10 Best Portable CD Players

portable cd player

Having the freedom to take your favorite CDs with you is important, and portable CD players allow you to do just that.  From listening in the kitchen to the garage to the backyard and beyond, a portable CD player is great for the days you want to rock out to your music collection from anywhere. …

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6 Best Budget Cameras for YouTube

black camera with lens close up

While it’s ultimately your content that’s going to make or break your YouTube channel, finding the perfect camera for what you’re doing can definitely make it better. However, so many people find all the information out there and get overwhelmed with their options.  The purpose of this article is to narrow down the seemingly limitless …

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9 Best Surge Protectors

Surge protectors come can help make sure you safeguard your expensive home electronics from the damage that can occur from unpredictable power surges. Depending on where you live, lightning storms are inevitable. One minute you see clear skies and the next minute you hear lightning strikes. It can be tough to remember to unplug all …

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EZCast Beam H3 Mini Projector Review

The recent advent of LED backlit projectors has created an interesting new category of ultra-low cost mini or “portable” projectors that are marketed to consumers. Historically, portable projectors have been marketed to the business sector, which demands higher performance with less price-sensitivity. The EZCast Beam H3 enters a now crowded market, hoping to distinguish itself …

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

amazon fire stick

Amazon’s duo of Fire TV Stick offerings set the bar for what is possible in a small form factor streaming device.  In addition to a general spec bump over its older sibling, the newer third generation Amazon Fire TV Stick adds the ability to stream 4k HDR and Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos …

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Is a Nest Thermostat Worth the Money?

Tony Fadell, the former Apple designer best known as one of the creative minds responsible for the iPod, burst onto the smart home scene with the Nest Thermostat.  A simple, sleek, round device made of aluminum and glass. The sales pitch for the Nest is straight forward: 1) A thermostat can be both beautiful and …

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The Best Amazon Alexa Easter Eggs

Amazon Echo black

Amazon Alexa is a great virtual assistant that gives people access to a a huge amount of useful information and allows you to seamlessly control smart devices in your home.   As it turns out, Alexa also has a sense of humor. Users have discovered and shared many undocumented questions and commands that prompt interesting, …

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EnGenius ESR530 Smart Mesh Router: Building a Robust Home Network

The Traditional Wi-Fi Experience Anyone who has had to create a home network over the last 20 years knows the struggle of traditional Wi-Fi networks. Between the struggle of limited options for the placement of your internet service provider’s modem and the weak signal put out by that modem and router combo resembling a technological …

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Klipsch Introduces New T5 Series Earphones

Includes its First-Ever True Wireless Model Indianapolis, Ind. (June 19, 2019) — Klipsch®, a tech-driven audio company, is pleased to announce that its highly anticipated T5 Series of earphones are now available. The Klipsch T5 Series of earphones are small in size and weight, yet powerful in performance, technology, materials, and True Comfort™, allowing people to listen …

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