At your next custom installation you may literally find your niche. You see, in some homes, a niche for the television and entertainment center is cut into the wall. This can pose a variety of issues for the installer, because at first glance this design seems to be limiting. The TV can be placed on a stand in the niche. A freestanding entertainment center can be placed in the niche, but the fit may not be perfect. Some homeowners simply ignore the intended purpose and fill the space with a bookcase or other items, and they place the TV and other A/V equipment in an alternate location. However, there is a better option that solves a problem both in space and design.

A unique and elegant solution is a multi-purpose unit that is a plasma TV lift cabinet, a decorative bookshelf, and an A/V component storage space. The audio-video professional works with a custom cabinet maker and motorized lift manufacturer to develop and implement the project which will delight the most discerning customer.

Here is an example of a recent installation which was a joint venture between LIFT-TECH and British Customs Fine Custom Cabinetry.

The plasma lift is concealed in a cabinet designed with bookshelves and A/V storage space. The cabinetry is built in completely within the niche.

Using a specially designed backplate that is ½” higher than the plasma, a hinged cabinet top opens as the lift is raised. When the lift is lowered, counter-weights close the cabinet top. This method of cabinet construction eliminates the traditional cut-out top used in lift cabinets, and provides a very sleek, stylish look in this type of application.

A/V components are stored in the cabinet above the bookshelves, with the wiring concealed in the back of the cabinetry. A universal remote control can be used to convert signals to operate components behind closed doors.

The pictures below demonstrate how the screen rises in front of the bookshelves, but is entirely within the niche.

Unique installation situations such as this give one the opportunity to think outside the box, and combine style and function in a design.

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