Video distribution systems in any environment can be stress full when needing to convert different signals such as VGA, Composite, and many more to HD. To make this scenario even more challenging, after the conversion, they system needed to be able to distribute the different sources to 10 different HD displays. The overall goal and emphasis was reliability because it is part of one of the many learning tools that the San Mateo County Community College District is using in its arsenal to educate the future of America.

Background Information:

The head director of Instructional Technology Jim Petromilli, had the task of constructing a complex application involving AV conversions, switching, and extending. Integrating a system such as this one in a learning environment can be difficult, but with the combination of experience consulting/installing by Mr. Petromilli, and the reliability and variety of solutions from ATLONA Technology, the outcome was more than perfect!

The Cosmetology Senior Lab source center caters to students. The project focused on setting up a complicated video distribution system involving several inputs of all sorts and outputting those in HD to 10 different displays. The lab offers new age technology to enhance the learning experience for its students. According to Mr. Petromilli, It is a 50 student lab, and the students work on their mannequins while watching the instructor demoing a technique on a camera in front of the room.

The distribution system was critical, because the system allows the students to receive instruction from the professor no matter where there work station is in the lab. The 10 displays that the system outputs to, Allows the front row students and the back row students to receive the same high quality education!


To implement this application, VGA and Composite video signals had to be converted to HDMI. After the conversion, and along with another HDMI input, they had to be extended over Cat5/6. After extending these signals, Mr. Petromilli had the pleasure of taking them through distribution amplifiers and then to the HD Displays.


Since Atlona is solutions based manufacturer, San Mateo County Community College District, and Mr. Petromilli were able to choose from a wide assortment of products that allowed them to have a one stop shop for their project. From cables to matrix switchers, and everything in-between, ATLONA was able to offer an affordable, reliable, distribution system for the cosmetology students of San Mateo County Community College District.

The application is detailed below:

Sources Used in application:





The challenge is taking sources and converting them to HDMI and getting a high quality picture. The AT-LINE-EX was the unit used for the conversion of the inputs from the sources to a HD output. The AT-LINE-EX is capable of switching between 6 sources, scaling all the sources up to 1080p and also converting all analog and digital inputs to one HDMI output.

The composite from the white board camera and articulated arm camera was inserted in the AV input 1 and 2 of the AT-LINE –EX. Then the VGA of the computer was inserted in VGA input 1. The blue-ray player was inserted in HD input 1.

Once the AT-LINE-EX outputs the sources to HDMI, It is then run into Atlona’s AT-HD19SS.

From there Cat5/6 was run to 4 AT-HDRS receiver balauns. This gave the ability to run the converted HDMI over CAT5 for the long runs.

From the balauns, the system outputs HDMI to 2 ATLONA AT-HDV14, a HDMI 1×4 switchers. From the AT-HDV14’s the signals were outputted to the 10 different displays.

With a collaborated effort by ATLONA Technologies and the head director of Instructional Technology Jim Petromilli, The distribution system has offered a dynamic learning environment to the students. Integrating AV solutions in classrooms is a growing trend, and it produces amazing results for the school, community, and the future of America!

ATLONA Technology Models used in application:


The AT-LINE-EX is capable of switching between 6 sources, scaling all the sources up to 1080p and also converts all analog and digital inputs to one HDMI output.


The Atlona 1×9 HDMI splitter is the perfect solution for those who want to display a single source on to 9 or more displays using a Single Cat5 or Cat6 Cable for each display.


Atlona AT-HDRS is an HDMI over single Cat5 receiver unit which is designed to work with AT-HD19SS or AT-HD50SS transmitters.


The Atlona 1×4 HDMI (Ver. 1.3c) distribution amplifier is a unique device that allows users to connect any digital video source with up to 4 digital HDMI displays.×4-HDMI-Distribution-Amplifier-HDMI-1.3-with-3D-Support.html