In the last 20 years, we have seen a massive rise in the number of people owning cell phones. We carry them with us everywhere and we have become increasingly used to connecting to our friends, family and business colleagues almost instantaneously. Not only that, our cell phones can do so much more nowadays – we can shop and surf the net, play games, video conference and share documents and files to name just a few things.


But what happens when that cell signal is disrupted or disappears?

One occasion when this might happen, of course, is during a natural disaster. When Superstorm Sandy struck in 2012, it knocked out several cell phone towers which meant that people who needed help weren’t able to contact the emergency services because there was no signal or it was severely degraded.

It is not just getting hold of emergency services that is important during a natural disaster – businesses need to continue to operate as best they can and a poor connection can not only damage revenue but also put them at risk of security breaches.

Weak cell phone signals can happen at any time, of course. The good news is that connectivity can be enhanced and maintained by using a signal booster.


What is a Cell Signal Booster?

One key area where businesses and homes can prepare for a disruption event is to have a cell signal booster on site. These devices convert a weak cell phone signal into a stronger one so that you can still use your smart device and continue working or contact the emergency services if needed.

It is not just useful when there’s a signal outage or a power disruption during something like a big storm, it can be used in areas where signal strength is naturally low such as out in the country. Both homes and businesses can benefit from a cell signal booster for those times when problems occur with the local network, strengthening the reception from more distant cell phone towers and maintaining continuity.


How does a signal booster work inside homes and buildings?

Signal boosters mainly consist of an antenna that is placed outside or pointing outside from a window. This antenna draws signals from all wireless spectrum carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, etc. and pass on that signal through a cable to a “cellular amplifier unit” usually placed on a desktop or under a desk. This amplifier amplifies the signal received from exterior pointing antenna, and transmits it throughout interior spaces for better reception indoors. Here’s an example of a voice, 3G and 4G home cellular booster.


Areas covered by signal boosters.

Signal boosters are available for boosting cellular coverage to wide variety of indoor spaces. They boost reception within smallest spaces inside small homes to largest spaces inside mansions and even buildings. The stronger the amplifier, the higher the cost. For example, the lowest threshold home cell booster at link provided above would cover up to 2,000 square feet. At highest thresholds, they can cover up to 80,000 sq. ft. using a single cellular amplifier unit that would cost thousands of dollars. It is important to note that the lower threshold ones like the one at the link provided above can be installed within 15 minutes flat by anyone that can follow simple step by step instructions. However, the highest threshold ones would require a careful planning and a certified installer to install it professionally. The reason for the latter is that unlike the desktop amplifier/antenna, other powerful ones require one or more interior antennas to be installed after careful planning to ensure all required areas are covered.


The Benefits of a Cell Signal Booster.

  • Enhanced signal strength means that you don’t have to worry when an natural disaster occurs. You should be able to get hold of the emergency services by text or phone and keep in contact with those close to you to make sure everyone is okay.

  • Cell phones can do a lot nowadays and you can keep updated during an emergency or an outage for things like weather updates or other important information.

  • Many of us, including businesses, operate using a cellular connection and a signal booster can make sure that security levels are kept updated even if the local cell tower goes down. That can help stop security breaches happening when you are most vulnerable.

  • During the normal everyday use of your cell phone, when nothing has thankfully gone wrong, you get a much better reception and call quality – particularly useful for areas such as emergency vehicles and first responders. It prevents dropped calls and prevents calls getting routed to voicemail despite the fact that user is available to accept the calls.

  • There have been recent suggestions that signal boosters should be incorporated as part of the standard emergency kit – whether you are a business, home owner or emergency response service it pays to be as prepared for every eventuality.

A cell phone signal booster is a valuable piece of kit even if you aren’t expecting a natural disaster, helping you to stay fully connected when you most need it. For businesses it provides another safeguard that ensures continuity of operations and makes sure they can continue to function. It also provides peace of mind for homeowners. You know that if a problem does occur there’s best possibility to be able to get hold of the right services or contact your loved ones to tell them you’re okay.

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