If you can dream it up, Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) can make it happen. That’s because the latest generation of home theater environment technology has evolved into a personalized and highly creative process. And among home theater aficionados, the enthusiasm for CDGi’s Cinemascapes™ shows no signs of slowing down!

Cinemascapes™ are high-performance acoustic paneling, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, that take the home theater atmosphere to a new level of individuality. Working with CDGi’s design professionals, the home theater owner can now have virtually any visual element produced as a CinemaScape™. CDGi has created many interesting environments showing what can be done such as a “Seascape Theater” that depicts an underwater Sea world, a “Cityscape Theater” that shows skylines of Manhattan or Chicago, a vineyard displaying breathtaking views of Napa Valley, and so on. The choices are unlimited and the result is a home theater environment that’s unique, creative, and totally cool. For customers who’d rather select a design already available, CDGi also offers a variety of their own stunning Cinemascape™ choices.

Cinema Design Group International, a leader in the design and engineering of world-class home theaters, offers a wide variety of finely crafted acoustic products, fine leather seating, dramatic columns and other custom elements to enhance the home theater environment.

For more information, visit www.cinemadesigngroup.com. Or contact CDGi directly at 800-253-4372 or via email at info@cinemadesigngroup.com to receive a full color brochure.