Tell us about Promixis
Promixis, LLC was started in 2004, back then we started selling Girder and NetRemote. Girder is a Windows and home automation tool. It has been in development since 1998. NetRemote is our user interface that runs on Windows and Windows Mobile. The company has been profitable right from the start and has come through the recession stronger than before due a new product that we have launched, called PEAC.

What is PEAC?
PEAC is the Promixis Enterprise Automation Controller, this is the big brother to Girder, focusing on automation of large facilities with many users. An example would be a health care facility for ALS patients.
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What makes PEAC different from Girder?
PEAC runs on Linux and is built with multi-user security and scalability in mind. PEAC has full support for user profiles each with access to only their own, or shared devices. For example an elevator would be shared but a TV in the users’ room would only be accessible to themselves. If a facility grows PEAC can grow with them, either within one server or by adding servers to the automation system. From the users perspective that would be fully transparent.

Can you give us an example?
Sure, over the last year we worked together with the Leonard Florence Center for Living in Chelsea, MA to automate their ALS and MS homes and have officially launched the system in April 2010. The residents at the specialized care home have varying degrees of disabilities and some loose abilities as their disease progresses. PEAC allows them to control their environment through the use of assistive technologies and regain some of their independence. PEAC was designed so that even residents who have only head-paddles or sip and puff abilities can control their environment.

What kind of things can they control?
We’ve given them full control over the elevators, the doors, the lights, the TV and other AV equipment, the HVAC the blinds and the nurse call paging system. It is really great to see them be able to move around the home without any help from care staff, just changing the channels on the TV while a task we don’t think about is tremendously liberating.

Is PEAC only targeted for the health care sector?
Most definitely not, PEAC can be used in any automation setting, from industrial to commercial to home.

What are your plans for the future with PEAC?
We’ve been attending support groups around California and visiting hospitals to learn about the needs of our future customers. And the one thing that we have found is that they love the PEAC idea but not everyone lives in a specialized care facility. So we are working on a home version of PEAC. Slated for releasein the 2nd half of 2010.

Where can we learn more?
You can visit our new website at You’ll find some videos and newspaper articles there talking about PEAC as well as our contact information.

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