Who is Sonic Emotion?

Sonic Emotion is the world leader in 3D audio technologies. The privately-held company was founded in Switzerland in 2002 and its mission since has always been to invoke emotions through sound. In its first seven years, sonic emotion equipped recognised concert halls, museums, and universities with unheard of virtual 3D acoustic environments with their 3D sound systems. In late 2009 the company applied it’s expertise in the field of 3D audio to offer a scaled-down version of the technology for consumer electronics. Today, sonic emotion’s headquarters remains in Oberglatt, Switzerland, with a research lab in Paris, France called sonic emotion labs, and sales offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and USA.

What is 3D sound?

3D sound is a unique audio technology developed by sonic emotion in Switzerland and sold on an audio chip. 3D sound technology provides consumer audio and home entertainment devices with the ability to create a virtual 3D soundfield in any listening area, immersing listeners in their favourite music, movies and games in previously unheard dimensions.

How does the technology work?

Sonic Emotion 3D sound technology is based on the principal of soundfield control/wavefield synthesis – this aids in the creation of a field of sonic waves which fill out the listening area providing the illusion of sounds originating at their intended positions, rather than from speakers.

What is wavefield synthesis then? And how does it work?

Wavefield synthesis is a spatial audio rendering technique characterized by the creation of virtual acoustic environments. It produces artificial wave fronts synthesized by individually-driven speakers in an array. These wave fronts appear to originate from virtual starting points meaning the angle at which listeners perceive sounds remains the same everywhere: The listening area is enlarged eliminating the “sweetspot” problem and subsequently providing a spatial sound experience for all listeners.

What products/brands currently use 3D sound?

Sonic Emotion 3D sound has already been integrated in a range of product models including a docking stations, compact home theatre system, DAB radio and soundbars. In the past two years, since its conception, sonic emotion has teamed with brands Coby USA, Haier America, Lenco, Pinell and Scott. sonic emotion is currently working with other well-known international brands: product launches with these brands are expected later this year and early next. Due to non-disclosure agreements with these companies, the names cannot yet be released.

Is there a stand-alone device that can produce 3D sound from my existing system?

Yes. sonic emotion 3D sound devices can be simply connected and be played in any input, even Stereo. Home devices such as your TV, DVD player, MP3 player to your iPhone can be played for instant 3D sound. For example, the Coby USA device can be played up to 3 analog inputs.

Are there any special setup or positioning requirements for consumers?

No. sonic emotion 3D sound devices can be simply plugged and played in any room for instant 3D sound.

Why is sonic emotion 3D sound “the future of surround listening”?

Unlike traditional surround setups, sonic emotion solutions enable a 3D soundfield from a single device eliminating the need for running cables and multiple speaker setups. sonic emotion 3D sound technologies DO NOT require calibration, this eliminates the “sweetspot” and ensure all listeners hear a balanced sound image regardless of their position in the listening area. On the other hand, with conventional surround setups the listener positioned in the centre of the speakers is in the “sweetspot” while other listeners hear sounds more dominantly from the closest loudspeaker.

How does sonic emotion 3D sound differ from other surround technologies?

sonic emotion 3D sound technology is the only audio solution capable of transforming all input formats, even stereo, into all-enveloping 3D sound. Therefore, all television shows, music files and video games played through a 3D audio-integrated device can be heard in 3D! Other available technologies require calibration, therefore providing a small “sweetspot”.

Unlike its competitors, sonic emotion DOES NOT use psychoacoustic “tricks” to fool the listener’s ear. sonic emotion, on the other hand, uses wavefield synthesis to generate a natural soundfield where there is no sweetspot and enlarging the listening area to the entire room – any room dimension!

What’s next for sonic emotion?

sonic emotion 3D sound is making substantial global growth in the past year creating subsidiaries and strong sales teams and support centres throughout Europe, Asia, and USA. By creating foundations across the globe, sonic emotion will continue to un-leash new products out into the marketplace in collaboration with top brands. This past Hong Kong Electronics Fair, there were seven new products presented in conjunction with top brand Lenco, along side devices including the latest docking stations, soundbars, towers, and DAB radios. sonic emotion will continue striding to continue creating emotions through sound and immersing their listeners with enveloping 3D sound. With just one year on the market, sonic emotion will have more than 20 products in the marketplace by 2011.

*sonic emotion´s next tradeshow to unveil their upcoming products with collaborative brands will be at IFA September 2-7, 2011 in Berlin, Germany.