Wisdom Audio in conjunction with Edge Electronics and the premier custom installation company, Innovations in Home Entertainment combined forces to create an all out assault on the senses in their million dollar home theater demonstration. Twenty-two channels of amplification at five hundred watts each filled the showroom floor with explosions, plane crashes, gunfights and an occasional performance by Diana Krall, Eric Clapton or Roger Waters.

Acoustics First

The attendees of the NY/NJ Luxury Expo (March 12-13) and the Reno Home and Garden show (April 8-10) were mesmerized by the cost no option multimedia display. Attendees were astounded by the high level of detail and clarity of the system aurally and visually with peaks reaching as high as 130 dB. The set was highlighted by the Wisdom Audio speaker lineup, utilizing the Infinite Rush for the front mains, supported with a stereo set of the 7b subwoofer, the MC-27 center channel, a set of the M-50?s for the side surrounds and the M-75 set for the rear surrounds to complete the 7.2 surround system. The amplification was custom design and made, two-channel amplifiers for Wisdom Audio specifications by the award winning Edge Electronics. Innovations in Home Entertainment provided the audio and video components and support to integrate such a massive display of audio and video technology. Tying the system together into one unit was the exclusive use of products by Soundstring Cable Technologies.

This show demonstration was masterminded by Ryan Herd of Innovations in Home Entertainment located in Montville, New Jersey and Robert Smith of Wisdom Audio from Carson City, Nevada. Their premise was to create the best all out sounding home theater display that they could. The Wisdom Audio speakers used throughout the display utilize the line source phenomenon with planar magnetic drivers to create a sound field six feet high immersing the audience in a wall of sound. The treble and mid-range frequency are reproduced from a speaker 72 inches high and 4 inches wide. Twelve inch double hung low frequency regenerators covered the bass portion supported by the 18-inch four voice coil drivers in the subwoofers which could reach as low as 7 hertz.

Tom and Debbie Maker of Edge Electronics located in Cape Coral, Florida flew to New Jersey to debut the new G Series AV Modular Amplifier at the NY/NJ Luxury Expo. Edge Electronics has been winning awards for its two-channel solid state amplifiers over the past few years. Edge Electronics was chosen for not only the brute power that the amps could produce but for its known high quality of sound it presents.

Although only a portion of what they can offer, Innovations in Home Entertainment demonstrated the art of balancing audio and video in the home theater environment which they specialize. The technical staff of Innovations provided the necessary components and know-how to harmonize this public display into a complete sensory experience.

Attendees were mesmerized and in disbelief of the presentation. Some were forced to leave the demonstration by their loved ones but on occasion would sneak back for more. Several attendees were seen through the show duration coming back to see and hear what they were missing in their home systems. All in all, the audience was still listening and enjoying the performance.