BONE Structure® and Dan Brunn Architecture (DBA Architecture) will demonstrate the future of home building and design at the upcoming Dwell on Design Show, April 5-7, 2018.  Exemplifying architect Dan Brunn’s minimalist aesthetic and dynamic spatial choreography of light and volume, the Bridge House is conceived as a laboratory for contemporary building and living. The 2018 Dwell House, currently under construction in Los Angeles, will be showcased in the form of a 1/12 scale handcrafted 17.5-foot-long architectural model at booth # 724.


The 4,500-square-foot house, built in partnership with Dwell magazine and several product manufacturers, will act as a venue for social and educational events once completed in the summer of 2018. The 212-foot-long, single-story, cedar-clad structure mediates a dramatic grade change of 20 feet with a running stream extending below the center of the house, in an architectural gesture that gives the project its name. Situated in Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood, the Bridge House is being built using BONE Structure’s patented steel construction system, which expedites on-site assembly, saves costs, and offers ecological benefits. Benefiting from the superior insulation and air tightness of the system, and integrating numerous sustainable technologies, the Bridge House will achieve Net Zero Energy Efficiency when completed.

Centrally located on the Dwell on Design exhibit floor, the 20′ x 30′ Bridge House booth will be constructed using the same steel construction framework as the Bridge House to demonstrate the efficiency of the BONE Structure building technology. The architectural model replicates the design and interior features of the home, from its panoramic windows to rooftop solar panels and interior furnishings.  The model will sit on a custom-designed base to emulate the brook flowing underneath the house. Architect Dan Brunn, BONE Structure’s CEO Marc Bovet and MODAA Construction’s Rosie Abramyan will be present at the booth to answer questions. 

Marc Bovet, CEO of BONE Structure, will be a guest speaker on the main stage on Friday, April 6th form 4pm to 5pm, with his presentation: Innovation: Embrace It or Die!

“Everything that surrounds you has evolved through innovation. Your cell phone is now a smart phone, your car is now a computer on wheels, your news comes from social media and your newspaper is an iPad. The housing industry can’t afford to ignore innovation or stay in a denial mode based on the saying – we’ve always done it that way! Simply because the consumers are fed up and they want their money’s worth!” – Marc Bovet.

Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, will talk about the innovative design behind Bridge House in two panel discussions during Dwell on Design: “Made in the City: Digital Manufacturing in L.A.” on Thursday, April 5th, from 10:30am to 11:30am and “Designing the New Dwell Home” on Saturday, April 7th, from 1:15pm to 2:15pm.



About Dan Brunn Architecture
Los Angeles-based Dan Brunn Architecture, founded in 2005 by Dan Brunn, AIA, develops commercial and residential projects worldwide.  Brunn utilizes provocative spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume.  Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture of his native Tel Aviv, he reinterprets Modernist principles in minimalist designs for living, shopping, and dining.  Brunn’s portfolio includes furniture design that addresses the needs of living room, bedroom, and bath with highly functional, sophisticated, and streamlined solutions. 


About BONE Structure
BONE Structure® is defining the next generation of high-performance homes. Designed and built using an industrialized process inspired by the aerospace industry, BONE Structure homes offer unprecedented precision, architectural freedom and energy efficiency. They produce minimal waste on site, are Net-Zero Energy ready and can be assembled within days. They could save you up to 90% of your energy costs for heating and cooling. No mold, no moisture and no premature deterioration of materials, the homes are beautiful, solid and contemporary, offering open-concept living spaces without load bearing walls and large windows that let in natural light. Building on BONE Structure’s incomparable thermal envelope, all homes are Net Zero Ready. BONE Structure is disrupting a conventional industry poised to change due to regulatory changes, rising utility, and ownership costs.