Megamoto motor controllers have opened new possibilities and increased flexibility in designing and installing home automation systems. Linear motion systems have revolutionized homes, and homeowners are exploring new ideas of pushing the technology a notch higher for their convenience. Home automation is continually becoming cheaper to afford with as technology advances and more sophisticated applications, and devices are continually being developed to automate various home functions. Futuristic homes feature modern smart devices and advanced applications running on various mobile platforms and operable remotely thus giving their prospective owners unlimited versatility of controlling and managing their homes. In this article, some of the key considerations and examples of making futuristic style homes are critically discussed in detail.

Smartphones and their innovative designs and features have become an integral component necessary in home automation. Their inbuilt functionalities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and interoperability coupled with their ability to support various applications have contributed immensely in home automation. Connectivity has also seen unprecedented improvements in last decade and new gadgets that offer more reliability have been invented. The protocols used in communication are a key consideration in developing new devices or applications. Motions sensors, linear motions systems, and actuators are entangled components that facilitate communication and work cohesively to achieve various functions. The scope of application is depended on the complexity and budget of the home automation system. Expert advice is also necessary to shed more light on home automation to ensure maximum efficacy of the system. The level of expertise also dictates the flexibility, compatibility, validity and effectiveness of the system designed or developed by the expert.

Actuators are designed and configured to give more adaptability like pivoting and circular movements which have more extensive application. The control of the gadgets that have linear actuators can be customized and planned to work naturally or utilize manual settings through signals and sensors. The actuators are controlled by microcontrollers utilizing basic programming scripts. The gadgets can be situated strategically in different rooms to give the important usefulness relying upon what they have been adjusted for. To demonstrate it is easy to achieve home automation with minimal resources and technology, we can feature upgrading a normal recliner seat to be automated and a TV stand. Each has direct abilities, and the actuators will be added to robotize the manual developments at the joints by utilization of straight actuators.

For the reclining seat, automating it can be done by adding an actuator module to the seat to supplant the manual leaning back system. To automate the seat, actuators are designed and attached in strategic positions to create synergy and controlled movement. Basic programming scripts can be added to offer more flexibility and synchronize the actuators and deliver the desired results for every command fed into its system. However, it is important to note that not all chair seats are made the same and meticulous planning and knowledge of the seat mechanism is important before attempting to automate it.

To make an automated TV stand more careful planning is necessary while considering the extra hardware connected to the TV. The weight and size of the TV are also important considerations to ensure stability and reliability of the automated stand. Careful planning on how to position the brackets, swivel, and the mounting surface is necessary to achieve the desired movement. Actuators are attached at various points and controlled remotely to position the TV according to the owner’s preferences. Microcontrollers can be used with basic programming on the TV to offer more flexibility remotely.

Concisely, futuristic home automation systems will feature advanced smart gadgets and more sophisticated software to carry out various complex functions in homes. However, for the enthusiasts who would like to try basic home automation, there are varied gadgets, actuators, software, sensors makers and creators out there who can help them achieve their dreams.


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