It is probably safe to say that a majority of the world has entered the electronic age. Virtually everything we do and everything we see is based on computers and technology. From vehicles to PDA?s, from cell phones to home appliances, everyone is looking for the coolest and most convenient products.

Home electronics are no exception. Homes are finally catching up to the promise of the past. What was once only seen in science fiction movies and cartoons can be found in homes all across the country. And no longer are these items reserved for the rich and famous. With new technological advances (in addition to large, national retailers), prices for flat panel, high-definition televisions, wireless home networking, and a myriad of other products have seen prices drop drastically in a short period of time. What was once a luxury item costing $8,000 or more can now be had under $2,500. A home theater projector that was once again reserved for those with unlimited spending power, has now been turned into a sub-$1,000 machine, easily purchased instead of today?s new TV?s that are 25% of the size. This new affordability has given way to a line of new products, offered by some mainstays in the marketplace, in addition to a new breed of specialists. The products are used to control the way electronics function in households across the world. Enter the world of the Home Theater Media Center.

So what is a Home Theater Media Center? A Media Center is a computer that is able to store and play music, video, pictures and files, and allows the user to connect and integrate this with their current home entertainment system (TV, Receiver, Satellite, Cable). It is intended to be placed in a living room environment and seamlessly integrate with current home theater components, although it can be used in any other room. The Media Center can also double as a powerful personal computer. The Media Center also allows users to record and pause live without paying subscriptions fees normally charged by companies selling Personal/Digital Video Recorders.

The Home Theater Media Center can networked to all the computers in a home allowing access by all computer to the main computer. A computer in a bedroom can access items that are stored on the main computer and any other computer in the network. Most feature extremely fast processors and video scalers for the highest quality DVD playback, rivaling the picture quality of scalers costing over $10,000.

Home Theater Media Centers are the wave of the future. In a few years, the percentage of households that have one will have increased exponentially when the advantages they provide are realized. For the most powerful Home Theater Media Centers on the market, please see the CineMedius line of Media Centers. CineMedius can be found on the web at .