When you think of a backyard barbeque, thoughts of grilling a smoky slab of meat while surrounded by family and friends might come to mind. For the history of backyard gatherings, that’s pretty much been the gist of it…but not any more. There is a new movement afoot that will forever change the way you see your backyard. It’s more than a soccer field, it’s more than a cool place to get together on a summer’s night, with Open Air Cinema the backyard can become a giant, outdoor movie theater!

Instant Party

Open Air Cinema is the world’s leader in producing outdoor cinema equipment. It has a line of inflatable movie screens that are perfect for families and neighbors to use in the backyard, poolside or in the neighborhood park.
The drive-in theater might be all but extinct, but the mystique of the experience a drive-in theater brought doesn’t need to disappear. Open Air Cinema has a whole new way to enjoy the thrills and fun of movies under the stars with its CineBox™ Home backyard theater system. It comes equipped with everything you need for a backyard movie event. CineBox includes a 9X5, 12X7 or 16X9-foot inflatable screen (which is the largest screen recommended for home use), as well as a projector, DVD player, sound mixers, and speakers.

The portable nature of the system makes it perfect for families because they can take it anywhere. In fact, Open Air Cinema has participated in humanitarian efforts throughout Africa where users would plug the system into a generator and BAM, they have instant movie-magic.

Backyard movie enthusiasts have long used everything from bed sheets and garage doors to make this happen, but these new inflatable movie screens have theater-quality projection surfaces and are so easy to use it’s a no-brainer. They take about 30 seconds to inflate—secure them with the tethers and you’re good to go.

Plan for Fun
While there is something to be said about being spontaneous, the best backyard events sometimes need a little planning. Here are some tips on how to make your next outdoor movie event a blast.

Pick your place
If it’s going to be a family gathering, the backyard is great, if you want to widen the circle a bit, think about moving it to a cul-de-sac for a block-party or to a park or the beach!

Choose the entertainment
Deciding what movie would be best is a critical choice—will it be a family movie, romantic comedy or action/adventure blockbuster? The key is choosing a movie that most people will enjoy. OR, ditch the movie idea altogether—plug in your game console and stage an alien-blasting fiesta!
Select the menu
Outdoor movies and food go hand in hand. There is nothing more classic than hamburgers and hotdogs, but for the movie, don’t forget the popcorn!
Consider a theme
Having a theme can tie the entire evening together for an unforgettable experience. Take the screen to the local baseball field and watch “Field of Dreams.” Dress in pirate costumes and watch a pirate movie. Have a luau and watch “Blue Hawaii.” Also, remember it doesn’t have to be a movie. You can have a sports theme night and watch the championship game on the giant screen.

Backyard cinema can be as relaxing or as exciting as you want. It’s that flexibility that makes movies under the stars so memorable and special for the whole family.