If you’ve decided it’s time to migrate your family home movies from VHS to a more modern medium, you’re in luck. You can save money and keep your special memories safe on your own. 

The best DVD recorder and VCR combos will have more than just the basics. Many include the ability to upscale your videos, one-touch recording, two-way conversion and even multi-format options.

As more things go digital, it’s getting harder to find good quality tech for older media. Fortunately, there are still some great choices out there to safeguard your old videos. 

The top options can help you transfer your home movies to a DVD in better quality while replacing several older machines. 

We’ve found the top DVD recorder and VCR combinations to help you keep your family home videos alive for decades to come.

Top DVD Recorder and VHS Combinations

Whether you are concerned about price, upscaling, recording or another specification, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for quality DVD recorder and VCR combinations. 

1. Funai ZV427FX4

Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
57 Reviews
Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4)
  • 1080P up conversion from HDMI output
  • Archive home movies from VHS tape to DVD
  • Dolby Digital Stream out

The best overall choice for a DVD recorder plus VHS combination is Finai’s ZV427FX4 model. As is typical for Funai, this is a super reliable machine and very intuitive to use. 

Without studying the manual like a college textbook, you’ll be able to convert all your home movies from VHS to DVD. 

Things like a one-touch dubbing button for both VHS to DVD and DVD to VHS as well as an easy one-cable connection make this unit easy for anyone to use.

It does not come with a built-in tuner. This means that you will have to connect something like a cable or satellite box to use as an external tuner if you’re looking to record from TV to DVD or VHS. 

This model is compatible with just about any DVD/VHS you want it to play. It records to DVD-R, making playback possible on many of the best DVD players

Additionally, it allows 1080p upconversion from the HDMI output and progressive scans from the video outputs. This helps create 1080p HD-picture quality playback from VHS. 

Better yet, it converts standard SD quality DVDs to 1080p quality. It uses both Dolby digital stream out and progressive scan video out.

This really well-rounded unit also has an auto-finishing mode for when the DVD is full and a function to put titles on the chapters. 

The Funai has it all and is easy to use. At one of the more reasonable prices on this list, it’s an easy choice for anyone.


  • Easy to use
  • HD upscaling
  • HDMI output
  • Wide compatibility


  • Requires external tuner to record from TV
  • Only works with DVD-R discs

2. Magnavox VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo

Magnavox VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo w/ Remote, HDMI
27 Reviews
Magnavox VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo w/ Remote, HDMI
  • Designed to easily transfer VHS tapes to DVD with the press of a button
  • Save on expensive VHS transfer services and convert tapes to DVD at home
  • assured 100% working, hassle free returns through Amazon

Another great choice for DVD/VHS recorders is the Magnavox. It’s a feature-rich machine that creates the highest quality DVDs from your VHSs, but its precision upscaling is probably its best feature. 

It automatically changes your videos to 1080p, giving them crystal clear resolution and restoring your beloved old videos to beautiful condition.

Say goodbye to the fuzziness from your old VHS tapes. The picture quality after conversion is pristine. This makes your videos excellent to watch, even on 75-inch TVs.

Another useful feature is being able to convert DVDs and VHS tapes into both formats. This two-way conversion isn’t something that everyone needs. However, if it interests you, this unit is a good choice. 

This is another combo that is easy to use. Its user-friendly approach makes it perfect for anyone who feels less-than-apt with technology. 

The HDMI output is a nice feature, but this model does require you to purchase an external tuner to record from TV. Alternately, you can run it through your cable or satellite box.

It doesn’t have the prettiest look to it. However, it’s particularly excellent for those who want upscaling capability and two-way conversion.

If you’re in the market for a DVD VHS recorder, this is a great contender. 


  • Two-way conversion
  • Quality 1080p upscaling
  • HDMI output


  • No built-in tuner
  • Basic, functional look

3. Sanyo FWDV225F DVD/VCR Player With Line-In Recording

Sanyo FWDV225F DVD/VCR Player With Line-In Recording
70 Reviews
Sanyo FWDV225F DVD/VCR Player With Line-In Recording
  • This Certified Refurbished product has been tested and certified to work and look like new, with minimal...
  • Plays back DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes
  • Dolby Digital Stream-out

The Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Combo will record DVD to VCR and VCR to DVD. It has playback support for DVD, CD, CD-R/RW and VHS, so you can use it to watch a multitude of things. 

Additionally, it uses both Dolby digital stream out as well as progressive scan video out and comes with HDMI output. Basically, it plays just about anything you want to watch with clear sound and pictures. 

This unit does not have an internal tuner, so you’ll need to use your cable or satellite box or another external tuner for recording from TV. 

Though this line-in is offered, it’s not very intuitive on how to set it up. That’s something to think about if you’re planning on using your box with it.

The Sanyo has five-speed recording for up to six hours of recording time, and the manual is easy to read and understand. This is not always the case with older-model technology. 

This is a straightforward, no-fuss combo that plays back anything and records easily, even if it doesn’t have the most feature-rich options. 

Overall the Sanyo is a great choice, especially for anyone who just wants to plug and play with minimal instruction. 


  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Has a 90-day warranty
  • Multiple formats supported


  • Difficult line-in setup
  • No upscaling
  • No built-in tuner

4. Philips DVP3345V

Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo
240 Reviews
Philips DVP3345V/17 DVD/VCR Combo
  • Plays MP3 and JPEG digital camera photos
  • Hi-Fi Stereo VHS plays back true stereo VHS

The Philips DVD and VHS recorder combo is a little powerhouse that’s packed with lots of features that are super useful for anything you could possibly think of for your DVD and VHS needs. 

The progressive scan feature is really the icing on the cake. You’ll get nice, sharp images playing back to you with fewer lines and fuzz. 

Not only does this recorder create beautiful DVDs from your VHSs, but the playback experience is also a delight.

It supports DVD and VHS, but you can also use it to listen to MP3 media files and look through JPEG photos. This unit can do it all while still having tons of fabulous features.

The Philips DVD and VHS combo also features two-way dubbing, recording from VHS to DVD and DVD to VHS. Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in tuner. 

This is really an all-in-one machine that can replace a lot of your older technology with one streamlined unit. If you need to save some space without sacrificing quality, this is a perfect choice.


  • Progressive scan feature
  • Plays a variety of multimedia (DVD, VHS, JPEG, MP3)


  • Only records to DVD-R
  • Requires use of the remote

5. JVC VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo

JVC VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo w/ Remote, HDMI
97 Reviews
JVC VHS to DVD Recorder VCR Combo w/ Remote, HDMI
  • Designed to easily transfer VHS tapes to DVD with the press of a button
  • Save on expensive VHS transfer services and convert tapes to DVD at home
  • Guaranteed 100% working, hassle free returns through Amazon

The JVC VHS to DVD Recorder Combo was designed to transfer your VHS home movies to DVD with one button. Not only that, but it will play your DVDs and VHSs with quality playback.

As with the rest of the options on this list, this unit offers upscaling, but to both 720p or 1080p via the HDMI output. The fuzziness inherent in VHS is almost eliminated when transferred to DVD. 

A full instruction manual is easy to follow, and we like the intuitive quality of the whole device. 

Although it does not have a built-in tuner, you can use the line-in with your cable or satellite box.

This is another feature-rich DVD/VHS recorder, perfect for anyone who wants to save money on converting their old VHS home movies while also having a great player to watch. 


  • 720p and 1080p upscaling
  • One button recording


  • No built-in tuner

6. Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo

Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo
  • Does NOT have a built in Tuner
  • 1080p Upconversion
  • HiFi Stereo VCR with DVD Recorder

The Samsung DVD/VHS recorder combo delivers on the reliability that is the Samsung name, though it will cost you. 

Of course, this is one of the best devices for multi-format recording, as it will record to all five types, including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM. 

No need to worry about the blank discs you already have not working with this device. It has multi-format playback, allowing you to play any DVD, CD, MP3 or view WMA or JPEG and DivX.

Packed with many extras, this unit even includes an HDMI output and 720p, 1080i or 1080p upscaling. As with all the other options, you’ll need an external tuner or satellite/cable box to record straight from the TV. 

We love how easy this is to use. You can tell it’s built with the customer in mind.

You’ll see crisp pictures and hear high-quality sound, even on today’s best soundbars, eliminating the need for multiple older devices. 

The one-touch live recording means you’ll never miss a second when trying to record.

If you’re looking for a recorder that is over the top as far as features go but you are ok with something that’s a little harder to understand and use, this might be the perfect choice for you.


  • Array of upscaling support
  • Records to any DVD
  • Ease of use


  • No built-in tuner
  • Not intuitive to use


While it’s getting progressively harder to find machines that will record in this medium, there are still several good options. Choosing the right one for you depends on your needs.

Take into account your ideal price points, whether or not you want upscaling, the unit’s compatibility with other devices and if it has a built-in tuner. 

Also, evaluate added features that you may be interested in, such as remotes, design, ease of use and more.

Ultimately, whatever your specifications are for a DVD recorder and VHS combination, you’ll likely find an option on our list that fits what you are looking for.