8 Best Streaming Sticks: Make Your TV a Smart TV

streaming tv smart tv image

Most of us have one, okay many, streaming services that we love. It seems like there are always new streaming services in the mix, so the sky’s the limit on what you can watch.  You need to find the best device on which to enjoy these ever-increasing services. Are you a gamer? Do you want …

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10 Best 4G LTE Routers

Image of 4G LTE Router

The ability to connect to the internet has become an essential part of life. However, the struggle to bring quality internet service to rural areas is ongoing.  One of the best solutions is to create a mobile hotspot using a special router. 4G LTE routers in particular use established cell signals to bring fast internet …

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10 Best 4K Projectors

4k projector

If you’re building or upgrading your home theater, adding a 4K projector can take your viewing experience to the next level.  Bringing the theater to your living room requires a projector that combines clarity, scale and quality, ensuring that your movie marathons are top-notch.  Even smaller rooms can feel larger when using today’s short throw …

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10 Best AirPlay Speakers

airplay speaker

Speakers have come a long way since the days of massive towers wired to everything you own. Now, you can purchase small to midsize pieces that make it sound like the musicians are in the room with you. The addition of AirPlay to these little powerhouses allows you to stream easily and connect several speakers …

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10 Best Outdoor TV Enclosures

outdoor tv covers

If you’ve created a comfortable outdoor space for entertaining, you may have decided to include a TV to complete it. Using a TV enclosure is a great way to protect your TV from the elements. Maybe your top concern is theft. Or, you might need something that’s highly waterproof. Alternately, your TV may simply require something …

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IMAX vs. RPX: Which is Superior?


If you love going to the movies, you might want to know how to ensure your experience is exceptional. While IMAX and RPX both help you fully enjoy your movie, how do you determine which one is superior?  Some aspects are the same on paper. For example, they each offer bigger screens, better sound and …

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10 Best Shower Speakers

shower speaker

We all know we sing our best when we’re in the shower, but how do we get the best back-up vocals? With a great shower speaker. Finding the right shower speaker that provides quality sound, top technology, is mobile and waterproof can be difficult. We did the work for you and found our top picks for …

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10 Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers

bluetooth audio receiver

Digital music has changed the way we listen to our favorite songs and artists. A Bluetooth audio receiver can marry your old amplifiers and speakers with the ever-expanding world of streaming audio, internet radio, podcasts and more.  Suddenly, you can seamlessly stream stunning wireless music from your smart device to any stereo music system, making …

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6 Best CD Recorders

CD recorder

If you are converting your older music to the digital age or you’re looking for something to record your business presentations, you might be in the market for a CD recorder. These devices will convert your music from analog to a digital format and store it on a CD for you. Once your recordings are …

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6 Best iPhone Smartwatches

smart watch

Smartwatches are no longer just for fitness enthusiasts or the tech-obsessed. With the ability to help you break free from your smartphone, a smartwatch can improve your life in many ways. You’ll appreciate how these devices allow you to track your exercise, sleep, lifestyle habits and health while providing you with important notifications, calls and …

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