As the holidays approach, you might be wondering what to get the men in your life. If you are leaning towards a new gadget, finding the best tech gifts for men can be overwhelming.

There’s a massive selection of options that you can purchase, but how do you know what’s worth buying?

Whether you are considering DIY tech tools, new entertainment systems or other products, the sheer number of choices can cause stress as you try to determine the right gift. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you to help you find the best tech gifts for men this holiday season.

Read on for a list of the top tech gifts for men.

Top Tech Gifts for Men

From speakers to high-tech mugs to electronic office assistants and more, the possibilities for what to buy for men are endless. Here are our choices for the best tech gifts for men.

1. Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer

Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer
2,315 Reviews
Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer
  • Fast Heating and Silent Printing: The Aquila 3D printer equipped with carbon crystal silicon glass plate...
  • Resume Printing Function: Aquila 3D printer could automatically resume printing when power comes on. It...
  • Semi-Assembled Kit: The easy-to-setup kit comes partially assembled, enabling you to learn about the...

3D printing has become massively popular in the last decade. As the technology behind it continues to become more advanced, better 3D printing becomes available for cheaper. 

Such is the case with the Voxelab Aquila 3D printer.

This printer uses a full alloy frame with a removable build surface plate for easy cleaning and a sturdy build. This particular model comes equipped with a carbon crystal silicon glass plate. 

You’ll get a nearly silent printing experience with the Aquila working at under 40 decibels.

Another feature the Voxelab Aquila comes with is the ability to resume printing. This makes it so that once it begins printing, it won’t start from scratch if the power is cut off. 

Not only does this feature save time, but it drastically reduces waste as well.

The kit is also easy to set up, coming already semi-assembled. This is perfect for beginners who don’t have the knowledge of how to set up more complicated systems.

All in all, the Voxelab Aquila 3D printer is a great gift for experienced printers and beginners alike. It’s a great way to help someone pick up a new hobby or to push their interests a bit further. 

2. 4th Generation Echo Dot

4th Generation Echo Dot
571,136 Reviews
4th Generation Echo Dot
  • Meet the Echo Dot - Our most popular smart speaker with Alexa. The sleek, compact design delivers crisp...
  • Voice control your entertainment - Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and...
  • Ready to help - Ask Alexa to tell a joke, play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather,...

At-home assistants have become popular in the last decade or so, helping to automate homes. One of the most common of these is the Echo Dot. 

This smart speaker is Amazon’s brand of smart home speakers and can help bring a spark of life to the technology of a home.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot comes with everything you need to start automating your home. There are a variety of great features, such as the ability to stream music from multiple providers. 

Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM and many more streaming services are supported.

Alexa works with this smart speaker as well, providing crisp vocals and balanced bass. This helps make sure that communication is clear with the speaker, whether it be music, a phone call or asking Alexa to tell you a joke.

With the Echo Dot, your voice can adjust lights, thermostats and even lock doors. 

It’s also designed to protect your privacy. There are multiple layers of privacy controls, including turning off the microphone to stop your voice from being picked up.

Using the Alexa app or paired Echo devices lets you call friends and family. You can also communicate from one room to another. It’s a great way to link rooms in a large house and make the family feel connected.

3. Ring Doorbell

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Sticking with home improvement tech, the Ring Doorbell is another amazing way to add a bit of technology to the home. This makes a great gift for the man that wants to add ease and security to their living space.

Ring is a 1080p HD wired video doorbell that comes with several features to make answering your door easier. 

Two-way talk lets you converse with someone on the other side. This is useful for speaking with guests if you can’t come to the door.

It’s also effective for unwanted guests. If you don’t feel comfortable opening the door for safety reasons or any other cause, you can simply converse through Ring.

This lets you feel safer while also avoiding the hassle of solicitors or other unwanted guests.

Advanced motion detection will let you know when you’re about to have guests. The camera is also effective at night with sharp contrast to ensure you don’t miss a detail. This is useful for late-night guests or a ring at night.

Ring is compatible with several other devices, such as the Echo Dot. It also can pair with a Chime. 

These features make it one of the best tech gifts for men who want to start linking up the devices in their homes.

4. JBL Wireless Speaker

Sometimes, you want to take your connectivity on the go. The JBL Wireless Speaker can help keep your entertainment mobile.

This Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and portable, weighing in at less than four pounds. The package itself is about 10 x 10 x 7 inches, making it easy to fit into a backpack or loose pocket.

It’s also a remarkably rugged gadget. The fabric is rugged enough to stand against scratches, bumping and other common damages. 

Better yet, the JBL Wireless Speaker is waterproof, helping to fend off spills and even falling into a pool (though you should limit how often you test this).

The case the speaker comes with is sturdy as well and comes with a carrying handle. With a solid build and excellent portability, it’s a great outdoor speaker for the beach, pool or cookouts.

The audio quality is unmatched, and the battery life is strong as well. A full charge will last for twenty hours of play. This means that a single charge will last throughout the day and well into the night. 

The JBL Wireless Speaker is a wonderful gift for music enthusiasts and outdoorsmen alike. Unwrapping one of these is sure to put a smile on a man’s face. 

5. Ember Temperature Control Mug

Ember Temperature Control Mug
17,249 Reviews
Ember Temperature Control Mug
  • Ember Coffee Mug with Longer Lasting Battery: Our updated smart coffee mug's extended battery life keeps...
  • Smart With or Without App: Pair this temperature control mug with the Ember app to set the temperature,...
  • Auto Sleep: Our heated coffee mug intelligently senses when to turn on and off; The mug enters sleep mode...

There are not many things more disappointing than pouring a hot cup of coffee or tea, putting it down and finding it lukewarm when you go to take a sip. The Ember Temperature Control Mug is a perfect gift for eliminating this problem.

As the name suggests, the Ember Temperature Control Mug keeps the temperature inside the mug controlled. 

The user can choose between 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit as a resting point for their mug. From there, the Ember will do the rest and keep the beverage where the user requested.

At a full charge, the Ember lasts for eighty minutes on its own. Paired with its charging coaster, the mug can keep the drink at the proper temperature all day. 

When using the Ember app, adjusting the mug’s temperature via your phone is easy.

Without the app, the Ember Mug is still fully functional. It will remember the last used temperature and is automatically set to 135 degrees Fahrenheit outside of the box.

Don’t worry about accidentally leaving the mug on for too long and causing a fire hazard. An automatic sleep mode turns the Ember Mug off after two hours of inactivity or when empty. This saves energy and reduces the risks of damage or fire.

Ultimately, this is one of the best tech gifts for men who love coffee.

6. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Vinyl Player

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Vinyl Player
6,414 Reviews
Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Vinyl Player
  • input voltage:100 -240V.Power consumption : 1.0 W, Signal-to-noise ratio > 50 dB (DIN-B)
  • Experience the high fidelity audio of vinyl
  • Fully automatic belt drive turntable operation with 2 speeds: 33 1/3, 45 RPM

Recently, vinyl record players have made a comeback. Many of these are antique-looking models that can play records but don’t do much other than that. 

Unfortunately, the return of the trend has flooded the market with a large number of low-quality players.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK player is one of the best players on the market. Coming in a variety of colors and wired or wireless models, the AT-LP60X has everything the man in your life needs to enjoy his vinyl collection.

The fully automatic belt can operate at 33 ⅓ RPM or 45 RPM. A redesigned tonearm base and headshell provide better tracking and reduced resonance. 

Additionally, an anti-resonance and die-cast aluminum platter help to give the best audio possible.

Altogether, the AT-LP60X is a fantastic turntable speaker. It’s well-suited to beginning vinyl enthusiasts and experts alike. 

7. Amazon Fire Stick 4k Max

Amazon Fire Stick 4k Max
174,200 Reviews
Amazon Fire Stick 4k Max
  • Our most powerful streaming stick - 40% more powerful than Fire TV Stick 4K, with faster app starts and...
  • Support for next-gen Wi-Fi 6 - Enjoy smoother 4K streaming across multiple Wi-Fi 6 devices.
  • Cinematic experience - Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and...

The newest model of Amazon’s popular streaming device is another great tech gift for men. The Fire Stick 4k Max is 40% more powerful than the previous Fire TV Stick 4k. 

Faster app launches and more fluid navigation make browsing your favorite shows a breeze.

There’s support for the next-gen Wi-Fi 6 and smoother 4k streaming as well. The vibrant 4k Ultra HD provides a magnificently immersive cinematic experience.

With support for Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, Prime video and more, the man in your life will never run out of entertainment. Support is also available for most music streaming apps. 

The Amazon Fire Stick can help to pull your smart entertainment system together as a whole.

8. Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti Microphone
32,926 Reviews
Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Custom three-capsule array: This professional USB mic produces clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound...
  • Blue VOICE software: Elevate your streamings and recordings with clear broadcast vocal sound and...
  • Four pickup patterns: Flexible cardioid, omni, bidirectional, and stereo pickup patterns allow you to...

Recent years have seen a massive boost in people moving online. Whether it’s for work, entertainment or a budding streaming career, high-quality audio is something anyone communicating via computer will need.

You can help the man in your life have the best audio communication possible by aiming for a top-of-the-line microphone. 

Blue Yeti is well-known for its amazing audio quality and strong products. This USB microphone is no exception.

The custom three-capsule array provides clear, powerful sound quality. Blue Yeti touts this quality for YouTube videos, streaming, podcasting, Zoom meetings and more. 

Using the VO!CE software allows the user to elevate their streams and recordings with even better sound quality. Users can also take advantage of enhanced effects, advanced modulation and high-definition audio samples.

Multiple pickup patterns allow the user to record as if there were multiple mics. This is particularly useful for music or podcast recording, especially with more than one source of audio.

Onboard audio controls allow full customization of headphone volume, pattern selection and instant mute. A positionable design lets you adjust the microphone itself instead of needing to worry about stands and equipment.

This microphone is easy to use and great for anyone who needs a high-quality mic. Simply plug in the USB and begin recording. 

It’s a perfect gift for the man in your life who has been needing a solid microphone.

9. Anker RoboVac G30 Edge

Anker RoboVac G30 Edge
3,051 Reviews
Anker RoboVac G30 Edge
  • - Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0: Navigate faster and better than before. By thoroughly covering your...
  • - 2000 Pa of Hard-Hitting Suction: The ultra-strong 2000 Pa of suction power ensures more debris is...
  • - Control at Your Fingertips: App connectivity lets you take full control of RoboVac. Check cleaning...

With so many tech gadgets for the home, it can feel hard to choose where to start. If the man in your life favors cleanliness and organization, the Anker RoboVac G30 Edge is likely the answer.

This automated robotic vacuum is a useful at-home gadget for keeping the floor tidy. Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 helps to keep the vacuum on task and the proper route. 

Using the Path Tracking Sensor helps to keep a useful route instead of random pathways like some competitors.

The app control allows you to keep track of the cleaning history. This lets you check where the vacuum has cleaned and where it still needs to go. You can also save and adjust paths as needed.

Overall, this is a great option if the man in your life is obsessed with keeping things clean.

10. Solar-Charging Battery Pack

Solar-Charging Battery Pack
10,246 Reviews
Solar-Charging Battery Pack
  • 25000mAh High Capacity: The solar power bank charges up 6-8 times for a cell phone and 2.5 times for a...
  • Large Solar Panels: This solar charger comes with 4 high-performance solar panels that can reach 6W in...
  • Fast Charging: With the upgraded 15W output, the portable solar charger can fast charge an iPhone to 50%...

Is your man an outdoorsman who likes to spend time in the sun? One of the worries with going outdoors is running out of needed power to communicate in case of an emergency.

This solar-charging battery pack from Hiluckey gets rid of that risk. With four solar panels, the pack charges much faster than most competitors. 

With full power, the average phone can charge eight to ten times to ensure communication.

Dual 2.1A USB ports allow for double charging as well. The rugged construction fends off dust, shock and water for outdoor use. A built-in LED flashlight also comes with an emergency SOS mode. 

This is a wonderful gift for any man who enjoys spending time outside.


Out of all these incredible options, you’ll likely find one that the man in your life will love.

Whether he enjoys the outdoors, coffee or wants to make his office or home more functional, there’s a gift on this list that will fit his style as well as your budget.

With these selections, you can start shopping now and cross gift-buying off your to-do list, making the holidays more stress-free and enjoyable.