Systems for Small Spaces – Bob Hetherington tests a system for condo and apartment dwellers. Part 7 of the Home Technology Demonstration Project.

Home Theater Design – Part 4 – Interior Room Acoustics and Lighting Design by Steve Faber

NAS Media Servers – The New Heart of the Digital Home By Daniel Putterman

HDTV Untangled – HDTV displays signals that are much higher in resolution than what has been broadcast since the dawn of television itself by NEC Solutions America

HD-DVD First out of the Gate at CES – Whether Blu-ray manufacturers know it or not, it is now a horse race for the mind share and eyeballs of the consumer, by Steve Sechrist, Analyst Insight Media

Getting to Know Audio Servers – The audio server market is ripe with choices for music enthusiasts. – Scott Garman, Russound

Music Server’s User Interface – Simplicity Wins Every Time – Mike Weaver, President of Qsonix

Playlist Fatigue – Causes and Cures – You know the symptoms – you think you have heard this song too many times and maybe can even guess which song will come next – Contributed by SelectRadio

TechWatch 2005 – Wired and wireless networks are slowly coming home sparked by sharing everything! – DVD Insider

TechWatch 2006 – If the Tellywood DRM is too difficult to work with, people will go on line and order a pretty-good copy from one of the hundreds of offshore Cayman accounts – DVD Insider

What Isn’t Going To Happen In 2006 – Well, we certainly will not see an amicable solution between HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD formats – By ABI Research Analysts

Grid Friendly Appliances – What can home appliances do to help ensure the reliability of the electricity grid? – Michael Kintner-Meyer

Reaching the Unreachable Consumer – Advertising in the Digital Age – A Parks Associates White Paper

Making TV Meaningful – Consumers and IPTV Applications – A Parks Associates White Paper

Technology in Architecture – Whether it be a simple surround sound system or a whole house control system, the most important thing to remember is when to start planning – Jon Cavin

Knowing Your Market – There are few certainties in the market place, but losing customers to confusion is one of those – Paul Fida

DVD Insider #49 – A Little Security Goes a Long Way

DVD Insider #50 – So do we really care about which blue laser technology wins?

DVD Insider #51 – The more they tighten their grip, the more consumers will slip through their fingertips and find their entertainment content in other parts of the universe.

The Rise and Fall of Betamax – Classic Home Toys Installment #2 by James Russo

Intermingling X-10 and New Lighting Technologies – Many X-10 users will want to intermingle few UPB or other RF capable switches – Brett Griffin

Ultimate Garage Door Monitor – a REAL home automation enthusiast can tell you within a few inches the EXACT position of the garage door – CocoonTech

Modular vs Standalone AV Systems – The future of upgrades continues to expand at an impressible rate – Altinex Inc.

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Can Media Centers do HDTV? – To explain this you have to understand the underlying technology of TV broadcasts, both digital and analog – Gregg Cannon

Systems for Small Spaces – Bob Hetherington tests a system for condo and apartment dwellers. Part 7 of the Home Technology Demonstration Project.


CannonPC LX Series Media Center PC – This is basically a high end computer with all the audio and video inputs and outputs you’ll need for a state of the art entertainment system – Bob Hetherington

Viewsonic N4050w 40″ LCD Display – Crisp, clear 40″ LCD screen – Bob Hetherington

Jamo 775 HCS 4 Speaker System – This system brought my DVD concerts and music collection to life. – Bob Hetherington

Logitech Z-5450 Digital Wireless 5.1 Surround System – an original surround-sound speaker design that solves the unsightly cord problem without adding any additional components – Bob Hetherington

Soundations Home Theater Stand – As for looks … simple and elegant is what I call it – Bob Hetherington

Panasonic KX-TG6502B Phone System – A major advantage of these phones is that you only need one phone jack for the main unit. The rest of the handsets just need an AC outlet for the charger Bob Hetherington

Sonos Wireless Media Server – a completely elegant solution to a highly technical challenge: that of distributing your entire digital music library wirelessly throughout the house – Gabriel Lowe

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Steve Greenberg explains how things work. – Now including new products from CES 2006

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