The Edison screw (ES) is the standard socket for light bulbs. It was developed by Thomas Edison and was licensed in 1909. In North America and continental Europe, Edison screws displaced other socket types for general lighting. In the early days of electrification, Edison screws were the only standard connector, and appliances other than bulbs were connected to the mains supply via light sockets.  After spending the last 100 years being used primarily as a light socket the Edison screw is now proving a useful resource in the “Smart Home”.

Smart Bulbs are out there and they can do far more then just provide light.  Speakers, projectors, wi-fi extenders and more.  The standard light socket that is wired up and ready to go in nearly every home in North America is now providing an easy and affordable option for home owners and renters alike to enter into the world of the “Smart Home”.  

Below is a look at some of the Smart Bulbs and Smart Lighting options out there, this list is just the beginning.  In this ongoing article we hope to continue to add to and grow this list, so stay tuned! 

Tabü Lümen Bluetooth TL 100 Compact Smart Mood LuMini Light – Added 10/29/15

The LuMini is a compact-sized smart mood light that works with one or more alternative standard sockets (E14/E27), and is capable of converting your ordinary lamp to a mood light or a party light in a matter of a second.  Selling for around US $40 per bulb.

1byone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Night Light bulb– Added 10/29/15

1byone smart LED bulb is a unique and exclusive two-in-one design – the smart LED bulb with Bluetooth and speaker! The E27 socket enjoys easy installation and good compatibility to all bulbs, can support a wide range of Bluetooth and wireless audio configuration files and be compatible with the devices that have Bluetooth function, including iPhone and iPad. What’s more, the wireless Bluetooth speaker of LED bulb supports a transmission range up to 10m, Bluetooth 4.0+ EDR (enhanced data rate) and purity and definition of particular voice based on DSP technology. Wish you can have infinite joy from the combination of light and music.   Currently priced around $30 per bulb.

Elgato Avea Dynamic Mood Lighting– Added 10/29/15

Avea transforms your home with beautiful dynamic light moods. Control your ambience from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and unwind in one of the carefully crafted settings with subtly changing light.
Avea connects directly to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth Smart technology, without requiring additional gateways or bridges. But it doesn’t stop there: once you have chosen a light scene, the smart LED lightbulb will take care of the rest, not requiring a constant connection to your iPhone or iPad.    Currently priced at US $39.95.

Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb– Added 10/29/15

The Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker and bulb is designed to not only illuminate your room with a warm white glow, but to fill it with music resulting in the perfect atmospheric yet discreet tool for creating the mood you desire in one handy device.  Currently on Sale at $31.99 per bulb

BeOn Home Protection System:  

BeON Home takes a new approach to home security and safety, using intelligent LED bulbs that learn and replicate lighting behaviors to create the illusion of home occupancy and provide safety lighting in emergency and power outage situations. The addition of Z-Wave will enable the BeON system to provide a more seamless experience for owners of traditional security systems and whole home automation systems. BeON Pro, the professional version of the system launched at ISC West 2015, gives security dealers a new way to augment their offerings and sell an additional layer of preventative security and safety to complement existing products and traditional security panel systems. BeON’s vision is to make a safer, smarter home as simple as screwing in a light bulb.  Currently taking Pre-Orders for $249.99.

Sengled – Pulse, Boost & Solo:

Sengled is dedicated to the idea that the light bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better. Sengled constantly innovates; the company currently holds nearly 200 patents and has more than 10 years of experience in the LED illumination research, development and manufacturing sector.  Currently offering several “Smart Bulb’s” and more on the way.

Pulse Solo –  Integrated with JBL® Bluetooth Speaker, Pulse Solo combines dual 3-watt speakers to provide stereo sound effect. You can simply screw the bulb into your existing lamp and download the app onto your phone. Instantly stream music and regulate the lighting. MSRP – $59.99
Pulse – Each intelligent bulb has a JBL multi-channel stereo wireless speaker hidden within. MSRP – $79.99

Boost – With each bulb you connect, the range of your wi-fi is increased. More bulbs means more places to enjoy your content without worrying about slower speeds. MSRP – $49.99

Snap – Snap is a security camera within a bulb.  The bulb works like a NestCam, letting you watch the camera’s view from your phone or have it alert you when someone enters the room.  Currently no pricing available.

Phillips Hue:

The wireless LED light bulbs bring hue to life.  They deliver clear and crisp light. All shades of white. And every color in the spectrum.  They dim. They flash.  They pulse.  They do pretty much anything you want.  And they screw straight into your current light fittings.  The bridge is literally a bridge between your app and the bulbs. Linked to wi-fi via your router, it can connect up to 50 bulbs at a time. Not to mention hue’s other accessories, like hue tap.  The bridge also connects your system to the wider world. With it you can control your lights remotely or link them up to the rest of the web, newsfeeds or even your own inbox. MSRP – $79.99 for a Starter kit

Astro Twist: 

AIRPLAY:  Stream music from any app with just the touch of a button, no pairing necessary.

CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO:  Premium, lossless audio from a specially-designed driver that sounds bigger than it looks.

CONNECT MULTIPLE SPEAKERS:  Start with one in a room and add more over time to fill your home with synchronized sound.

15-YEAR LIFESPAN:  The latest LED technology built to last 15 years, so don’t worry about the lights going out.

JUST THE RIGHT LIGHT: Color temperature automatically transitions throughout the day to mirror the sun’s patterns.

NO HUB, NO INSTALLATION:  Hub-less, wireless, and installation-less, because who wants more hardware to set up?

Currently taking Pre-Orders for $129

VOCCA -Voice Activated Bulb Adapter

VOCCA is simple Plug & Play Voice Activated Bulb Adapter requires NO Wi-Fi, NO SETUP, NO INSTALLATION. Smart-Bulbs are a pretty smart gadget, but they lack one very important thing, a good user experience for everyday use. Who wants to pull out their smartphone to control lighting? VOCCA is truly “smart” lighting, just say your magic words and turn the lights on and off.

Currently on Pre-Orders for $39.70 each

Belkin WeMo LED Lighting

The WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set lets you access and control your WeMo Smart LED Bulbs from anywhere, using your existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile internet. Dim lights, turn them on or off, or create a custom schedule that works for your family. You can also set your lights to turn on automatically at sunset, dim them to watch a movie, or turn them off after you leave home, all from your smart device.  Starter Set – MSRP $49.99

Insteon LED Bulbs

Insteon LED Bulbs are award winning for a reason: packed into each bulb are both energy-efficient and power-saving LED illumination as well as advanced Insteon technology for complete remote control throughout your home. They’re easy to control using Insteon Wall Switches, Keypads, wireless Mini Remotes and even your smartphone when used with the Insteon Hub.  MSRP – $29.99

LIFX Wi-Fi LED Smart bulbs

The Original – 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white with a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens. Control your lights and select the perfect shade and brightness, all from your smart device.  MSRP – $99.99



Beam, the smart projector and LED

Beam can turn any flat surface into a big screen. It is a powerful projector equipped with a smart computer, all inside a beautifully designed casing.
You can play games, watch movies or share content from your smartphone or tablet. Beam will assist you in your daily activities, like wake you up in the morning with the latest news and your agenda or show you your social updates when you come home.
Beam is easy to set up and control with the Apple or Android app. You can screw it into any light socket or use the included power cable to place it on any flat surface.  Currently on Pre-Orders for $429

LightFreq Square2 Smart Bulb with Speaker

LightFreq is a Bluetooth enabled ecosystem consisting of LightFreq Squared, LightFreq Mute, LightFreq Original and our multi-platform Switch software. This cost-effective and simple-to-use system provides programmable multi-colored lighting, HD audio and intercom control for your entire home. Lightfreq becomes a part of your life from the moment you wake up. Your day starts with traffic and weather notifications. Throughout your day, LightFreq provides social network notifications, Uber arrival notifications, plays your favorite music, allows family members to communicate throughout the house and much more.  Currently available through Indiegogo.



PLAYBULB™ Color is a smart color LED speaker light bulb with PLAYBULB X free App. Let color and music fill up your living space. Just by replacing a light bulb, you will make a whole lot different to your living space. We invent PLAYBULB color so that you can manage the mood of lighting and music to follow your emotion.  MSRP $79.99






Photo by Fujoshi Bijou