Home8, a new venture by MivaTek, has unveiled a new line of home awareness and smart protection products that lets consumers build a comprehensive smart living ecosystem in their homes. Home8 provides video integration as part of its multi-faceted IoT platform and is the first company to provide a multi-tier, multi-location, multi-device user experience under one single mobile application. Home8 gives people a way to visually verify what’s happening in the home when it happens. Home8 provides eight feature-rich In-App, In-View controls that no other DIY platform provides. Home8 services also include intrusion and utility monitoring for emergencies such as break-ins, fires, flooding, and carbon monoxide leaks. 

“We created Home8 to make smart living accessible to everyone,” said Daniel Wong, Worldwide Vice President of MivaTek. “Our line of video and home awareness systems puts the power of protection in the palm of users’ hands, giving them peace of mind that their homes and loved ones are always within reach.” 

Key features of Home8’s Smart Living Platform include: 

Network Security and Privacy: Every Home8 device connects to the Shuttle intelligent hub, which firewalls the home system and adds AES-256 bank-level encryption and anti-sniffing technology. It also provides dynamic backend access codes that change if the system detects any failed attempts. 

Sensor-Video Integration: When any sensors detect activity, all cameras simultaneously begin recording. Instant alert notifications are then sent to a group of authorized users who can monitor the situation via their smartphones and determine what action should be taken. 

Easy Installation: Home8 pairs its devices before they ship, so users can install their system in minutes. Simply connect the Shuttle to the router and power the devices. 

Customizable: Home8’s patented system provides smarter video-integrated connected sensors and devices than other providers. Users can purchase add-on packs in store or à la carte devices online to build a Home8 system that fits their specific needs. 

Multi-User, Multi-Location: Home8 allows users to expand their systems to different locations by adding additional Shuttles and devices. Home8 devices connect to the cloud, so users can add or remove devices whenever they need to, and even protect and monitor multiple locations from the same mobile app. 

No Monthly Fee Required: The Home8 ecosystem offers no monthly fee, no contract for a single user – self-monitoring plan. 

Optional Premium Group Protection: Home8 offers a no-contract group protection premium service starting at a fraction of the cost of a traditional alarm system provider. The group protection premium feature allows users to assign family, friends, neighbors, or caregivers to tiers, levels of access, and notifications. 

Compatibility with Other 3rd Party Branded Devices: The Home8 smart living platform also works with other smart devices from 3rd party branded manufacturers and is an official IFTTT (IF This Then That) partner. 

In App, In View Controls: Home8’s mobile app features 8 feature-rich In App, In View Controls: Siren Activation, Camera Setting, Audio Monitoring, Audio Broadcasting, Automation Control, Instant Video Recording and Sharing, and Emergency Calling. 

App Accessibility: Home8 devices work seamlessly with the mobile app, giving users complete control of their home wherever they have a mobile Internet connection. With the Home8 mobile app, users can stream live HD video, review video clips, communicate with 2-way audio, trigger the 110db siren to alert loved ones or deter intruders, control automated devices, and dial emergency contacts. 

Home8 gives people the option to build their own system or choose one of several starter kits. Each starter kit comes with an intelligent hub and an HD video camera that gives people a way to visually verify what’s happening in the home. Home8 starter kits retail from $199.99 and include: 

  • Smart Surveillance Starter Kit (includes 2 Door/Window Sensors; 1 PIR Motion Sensor, and 1 Keychain Remote Control) 
  • Mini Cube HD 2-Camera Starter Kit 
  • Twist HD 2-Camera Starter Kit 

Consumers can customize their Home8 systems by purchasing add-on devices including: 

  • Fire + CO Alarm Sensor 
  • Water Leak Sensor 
  • 1 Outlet Smart Plug 
About Home8 

Home8 delivers home awareness and smart protection through its smart living platform. Home8 solutions include sensor-initiated video recording, cloud and local storage options, notifications to multiple tiers of recipients, and can be used in multiple locations all accessible under one single mobile app. For Home8’s comprehensive and affordable alarm, awareness, and assurance solutions and services, please visit www.home8systems.com.