With the Home Heartbeat® system from Eaton Corporation, a homeowner can receive all of these benefits.

Home Heartbeat® is a wireless home monitoring system that can be easily installed by any homeowner. In less than 30 minutes (including battery charging time), a homeowner can easily set up a network of wireless sensors that can monitor critical areas in their home, so that they are alerted, via cell phone text (SMS) and e-mail, before a minor concern becomes a major problem.

2Using the 802.15.4 wireless specification for low-powered networks and the 2.4 GHz frequency, Home Heartbeat’s main controller, called the Base Station, communicates with a key fob-like device, called a HomeKey, and with a network of battery-powered wireless sensors.

Home Heartbeat sensors are easily added to the system, without the need for any software installation or computer. After installing a battery (CR123A, 3V battery, commonly used in many digital cameras) in each wireless sensor, a simple swipe of the HomeKey into a slot on top of each sensor connects the sensor to the Base Station and the rest of the system.

Naming each sensor and setting alert conditions is easy, with drop-down menus displayed on an LCD screen on the HomeKey, and by using a thumbwheel on the HomeKey to make your selections.

The Home Heartbeat sensor and product lineup includes:

Power sensors (can notify if an appliance was left on)

Open/Close sensors (can notify if windows or doors are left open)

Motion sensors (can notify if motion detected is in the house)

Garage Door sensors (can notify if a Garage Door was left open)

Reminder sensors (can remind to change smoke alarm batteries, or HVAC filters)

Attention sensors (can send a pre-programmed text messages, with the simple push of a button, such as a child notifying his/her parents that he/she is home from school)

Water sensors (can notify if a water leak is detected, and identify where the leak is located)

Water shut-off controllers (can shut off the main water line in the event of a leak)

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Home Heartbeat Water Sensor and Water Shutoff Controller


Home Heartbeat even offers the optional capability of monitoring a home’s status through the Internet, using a remote website. The Home Heartbeat Broadband Gateway can connect the system to the Internet using a router connection. The Broadband Gateway visually provides the entire system status online, where homeowners can view their system, adjust system settings, view sensor histories, and even remotely shut off their water (with a connected Water Shutoff Controller) from any computer by accessing the Home Heartbeat Broadband Gateway website.

Home Heartbeat Broadband Gateway Web Portal

Home Heartbeat helps to monitor and deliver key information that homeowners want to know about their home. Because of the ease of installation, the Home Heartbeat system can be easily expanded, even one sensor at a time, and can be customized to report the status of up to 32 total sensors. The system can also be set to alert any combination of up to six (6) different e-mail or cell phone text message (SMS) addresses.

And because the sensors are wireless, there is no messy wiring required during installation, and sensors can be located, or relocated, easily around the house using the two-sided tape provided. Sensor batteries typically can last up to two (2) years, depending on the settings and frequency of alerts. And if the homeowner moves, Home Heartbeat is just as easy to un-install, and take with them, making it ideal for apartments, dorm room, or vacation homes.

With Home Heartbeat, you can now be connected to your home from anywhere in the world, and have the Peace of Mind of knowing what’s going on in your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For further information, please visit the Home Heartbeat website at www.homeheartbeat.com.