In Projector Installations poor picture quality is often caused by vibrations from an external source, not just HVAC units installed on a roof but can be from foot traffic on an upper level when a Projector is installed on a lower floor. Other types of vibrations are sometimes caused by poorly routed A/C Ducting or similar.

As the weight of Projectors is in suspension mode as opposed to compression, it is important to note that the requirements are different between the two methods. In suspended applications, it is necessary to factor in the total suspended weight of the Equipment and the frequency characteristics of the vibration source; otherwise the result can be worse than having used nothing at all.

In Engineering, rectifying vibration is not a “Hit or Miss” affair but an exact science requiring considerable knowledge of the causes of the problem and methods needed to effect a cure. Using Nigel B Design’s Mk2 Isolation Mounts makes this task much easier to accomplish.

As most causes of vibration are Equipment such as an HVAC Unit attached to a Building’s Steel Framework, installing the Projector on the same Steelwork results in vibrations between 0-30,000 Hertz being transmitted directly to the Projector.

The solution for an Installer in these cases is to eliminate these unwanted effects by attacking the problem at the Projector. The absorbing grommets used in the Nigel B Design’s Mounts absorb these vibrations by lowering the frequency levels below the excitation or disturbing influences that occur and in combination with the Isolation Mounting Elements, result in a cure.

Many different methods have been tried in the past, using Rubber Pads, Springs or a combination of both. These “Band Aid” solutions which are usually ugly, or difficult to fit, don’t take into consideration that vibration forces which are measured in Hertz, do nothing other than mask the vibration, but never isolate it.

Often the problems don’t always show up during the initial installation, but become clearly visible during use. That is why the Mk 2 Insolation Mounts are the perfect option, as they are both easier to add in “Retro Fit” situations, but are just as effective when used in new Installations.

The footprint of only 4″ x 4″ with a height of 3.3″ and a weight of litlle over 2 lbs, make them hardly visible when installed directly above the Projector Mount. The Vibration Isolator Elements we use, are constructed using a Special Rubber Compound that is measured in Durometers. Durometer measurements are quoted using a Shore rating, an International Standard indicating the “flexibility” of different Compounds. For Example: Chewing Gum has a Durometer of 20 shore, a Rubber Band 25 shore and a typical Vehicle Tire Tread 70 shore.

By adding the weight of the Projector and its Mount it is then possible to match their combined weight to the Correct Durometer Rated Isolation Mount.