Remember when you could truly “unplug” and get away from it all? Neither do I.

These days we need (or want) to stay connected to our phones no matter where we are. 

And as solar technology has improved, consumers are eager to take advantage of this free energy source. So whether you want a power bank alternative, you’re assembling an emergency kit or you’re prepping for an outdoor adventure, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the research to bring you the best solar phone chargers. 

Top Solar Phone Chargers 

Lots of manufacturers want in on the action, but not all solar phone chargers are created equal.

Here are eight that will come through for you when you need it.  

1. BigBlue 24W Solar Charger

BigBlue 3 USB 24W Solar Charger
275 Reviews
BigBlue 3 USB 24W Solar Charger
  • 【Compatible with Most Devices】One USB port with 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A to charge fast your cellphones...
  • 【Design with Kickstands and Auto-restart】Using the kickstands instead of laying the panels flat on...
  • 【IP54 Waterproof & Durable Design】Industrial-strength PET polymer fabric to withstand wear for...

The BigBlue 24-watt solar charger is a favorite of backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. Smaller than a magazine and weighing just over a pound and a half, it doesn’t add much bulk, if any, to your pack. You’ll be hanging it unfolded on the outside of your pack or nearby to catch rays as it’s charging your device.  

BigBlue stands out with three USB ports to charge multiple devices and four expansive SunPower® solar panels. These panels are one of the most efficient at converting sunlight into energy on the market, up to 23.5%. 

Keep in mind BigBlue’s all solar so it won’t store energy in a battery like other options on our list. Just make sure your devices are fully charged with your BigBlue before you set out. 

Key features

  • 3 USB ports
  • iSmart technology provides maximum charging efficiency  
  • SunPower® solar panels
  • 24-month warranty


  • Brand: BigBlue
  • Model: BH408
  • Power Source: solar
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Size: 5.9 x 11.4 x .55 inches folded or 27.36 x 11.4 x 0.07 inches opened

2. Oukafen Solar Charger and Power Bank 

The compact Oukafen solar charger combines the best of both worlds with two power sources: battery and solar. Charge it the old-fashioned way before an outdoor adventure or for your emergency preparedness kit. Its powerful 25000mAh battery provides enough juice for about seven iPhone XS or six Galaxy S9 Plus charges.

Once you’ve started depleting the power bank, the built-in single solar panel provides a backup power source. It’s a single panel, so don’t expect a fast charge (approx. 83 hours in sunlight from empty). You can also keep the solar panel facing the sun to keep a steady, but slow, flow of power to the battery.

Regardless, users report the powerful battery alone provides enough power to charge their devices on multiday trips.  

Other features that set the Oukafen apart include 3 USB ports for simultaneous charging and 36 LED lights that turn the entire solar panel into a flashlight. 

Key features

  • Unique flashlight design
  • Compact, pocket-sized design
  • Powerful 25000mAh battery
  • 3 USB ports


  • Brand: GoerTek
  • Model: ES-982
  • Power Source: solar and battery
  • Weight: 1.18 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches

3. Anker 21W Solar Charger

Anker 2 USB 21W Solar Charger
4,057 Reviews
Anker 2 USB 21W Solar Charger
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology
  • Fast Charging Technology: PowerIQ delivers the charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall...
  • Incredibly Durable: Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester...

Anker is a trusted brand in charging technology with over 50 million customers. It’s no surprise they’ve created a winner with their 21-watt solar phone charger.

With one less SunPower® solar panel and USB port than BigBlue, it’s one of the most compact and lightweight solar chargers on the market. And if you’re an avid backpacker you care about every ounce.

Like BigBlue, Anker’s all solar, so fully charge your devices ahead of time. For extra juice you’ll unfold the panels, connect your devices and position it in sunlight. Anker’s PowerIQ technology replicates your devices’ original charging protocol to ensure optimum charging.  

The rugged design stands up to the elements with its industrial-strength PET polymer panel protection and heavy-duty canvas construction. Steel eye holes in each corner provide multiple attachment points so you can always capture the most rays.

Key features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • 2 USB ports
  • SunPower® solar panels
  • PowerIQ technology ensures fast charging
  • 18-month warranty


  • Brand: Anker
  • Model: AK-A2421011
  • Power Source: solar
  • Weight: 14.7 ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.1 × 6.3 inches folded or 26.4 × 11.1 inches opened

4. Beartwo Solar Charger and Power Bank 

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Beartwo offers one of the smallest and lightest solar chargers on the market. It’s also one of the least expensive options on our list.  

Like other options on our list it has dual power sources: the 10000mAh battery and a built-in solar panel. But with a single solar panel, even Beartwo’s technical support suggests that it is best for emergencies. Luckily the 10000mAh battery provides enough juice to charge an iPhone 8 four to five times.

What this phone-sized device lacks in solar energy producing capabilities it makes up for in durability. It’s rated IP67, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof up to a meter deep, submerged for a half hour. Both USB ports are protected by a rubber cap and the exterior is made of shock resistant silicone with reinforced corners for more durability. 

Key features

  • 2 USB ports
  • Built-in mini flashlight
  • Over-current, over-voltage, overload and short circuit protection
  • IP67 rating: dustproof and waterproof up to a meter
  • 180-day hassle-free replacement


  • Brand: Beartwo
  • Model: WT-H186
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Power Source: battery and solar
  • Dimensions: 5.51 x 2.95 x 0.7 inches

5. BLAVOR Solar Charger and Power Bank

Blavor Solar Charger and 20000mAh Power Bank
6,225 Reviews
Blavor Solar Charger and 20000mAh Power Bank
  • [Brand-Oriented & Outdoor Charger Pro]: With over ten years of experience in solar power banks, BLAVOR...
  • [PD18W & QC3.0 Fast Charging]: Equipped with PD & QC3.0 fast charging ports, the solar portable charger...
  • [Wireless Charging for Multiple Devices]: The solar power bank has advanced 10W/7.5W/5W fast wireless...

BLAVOR’s recent update of their previous version—which had over 11,000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating—doubles the battery power to keep multiple devices going strong. At that capacity, you may never need solar for backup.

With its rugged design and reinforced corners, this gadget borders on indestructible. And with features like a compass and a flashlight (with SOS and strobe modes) you’re equipped to get yourself out of a pickle or two. 

BLAVOR’s line of chargers also integrate wireless Qi charging, so if you have a compatible Qi-enabled device, you could leave the cables at home. Tests on this functionality show an iPhone 11 Pro can reach a full charge at 1 hr 45 min.

If BLAVOR’s earlier 10000mAh model packs enough power for you, save a few bucks and about 5 ounces while it’s still available.

Key features

  • Built-in compass with carry strap
  • Qi wireless fast charging
  • Reason-free return services
  • 2 USB ports and bidirectional type c port


  • Brand: Blavor
  • Model: PN-W12
  • Weight: 21.1 ounces
  • Power Source: battery and solar
  • Dimensions: 6.90 x 3.50 x 1.10 inches

6. Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

Nektech 21W Solar Charger
2,173 Reviews
Nektech 21W Solar Charger
  • 【High-Efficieny】The high-efficiency of its three solar Monocrystalline panels cell is based on...
  • 【Advanced Smart IC Chip Technology】 The Microchip of Nekteck solar phone charger support to detects...
  • 【Portable and Foldable】The 6.3x 11.1x 1.06 inch (when folded ) small size and 17.3-ounce design that...

Nekteck offers another fold-out option to attach to your pack on your next excursion. Its three expansive SunPower® solar panels offer a maximum conversion rate of 24%, a touch above other options on our list.  

Nekteck uses Smart IC, which they describe as the latest in charging technology. Through its own microchip, it detects your device type through USB PIN signals. Then it provides maximum charging speed at full power, safely.

The sturdy PET polymer cover protects the solar panels from dust and water while a zip pouch underneath shields the devices you’re charging. 

It’s dual USB ports allow you to charge more than one device at a time. Many reviewers use one port to charge a battery pack while charging their phone with the other. 

Key features

  • Compact and lightweight
  • SunPower® solar panels
  • Smart IC chip technology 
  • 2 USB ports


  • Brand: Nekteck
  • Model: SM-B3122
  • Power Source: solar
  • Weight: 18 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 11.1 x 1.06 inches folded or 26.3x 11.1 inches opened

7. Hiluckey Solar Charger and Power Bank

Converting rays into energy is a slow process, especially through a single solar panel. With that in mind, Hiluckey created a different dual power source design.

With four fold-out solar panels and a 25000mAh battery bank they provide the best of both worlds: “fast” solar energy conversion and a powerful battery. 

They include nine built-in LEDs to serve as a flashlight, strobe and emergency SOS. And they added a micro USB port alongside two USB ports.   

Like other options on our list, Hiluckey automatically and intelligently identifies your device’s required voltage/amperage for optimal charging and provides overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection. 

These features plus a shockproof, dustproof, and water resistant exterior and protective leather case for the solar panels make Hiluckey a great option.  

Key features

  • Huge battery capacity
  • Fold-out solar panels 
  • Protective leather case
  • Enhanced flashlight


  • Brand: Hiluckey
  • Model: HI-S025
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs check
  • Power Source: solar and power
  • Dimensions: 6.10 x 3.35 x 1.37 inches (folded)

8. Dizaul Solar Charger and Power Bank

Dizaul Solar Charger and 5000mAh Power Bank
3,149 Reviews
Dizaul Solar Charger and 5000mAh Power Bank
  • High-Speed Charging: The combination of power delivery and QC 3.0 output provide optimal charging up to...
  • Fast power Charger: The power bank supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W output levels, short-press the power...
  • Friendly Reminder on Solar: Please kindly know that solar charging is an additional feature, Taken the...

Given its solid user reviews and price point just under twenty bucks, we had to add Dizaul to the list. With a single solar panel and 5000mAh battery, it weighs in at just 5 ounces and fits in your pocket. It’s the lightest option with a built-in battery on our list. 

Features include 2 USB ports, a flashlight and four LEDs to indicate charging progress. It comes in multiple colors with a rugged exterior that’s shockproof, dustproof and water resistant.  

Seems like a no brainer to bring along for a weekend if you only need enough juice to charge your smartphone a couple times.  It’s recommended that you consider it more of a standalone power bank than a legitimate solar charger. But why not attach it to your pack or place it in the sun to capture whatever solar energy you can.

Key features

  • Low price point
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable
  • 2 USB ports


  • Brand: Dizual
  • Model: N/A
  • Power Source: solar and battery
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces 
  • Dimensions: 5.59 x 2.76 x 0.55 inches

Two Types of Solar Phone Chargers

We’re all familiar with the typical portable phone chargers. They’re the devices you charge through a USB to keep on hand for on-the-go charging needs or when you don’t have access to power. 

There are two types of solar phone chargers. 

Solar Charger with a Battery 

These operate by absorbing sunlight through attached solar panels. Some devices have a single stationary panel while others have multiple panels that fold out to capture more rays. A built-in battery stores the collected energy. You can charge your devices with the battery at any time, whether the sun’s out or not. Situating the panel(s) in sunlight or attaching it to your backpack will slowly recharge the battery. 

Though a solar charger with a battery bank may be more reliable, they are typically heavier than those without one. 

Solar Chargers Without a Battery

These charge your attached devices as sunlight is absorbed by solar panels and converted to energy. There is no built-in battery to store extra power. Though they operate best when positioned in direct sunlight, they can also work in overcast conditions. Solar panel chargers are typically lighter.

Consider how, when and where you’ll be using the device to determine the right type for you.

Features To Look For In A Solar Phone Charger

  • Portability: overall size and weight
  • Number of connections: how many devices do you need to charge at once
  • Device compatibility: most options charge any 5v USB device, but check to be sure
  • High efficiency solar panels: if they use SunPower® panels you’ll know you’re getting a high conversion rate
  • Battery capacity: a high storage capacity means you may never need solar, but it can add a lot of weight


Whatever has sparked your interest in solar phone chargers—an upcoming trip, a desire to be more green, emergency preparedness, or the desire to always be on, there’s a solar phone charger option that is sure to meet your needs.