Schlage LiNK™ looks like a simple upgrade to a home’s exterior entry lockset but is in fact the hub of an entire system that lets homeowners monitor and control their home’s security and more from anywhere in the world. The basic system includes a wireless keypad lock and is built around Z-Wave® technology, enabling homeowners to lock and unlock doors and control other Z-Wave-enabled devices from any computer and most Web-enabled mobile phones.

What can a homeowner do with Schlage LiNK?

At any time and from any location via a computer or cell phone, a homeowner can:

  • Lock and unlock the door
  • Receive email or text alerts when access codes are entered into the door lock—an ideal feature for parents of latchkey kids
  • Keep a 90-day log to track who’s coming and going and when
  • Easily set up and change entry codes (Schlage LiNK supports 19 codes)
  • Create temporary entry codes for a cleaning service, pet sitter, etc.
  • Check the door to see if it is locked, instead of returning home or calling a neighbor
  • Adjust temperature (with optional Trane® Remote Energy Management Thermostat)
  • See what’s going on at home (with optional Schlage® camera)
  • Control lighting while away from home (the feature highlighted in two iPhone TV commercials)
  • Program the system to automatically turn on lights and adjust the temperature when a specific access code is entered

What sets Schlage apart in the connected home sector?

No more worries about forgotten or lost keys. Do-it-yourself installation makes it easy to set up a Z-Wave wireless ecosystem, enabling homeowners to remotely monitor and control a variety of home devices
Text and email alerts provide peace of mind for working parents of latchkey children
Can assign up to 19 entry codes so every family member has a unique code
System can be expanded at any time and supports up to 232 Z-Wave-enabled devices, all covered under a single monthly subscription fee
Conserve energy and lower utility bills with optional Trane thermostat
See what’s going on at home 24/7 with optional Schlage network camera
Data stored for 90 days, providing a log of who entered your home, at what times and on which days
Remote home-management service is affordable—less than 30 cents a day to monitor and control what’s going on at home while you’re away

What connectivity options are new to Schlage LiNK?

In addition to its accessibility via mobile devices and any computer connected to the internet, Schlage LiNK also can be accessed via downloadable “apps” on iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile devices. The company just introduced an app for iPad devices.

Any new features on the way?

Schlage is introducing a number of upgrades to make it as easy as possible for Schlage LiNK users to control their home’s security and other systems and give them the information they need to efficiency manage those systems, even when they’re not at home. New upgrades include:

  • the ability to graph heating and cooling use, when used with a Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat
  • a display that shows which Z-Wave enabled devices in a home are able to communicate directly with one another
  • the option to add and view an unlimited number of Schlage wireless or wired cameras
  • automatic log out after one hour of inactivity in the portal system
  • a more intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • an improved alert function that sends notification only when inside temperatures change more than five degrees from a newly designated set point

Where can one buy Schlage LiNK, and how much is it?

New users can be quickly up and running. The Schlage LiNK starter kit, which includes the wireless keypad lock, the bridge (the “brains” of the system) and a light module to remotely control one light, is available online and at select retailers, and ranges in price from $199 to $299. Users can add cameras, additional light modules and more to build the system that works best for them. The Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat, also available online and at major retailers, is about $149. After an initial free trial period, Schlage LiNK requires an $8.99 monthly subscription fee.

Do you need a professional for installation?

No. Unlike other home automation systems on the market, Schlage LiNK can easily be installed in your home without the need of a professional locksmith or technician.

If Schlage LiNK replaces an entry lockset, are there any options regarding finishes?

Yes. Schlage LiNK is available in three finishes: bright brass, satin nickel and aged bronze. For more information or to purchase, visit

How does Schlage LiNK play into the Z-Wave ecosystem?

The Schlage LiNK System was created based on the Z-Wave platform from which a user could control a variety of home automation tools by various manufactures from their computer or smart phone. In fact, users can add over 200 different Z-Wave devices to their Schlage LiNK System to customize the system to their lifestyle- from locks to lighting and temperature control. Customization of the home automation experience is a top priority for Schlage, and support for more Z-Wave devices is an ongoing project.

What’s next for Schlage in the connected home sector?

Schlage LiNK’s commitment is to continually provide added value to all the system’s users. Whether that is adding device functionality as the tablet market expands, or adding additional tools to track energy management over time to help realize savings, Schlage’s top priority is to anticipate customer needs and incorporate their feedback in order to continue to provide the best connected home product on the market.

Ann Matheis is Brand Director Security overseeing all security brands including Schlage, Dexter, Kryptonite and Ives for Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions. Ann began with the company as Residential Channel Marketing Manager for Security Technologies, a role which later incorporated Sales Operations responsibilities. Ann’s broad experience in sales, marketing and communications and her highly collaborative management style have allowed her to be the trusted voice of our security brands now and going forward.