The fast development of IoT resulted in the appearance of thousands of apps that help users control their home no matter where they are.

Applications for Smart Home can have various features, but the most essential are:

  • Remote access to all devices connected to a single network through the app which serves as a uniting platform.
  • Control feature helps users change settings from mobile devices. For instance, in case you forgot to close the door, you can easily do it in an application without having to return back.Such apps also help users shorten costs by controlling energy consumption.
  • Applications with watching feature display video or images recorded by security cameras. It allows customers to control home at any place and time.

The market of smart home apps now is so big, that it became difficult to find the best option for you. I picked out 9 most useful and simple-to-use apps that will make your home smarter.


Security Apps

Security comes first, so let’s begin with applications that help you protect home while you’re away.

With app users can easily monitor and control home no matter where they are. The app allows customers to have a great variety of remote features. You can see records from security cameras, lock doors and arm security panel.

The app will send notifications about actions detected by a security system. For instance, you will be notified when someone tries to break into the house, your children get home from college or you left the back door open.

Take into consideration, that the number of features varies based on a chosen service plan. The price for service plan also varies greatly. The application is free for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Nokia Home Security Camera

Before downloading the app, you need to buy Nokia Home camera. This camera has 130 wide angle, night vision, and two-way audio. Home diary stores recordings during 48 hours, so you can review events happened within this time.

Nokia Home is a great solution for parents. You can see what your baby is doing by using security camera. Moreover, you can even remotely lully your child with the help of feature called Lulla Light & Music and soft LED lights.


Applications for home convenience

With the help of these apps, you can make your home more comfortable and convenient in just a few taps.



Nest app is not the only one product manufactured by Nest company. There are also high-quality alarm system, security cameras, and thermostats, what work seamlessly with the application.

Nest Thermostat helps users monitor and save consumed energy, set a temperature to the optimal level. With Nest alarm system you have an opportunity to remotely arm and disarm home security system, receive notifications in case family members has returned or someone came in. Protection system sends alarms when it detected smoke or when its battery is low.

The application can also be connected to security cameras and give a full real-time picture of what is going on at home. When the camera has detected something suspicious, the application notifies a user about it.

Users choose this app for its well-looking design and simplicity in usage.


Control4 My Home

The app provides managing via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. But consider, that it can be used only after purchasing Control4 automation system. This application has a wide range of functions, including the control of heating and alarm systems, security cameras, and so forth.

Streaming music and video services makes this application favorite application among music lovers and movie fans.

Control4 is available for both Android and iOS. As for pricing, the mobile application is free, but you should pay $100/year for the 4Sight feature.



WeMo has a long list of devices which can be integrated with it. In this list there are WeMo sensors, Google Home, Nest Thermostat and Amazon Echo.

In addition to basic features like controlling temperature, light, arming alert and other, WeMo allows customers to schedule devices. In case you fall asleep at 10 pm, you can schedule lights to turn off at this time.

WeMo app is free at Google Play and App Store.



SmartThings application is integrated with many devices from other manufacturers, so it provides a wide range of features depending on connected devices. There are sensors and hubs, manufactured by the company. After connecting sensors to various devices, you can simply control them remotely via smartphone. The application also notifies about detected changes at your home and allows to see a real-time video or recent recordings from a security camera. This application is free and available for devices running on iOS and Android.


This application stands out from among the other apps from the list, as it allows users to remotely control a lawnmower via Bluetooth. You can set a schedule for moving, determine a moving area and the size of your lawn. This app is free for Android and iOS.


Philips Hue

Philips Hue application coupled with Hue lights accessories offers a wide range of opportunities to experiment with light in your house. Aside from basic ability to turn on and turn off lights, you can adjust color, brightness, and tone. There are about 30 ready-to-use configurations that help users quickly transform their room.


DirectV to control TV

If you’re a fan of watching TV after a hard day, this app will come in handy. This app provides customers with the opportunity to control TV system remotely and even with the voice.

Connect TV and the application to single Wi-Fi network and enjoy the magic of IoT. For instance, you can speak aloud “Find comedy” or “Play Harry Potter” and the app will quickly do anything you ask. It also allows you record a favorite show or watch TV online from the app, so you can easily watch TV shows at every time and place. It is free at App Store and Google Play.

So here is the list of best applications to make your life easier and your home smarter. They all provide users with a wide range of different functions. But in case these applications don’t cover all your needs, it will be useful for you to discover how to create smart home app.

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