Keeping holiday surprises safe from curious kids and sneaky spouses can prove challenging for any gift giver this season. It’s hard to catch naughty snoopers without a little high-tech help. A notification system is just what any good elf needs to tip him off this holiday season. A personal notification system is designed with homes and safety in mind. A simple and easy-to-use audio system consists of a compact receiver and sensors that can be placed in multiple locations inside and outside the home. Locations can include the driveway, front and back porch, a back gate, the top or bottom of stairs, the kitchen or any other location in and around the home. Homeowners can even place a sensor under a bed to detect when gifts are in danger of being discovered. Most notification systems only sound a tone or beep when a sensor is triggered. One allows the user to record their specific voice message. The messages take seconds to record and can be changed as often as necessary. “Someone’s in the driveway,” “Child by the stairs,” or “Large man in red suit coming down the chimney,” are just a few messages that users can record. A wireless personal notification system installs in minutes. Without the need to install wires through walls or along fences, a wireless indoor/outdoor system eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming remodeling. For homes with an existing intercom or whole-house speaker system, a personal notification system can be configured to broadcast a message throughout the house. An audio output built into the notification system’s receiver can be connected to the home’s intercom or speaker system. An important message, such as “I know when you are being naughty or nice,” can be heard throughout the house and alert the entire family when a sensor is triggered. A professional security or home theater installer easily can marry the system with existing whole house speakers or intercom systems. Additionally an installer can configure the annunciator to turn on lights or sense when a door opens or alert a security system by using built-in relay outputs. One system to try is Voice Alert System-6 by Cross Point Industries Inc. Voice Alert is wireless and offers a full-featured system starting at $149.99. To find out where to purchase a Voice Alert System, visit the Voice Alert website at