The business of outdoor movies make up much of the summer commerce for event companies world-wide. While fun and fairly easy to produce, the dangerous structure for which most event companies operate these movies is frightening. The idea of using genie lifts, truss or other solid frame structures to support an outdoor screen sent Doug Lane straight to the drawing board to find the better way.

Out of Lane’s company, Fastlane Productions, a technical and event production company, he started the design for what would eventually change the outdoor movie event-industry. The fruition of several years of thought and labor is the separate company called SuperScreen ™. The beautiful irony of this creation is that it is designed by people in the events business for people in the events business.

SuperScreen is designed using custom software and inflatable technologies. The design is constantly improving, updating the previous line every season that passes. SuperScreen pattern pieces are sent to a state-of-the-art, computer controlled cutting table. The computer precisely marks the cuts the patterns – ensuring each SuperScreen meets exacting standards.

The base for which every SuperScreen stands is created out of Cordura™, a certified fabric from INVISTA, which is 10 times more durable than cotton duck and 3 times more durable than polyester. Every seam is then stitched using a heavy-duty, coated, UV-resistant, polyester thread. Seams are also reinforced with nylon webbing which results in an incredibly durable, precisely aligned, smooth and constructed inflatable.

SuperScreen has four current models, with screens varying in size and material. All of the screens are front projection in16:9 format. The two largest screens, the PRO and JR., 24′ x 36′ and 17′ x 25′, use a 50% perforated mesh screen. The perforated holes allow the screen to breath in the wind and allow for up to 12 mph of push and sway. The PRO and JR. screens use large clips on the inflatable for quick attachment and removal.

The Mini screen which stands 13′ x 16′ uses an epoxy coated, solid and seamless screen. Because it is much smaller the mesh material is not needed. The Mini screen zippers into the inflatable and together can be rolled up much like a sleeping back for removal and storage. Likewise the LT, which stands 10.2′ x 11.2′, uses 7.5 vinyl coated, nylon fabric for it’s 5′ x 9′ screen. Wind is simply not an issue for either of these models. If a serious weather emergency were to present itself, like all four models, there is a zip-pull at the bottom of the base which will immediately deflate the unit.

The production of the SuperScreen is just as important to Doug Lane as the equipment used to present the movies. In many ways the audio visual element can make or break the experience for the guest. Because of this, SuperScreen has custom-designed audio visual packages for each of the four models. It is our job to give just as much advice on the placement of the screen as the placement of the projector.

The Mini in a Box (Includes A\V) system was designed for parks and recreation facilities, golf courses, church groups and of course, the individual consumer. Like all four models, the SuperScreen Mini is water proof, fire retardant and sits on a Cordura base. It has been an enormous hit for private home buyers and large hotels. Pool-side anything is wonderful in the summer but we have put our mark on pool-side movies. All of the gear, including audio visual equipment, comes in professional cases for easy movement and storage.

Also noteworthy in the build and structure of the SuperScreen is Doug Lane’s follow-through in keeping true to his original goal. “An outdoor screen designed by people in the events business FOR people in the events business.” The SuperScreen was designed with up to 250 square feet of sponsorship banner space with the Velcro built right in. In addition, the pre-set grommets on the inflatable will anchor and support full-size billboards. If the goal for the event planner, producer or non-profit is increasing financial gain then using the billboard during the day with a sponsored movie at night is the way to go. The added sales potential of this to any event is extraordinary.

SuperScreen continues to have incredible sales worldwide. Now in our fourth year, we are busy gearing up for the summer of 2006. The Made in the USA product is a real show stopper!