Today, we’re going to talk about the MantelMount MM720 Pull Down TV Mount.   Billed by MantelMount as “an incredible solution for mount a large television high-on-the-wall”, it appears to have all the makings of an ideal above-fireplace TV mount. 

I was recently afforded the opportunity to install the MantelMount MM720 in my home and test it out for myself. Over the years, I have installed my fair share of TV mounts in my day, so I was curious to see how this mount stacked up to the competition. 

Spoiler alert: it stacks up well. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into my hands-on review!

Editor’s Note: MantelMount provided a sample for purposes of this review, but did not review the content prior to publishing. The opinions in this review were not influenced in any way by the manufacturer. Home Toys may earn a commission on purchases made through the links in this article.


One of the first things that stood out to me about the MantelMount MM720 TV wall Mount was how easy it was to install, relatively speaking. The instructions were clear (seriously, there are 22-pages of instructions in the included booklet), and all the necessary hardware was included.

I was able to install the mount above my fireplace in about an hour and a half, which, considering I was installing the mount entirely by myself is a testament to how user-friendly the product is.

MantelMount MM720 installation

Anyone who has installed a pull-down mount from some of the more “price conscious” competitors on the market will be familiar with the vague instructions, poorly illustrated diagrams, and text converted from Mandarin to English by Google translate that is typical with less-expensive mounts. 

By contrast, the MantelMount MM720 was a breath of fresh air.  For example, the instructions provide a helpful table of measurements to make sure that you install the mount at the proper height to avoid interfering with your mantel (see below). 

That kind of certainty and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

Another installation feature I appreciated were the pair of safety latches that can rotate down into place to allow you to easily adjust the tension on the gas-powered spring, or work on other aspects of the mount, like cable-maintenance.

MantelMount MM720 installation chart

Design and Build

The MantelMount MM720 TV Mount is constructed from high-quality materials that feel sturdy and durable. Additionally, included in the box are two white plastic panels that can be painted (if necessary) and installed over the wall bracket. 

This helps disguise the stark black metal on the wall when the TV is in the “pull-down” position, which mine remains in most of the time. 

Again, these details are what set this mount apart from the competition.  The mount has a solid metal frame that allows it to support TVs up to 115 pounds (including the soundbar).  Between you and me, it would probably support more than that.

The mount also comes with the hardware necessary to mount a soundbar under the TV, which is an oft-omitted feature in MantelMount’s competitors. 

While the instructions were clear on how to properly install the soundbar (I installed a Sonos Arc on this project), I was at a disadvantage trying to do this solo. 

MantelMount MM720 final installation
Notice the brackets under the Sonos Arc

Additionally, I think the brackets included with the mount could have been designed in a way that is easier to conceal behind the soundbar.  They’re pretty big for what they’re doing.

Another small gripe were the included clips for the panels that conceal the wall bracket.  Because of where I needed to install my outlet and cable runs, the audio and video cables push against the panels, which have almost no tension against the mount itself. 

As a result, one of the panels will occasionally pop off the bracket, which is noticeable when the TV is pulled-down.  Not a huge deal, but something I noticed nonetheless.


What sets the MantelMount MM720 TV Mount apart from other mounts is its functionality. The mount features a unique pull-down mechanism that allows you to easily lower your TV to eye level, even if it’s mounted high on the wall.

This feature is especially useful if you’re sitting on a couch or in a recliner and need to adjust the angle of the TV. The mount also has a swivel function that allows you to adjust the angle of the TV left or right up to 30 degrees.

The mount also supports approximately 15-degrees of downward tilt, which is great if your TV isn’t quite at eye-level, even in the “pulled-down” position.

MantelMount MM720 pull down handle
Wire maintenance is half the battle

MantelMount also includes two options for the pull-down handle.  One handle is larger and covered in a rubberized material that apparently changes colors when hot.  For those mounting their TV above a fireplace, it’s nice to have a visual reminder to turn off the fire while watching TV. 

The other handle is a “hideaway” handle that can retract behind the TV or soundbar when not in use.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but certainly more nice-to-haves that speak to the MM720’s overall fit and finish.

Finally, another feature I wasn’t expecting was the “swivel range extender”.  Once installed, the swivel range extender expands the swivel radius from 30-degrees in each direction to 80-degrees. 

If you have a shallow mantel (or no mantel at all), this is a fantastic feature to allow for direct viewing from many different areas of your room.


Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the MantelMount MM720 TV Mount. The installation was (relatively) easy, the design gave me confidence that it could handle my large flat screen and heavier-than-typical soundbar with ease, and the functionality is top-notch.

This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality TV mount for a tricky fireplace installation.