If you’re in the process of creating an epic home theater, having the best seating is a must. 

Maybe you’ll opt for stylish comfort and a quiet, manual recline for a posh feel while still getting the full home theater vibe.

Or maybe you’ll choose an option with extra features like cup holders, tray tables, charging ports for your devices and even wine glass holders for a luxury viewing experience. 

No matter what you buy, pick an option that offers flexibility for your room setup, looks stylish in your space and has the features you want for your home theater. 

With many home theater seating options on the market, we’ve carefully curated a list of the best in class.

Top Home Theater Seating

Whether you’re looking for individual seats, a theater-style arrangement, sofas or recliners, we have you covered. Here are our picks for the five best home theater seating options. 

1. Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating

Best Overall

Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating
115 Reviews
Seatcraft Omega Home Theater Seating
  • ✅ LEATHER GEL: Offers the look and feel of top grain leather that is both durable and elegant
  • ✅ TOP-IN-CLASS COMFORT: Powered Headrests & Recline. Take your comfort to the next level with the push...


  • Power headrest gives optimal viewing experience
  • Multiple charging options
  • Built-in overhead lights 
  • Light up cup holders
  • Tray tables


  • Uses six plugs
  • Tray tables block cupholders when in use
  • No middle seat recline option

If you want something built for comfort and packed with extras, this is your sofa. The price point is reasonable while still providing a luxurious look and feel along with durable quality.

Leather gel gives the look and feel of top-grain leather while being extra durable, which is a bonus for something that will likely get a lot of use. 

It comes with power recline and power headrests that allow you to adjust your comfort automatically with buttons built into the inside of the seat. 

The power headrest pushes out from the couch, so you can comfortably see the screen when you are reclined. It also has a “home” button that simultaneously powers the recliner and headrest to their original positions.

There’s a fold-down table with an outlet, two USB ports and one wireless charging option for your devices in the middle seat.

It also has overhead lights with individual on and off buttons that swivel toward or away from you. This feature is perfect if someone wants to read while the other watches the screen. 

The middle section folds back into a seat as well, making room for a third person. However, there is no recline for the middle seat, so you may have to share your footrest if you invite a third. 

Hidden in-arm storage and side pockets give you places to store remotes, gear, gaming controllers, reading material or anything else you might need. 

Light-up cup holders allow you to easily see where your drink goes in the dark, and fold-out trays give each end its own snack table. 

It’s important to note that when the tray tables are in use, they block the cup holder. It’s a small design flaw that’s easily rectified by the sheer number of options you have with this piece.

This seating system has six plugs, so make sure you can put it near a place that has an outlet with power adapters. 

Ultimately, it’s one of the best options for smaller home theaters, living rooms, man caves or she-sheds, but not a great option if you need more than one unit in a bigger home theater. 

2. Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner

Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner, 38.0
361 Reviews
Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner, 38.0
  • One outlet and two USB changing plugs are hidden in arm storage and available at the push of a button for...
  • Power Recline to infinite positions with the touch of a button. You can sit upright for an intense movie,...


  • Swivel tray connects on either side
  • Soft fabric
  • Great charging options


  • Some assembly required
  • No lumbar support
  • Tray table could be sturdier

When you’re looking for home theater seating for one, the Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner is a great choice. 

The faux leather material is breathable, soft and easy to clean. Keep in mind that with faux materials, you need to watch for eventual peeling. 

We found this option to be comfortable, offering sink-into-it comfort as opposed to sturdy back support. 

There is one outlet and two USB charging points hidden in the arm storage for easy charging of your phone, tablet or laptop. This means no more long cords and reaching for outlets. 

These features also make it a good option as a work-from-home chair. It’s hard not to love a multi-tasking piece of furniture.

You can power recline from regular chair seating all the way down to flat for naps. The lack of lumbar support wasn’t a big deal when it was flat, but it was noticeable in the upright position.

It has a swivel tray that can attach to either arm, which is convenient for left-handed folks. A tablet, small laptop or any manner of snacks will fit on it. 

While this could definitely be built sturdier, it’s still a great addition to the seat.

Some assembly and two plugs are required. One plug is for the power recline and one is for the USB charging ports. 

Fortunately, once you’re plugged in and ready to go, there’s not much that this chair doesn’t offer.

3. Flash Furniture Reel Comfort 2-Seat

Best Seating With No Plugs

Flash Furniture Reel Comfort Series 2-Seat Reclining Black LeatherSoft Theater Seating Unit with Straight Cup Holders
22 Reviews
Flash Furniture Reel Comfort Series 2-Seat Reclining Black LeatherSoft Theater Seating Unit with Straight Cup Holders
  • Make your house the place to be with this 2-seat reclining theater seating unit with recessed levers;...
  • Plush arms, contrasting accent stitching, soft and durable LeatherSoft upholstery


  • Great for places you don’t need a plug-in option
  • Plush and firm support
  • Stylish


  • Not a great for really tall people
  • Some assembly required
  • No charging or power options

If you’re looking for a stylish “unplugged” home theater option, this is it. The Flash Furniture Reel Comfort 2-Seat has a contemporary style with cross-stitching, and the LeatherSoft material is soft and durable. 

It comes with plastic floor glides that protect your flooring by sliding smoothly when you need to move it. The recessed levers also contribute to its overall stylishness and allow it to fit in any space.

With center cup holders and a storage console for remotes, gaming controllers and reading material, there’s no shortage of places to set yourself up for the big game or a movie marathon.

Better yet, the plush arms and back have generous amounts of foam padding, offering firm support for long sitting sessions.

It ships in three boxes, so there is some assembly required. Fortunately, it’s mostly hooks and clips, so the assembly is quite simple. 

While this seat will work in any home, we think it’s a great option for stylish homes and cottages. 

4. Pawnova PU Leather Chair

Pawnova PU Leather Chair with Massage Function, Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Thick Seat and Backrest, 360°Swivel and Rocking Sofa for Living Room, Black
831 Reviews
Pawnova PU Leather Chair with Massage Function, Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Thick Seat and Backrest, 360°Swivel and Rocking Sofa for Living Room, Black
  • High Quality: The recliner sofa adopt sturdy faux leather to make the surface of the sofa which make the...
  • User Friendly Design: The 360°swivel base help you can swivel freely when you sit on it, the two cup...


  • Vibration and lumbar heating
  • Excellent padding
  • Swivel 360 degrees


  • Some assembly required
  • No charging or power options
  • Not the best option for really tall people

The Pawnova PU Leather Chair is an affordable home theater seating option. It has sturdy faux leather fabric with soft, comfortable foam inside and a sturdy frame. 

The metal base will swivel 360 degrees, meaning you’ll never have to move or angle the recliner. With an over-padded back, seat and headrest, you’ll find it to be a cushy spot to enjoy your favorite movie. 

There are two cup holders, allowing you to use one for a drink and one for your phone since this chair does not have any charging options. It also has a side storage pocket for remotes or reading materials.

The Pawnova comes with some fun features. It has eight different vibration points with a remote to adjust the intensity. 

Additionally, it has a lumbar heating function, making this a great chair for those with back problems or anyone who enjoys unwinding after a long day.

You can semi-recline or lie flat. While it does take some assembly, it comes with all tools required and sets up quickly. 

It’s also nice easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth. 

Though it’s limited on options compared to some others on this list, its price and quality build make this a great chair for a basic home theater seat.

5. Octane Charger XS300

Octane Seating Octane Charger XS300 Leather Home Theater Recliner Set (Row of 2), Black
31 Reviews
Octane Seating Octane Charger XS300 Leather Home Theater Recliner Set (Row of 2), Black
  • Excellent lower lumbar and head support
  • Gel infused memory foam for unparalleled comfort


  • Solid construction with high-density and memory foam
  • Wall saver mechanism
  • Fun accessories to customize to your lifestyle


  • Some assembly required 
  • No power recline
  • No charging options

The Octane Charger XS300 is a fantastic pick for home theater seating. You can purchase individual seats that pair together or buy as many seats as you need to achieve the home theater of your dreams

These seats do not connect, but their weight keeps them together. The wall-saver mechanism allows you to place it within 4 inches of a wall, which means it’s perfect for literally any space.

Bonded leather that is thick and extremely durable makes this option kid and pet-friendly. However, it really shines when it comes to quality. 

These seats have premium lumbar and head support. They are constructed using premium high-density foam, and the individual pocketed coils are surrounded by it for long-lasting comfort. 

There is gel-infused memory foam for extreme comfort. Additionally, its ergonomic design places support in all the right places, while quality materials will keep you comfortable for years to come.

While there is no power recline, Octane offers fun accessories to customize your seating.

Cup holders come standard, but you can add tray tables, a phone holder, a mini flex light, an arm that holds a bowl, and wine glass holders. All of these attach via the armrest. 

Better yet, these seats also come in dozens of colors, so you can truly customize them to your lifestyle.

What to Consider in Home Theater Seating

There are some key things to look for when deciding on seating for your home theater. Our top picks were based on the following factors.


Comfort was one of our main considerations and should be what you start your search looking for. Of course, everyone’s perception of comfort and needs are different, so this really comes down to what you like. 

We looked at the softness of the fabric, padding, headrest comfort, armrest position, sturdiness of materials and back support. 

If you’re uncomfortable, nothing else about the sofa matters. No one wants to sacrifice their comfort for lighted cup holders or extra USB ports.


Storage was another consideration, and not just for “things.” 

We also considered where you store your drinks and snacks while watching TV, swivel trays, cup holders, storage for remotes, gaming controllers and places to charge your devices. 

Of course, not everyone needs or wants these accessories. For some, sleek design far outweighs having everything you could ever want at your fingertips while you’re watching a movie.


Finally, it’s important to evaluate the price. 

How often will you use your theater seating? If you’re a lover of movies, a TV connoisseur or a heavy gamer, you might consider spending more on a solid piece of furniture since it’s a place you’ll be spending a lot of time. 

Or perhaps cost is the most important factor, and you want the best you can get for the best price. Whatever your situation, figure out your budget and make your purchase accordingly.


Finding the perfect seating can take your home theater to the next level. 

Whether you need something grandiose for a large home theater room, want something with packed features or are looking for something small and affordable, there’s an option out there for you.

The home theater seating options on this list can help you create your ultimate home theater experience. Identify what you want in your seating arrangement to find the right choice for your theater.