The evolution of the wireless smoke alarm system is a giant leap forward for fire protection and safety in the home. There is no longer any need to drill away at ceilings and spend a fortune installing an interconnected smoke alarm system behind the walls. It is as easy as one, two, three…the three components of Kidde’s new wireless technology, the battery powered smoke alarm, the AC powered smoke alarm and the smoke sounder.

The (DC) battery powered smoke alarm links to other alarms and components of the system to enable a household to have a customized fire protection system throughout the house. The smoke alarms can be placed anywhere in the house even connecting an outside shed to the system. When one alarm detects smoke, the entire system sounds throughout the house giving the occupants more time to escape. Up to twelve smoke alarms can be in the interconnected system of a house, allowing for coverage for twelve different areas.

The AC powered smoke alarm enables a newer home that may already have an interconnected system to now install a smoke alarm in every room. The coverage of the already existing system can be expanded. This is easily accomplished by replacing only one existing interconnected smoke alarm with the Wireless AC Powered Smoke Alarm. The AC powered smoke alarm is the liaison between the already installed system and the newly installed wireless smoke alarm system.

The smoke sounder is a new piece of technology that is added to the wireless smoke alarm system because of studies that have been done that show that older adults and children sometimes can not hear or do not wake up from the sound of a traditional smoke alarm. A traditional smoke alarm may be too high pitched to awaken older adults with hearing loss. Children under the age of sixteen have been shown to go into a deeper sleep than adults. Studies were done that show the sound of a voice or a lower frequency signal is more effective in waking up children and older adults. The sounder shouts commands in the correct decibel to awaken sleeping children and hard of hearing adults. The sounder is plugged into an electrical outlet and has battery backup.

Reasons to install an interconnected wireless system:

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Independent smoke alarms sound when they are directly exposed to smoke but the other alarms in the house are still minutes away from sounding. Lethal minutes! The chance for escape is much better if all of the smoke alarms sound together. It is the greatest chance for escape. Wireless technology is the latest and greatest in home safety! Newer contruction is required by law to have an interconnected fire system and now every household can have that same fire protection. Any home can be equipped with this advanced safety technology because of the ease of installation and relatively inexpensive cost of this ingenious wireless smoke alarm system.

The technology behind the system:

Kidde’s wireless technology uses radio frequency waves to transmit and receive messages within the home. It has a unique ID code so that interference from nearby systems is virtually eliminated.

The reliability of the system:

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tests products for their compliance with widely accepted safety standards. Any product that is listed by UL will have a (UL) mark on the packaging that is visible to the consumer. Kidde’s wireless alarms are UL listed. This gives consumers assurance of the reliability of the system

Homeowner’s that should consider going wireless:

Anyone whose house was built prior to 1993 was not required by law to have an interconnected smoke alarm system. With the ease of installation and inexpensive cost, all of these homes should be equipped with the wireless smoke alarm system. For homes that already have an interconnected system and want to expand it, the wireless technology can be easily implemented into the current system with the AC smoke alarm. Adding wireless smoke alarms as a new system or adding them to expand upon an already existing interconnected fire alarm system will ensure the highest level of protection available today.