What is unique about FST Biometrics and its technology?  What are the unique pain points it solves and what is the added value to adopters?

FST Biometrics uses a fusion of visual identification technologies to provide state-of-the-art biometric identification. Users are identified “in-motion,” quickly, without having to slow down and present a card, punch in a code, or present other more invasive biometrics.  Our technology uses facial recognition combined with other visual cues, including gait and body behavior, to accurately identify users as they walk. 

Many identification and security solutions rely upon cards and fobs with RFID chips that are easily stolen or lost, and can also cause entry delays as each person needs to swipe their ID.  FST’s flagship product, IMID Access with In Motion Identification, identifies the person, rather than what he or she is carrying, and the user is identified in-motion, without having to down. The system is easily implemented and as an open system, and integrates with many existing access systems and security infrastructures, saving both time and money.


What improvements and advancements in your technology did we see at ISC West and over the next few months?

FST Biometrics revealed strategic elements of its new IMID Access 4.0 solution – a new generation of biometric visual identification solutions, incorporating new algorithms and deep learning to enhance flexibility, accuracy, fraud prevention and user experience. These include:

  • Limited Environmental Constraints – Users can be identified in-motion in as low as 50 lux of light.
  • Fraud Prevention – IMID 4.0 has built-in fraud detection capabilities that prevent attempts of using pictures. An unauthorized user cannot gain access by presenting a still photo of an authorized user as his/her own face.
  • Resolving the industry challenge of face template aging after an average of six years as addressed by University of Michigan research.


How does a client go about setting up a biometrics system? What devices are required and is a professional installation necessary?

FST Biometrics system can be implemented into a wide variety of existing identification and access systems. The basic elements of a system are a computer, a sensor (camera) and the IMID software. The two first hardware elements are COTS (commercially off the shelf product) hardware.


What interesting or impactful applications of biometric visual identification do you envision for the future? 

The list of potential applications is virtually endless and can range from unlocking and operating your car without a key, to gaining access to airport lounges as a member of a frequent flyer club with no physical membership card or ID needed, to gaining access to a smart home with no key and triggering IoT functions in the home upon entry. In addition, FST’s system is already adaptable and in use in for a wide variety of visual identification applications such as retail engagement at clubs, stores, sporting venues and more, where identifying the customer quickly and providing the best services possible is vital.              


How can the technology be applied to both residential and commercial property to maximize return on investment and security?

For both residential and commercial properties, FST’s IMID Access provides a variety of benefits and returns on investment.

  • Lost or stolen ID cards and chips are no longer a constant cost
  • Fewer turnstiles or access points are needed as the system works without needing to slow down, and allows for high throughput of over 30 people per turnstile per minute and identification of multiple authorized users at once, all in motion.
  • Since the system is both very accurate and quick, staff don’t need to focus on identity verification, but can be dedicated to other important tasks such as customer service and upselling activities.
    • By using the person, rather than what they are carrying, the facility is far more secure in comparison to other RFID-based identification systems.


On the residential side, what equipment is required and can the homeowner set up their own system?

For an individual home, or home office, we offer a product called IMID Digital Doorman. This product includes both the hardware and the software to enable use of our In Motion Identification solution for a single access point. Installation is straight forward and can be executed by a residential security integrator.


With the recent security breaches in everything from Nest to home DVRs, many people are concerned about storing sensitive biometric identification digitally.  How does FST Biometrics address those concerns and keep personal data safe?

FST Biometrics’ keeps users’ data secure by following five main rules: 1) only collecting data on users who have opted in to the system 2) only using the data for its intended purposes, i.e. identification 3) never forwarding the data to third parties 4) databases of users are unique to the organization using the system 5) hashing data to protect privacy.

In addition, FST has introduced new fraud detection algorithms and liveliness detection, so someone is not able to defraud the system by holding up an image of an authorized user to a camera. Our technology is extremely secure against fraud by fusing biometric identification factors including facial recognition and body behavior analytics.



About FST Biometrics 
FST Biometrics is a leading In Motion Identification (IMID™) solutions provider. FST’s Visual Identification™ technology offers speed and accuracy for a highly convenient user experience. IMID is ideal for a diverse range of applications, including access control, healthcare, retail and experience personalization. IMID™ solutions are a fusion of Visual Identification™ technologies that include facial recognition and behavioral biometrics. For more information, please visit http://www.fstbm.com.