bring …

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10 Best DVD Players

dvd player

Though streaming video is top dog these days, there’s still something satisfying about watching crisp, clear video through a DVD player or Blu-Ray player.  It also offers flexibility that you can’t always get with streaming – such as viewing at the cottage, on the road, or just watching movies no longer available on Netflix.  DVDs …

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8 Best Portable Music Players

music player mp3

Looking for the best portable music player? You are in the right place. If you want an immersive sound experience that makes you feel like you are right in a room with the artist, hi-res audio players are worth looking into.  To access this level of amazing sound quality, you’ll need a portable music player …

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6 Best Smart Power Strips

smart power strip

Are you looking for the best smart power strips? Look no further.  A smart power strip is an affordable way to seamlessly get controllable lights, cameras, speakers, pool pumps and more while still having the same benefits as a smart home. Maybe you’re looking to have smart products in your office or lights that shut …

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7 Best Smart Alarm Clocks

smart alarm clock

Alarm clocks have been upgraded from a device that simply wakes us up to one that supports our lives. Whether you’re looking for a natural sunrise, an integrated smart home or interesting personalized features, there’s a smart alarm clock out there for you.

10 Best Ultra Short Throw Projectors

short throw projector

An ultra short throw projector is a fantastic way to take your movie, binge-watching or gaming sessions to the next level. They can be placed inches away from a wall or screen while still projecting a huge image.  Typically, these devices require special types of lasers. Plus, they usually have other fun features to enhance …

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