Please give us a general overview of your software.

Home Automated Living’s  HAL software is the pioneer in the world of speaker independent voice controlled Home Automation.  HAL does not require voice training and provides multiple voice interfaces into the system such as open air microphones, telephones, intercoms, webpages, smartphone apps, headsets and more.

HAL software taps the power of your existing PC to control your home. Once HAL is installed on your PC, it can send commands in your home using RF or over the power line. HAL’s voice interface makes HAL easy to use. The user may pick up any phone in the home, press the # key, and then tell HAL to dim the dining room lights or close the garage door. It’s a two-way conversation, with HAL confirming that it has, indeed, performed the requested action. HAL’s unique approach to voice recognition is very different than that of Siri, Echo or Cortana.  HAL does not use a dictation type recognition system which listens for every possible word.  Instead HAL uses a context driven recognition engine which is listening to a vocabulary of words specific to the devices and interfaces for which you will control by voice.  This results in extremely accurate recognition of utterances by the user.

HAL’s smartphone apps for both the Android and iPhone as well as the HomeNet web interface offer control from any pc in the world with an internet connection. There’s even an Instant Message interface so you can control your home using popular Instant Messaging capabilities and receive notifications of various events.

Most of the automation systems on the market fit into one of two models.  There are systems with basic automation capabilities running via a hub or cloud based architecture.  Or there are high end full featured systems that interface with everything from the home theater, curtains, shades, pool, sprinklers and  more using either a proprietary interfaces or various industry standards such as IP, Zig-Bee, UPB, C-Bus, Insteon, X-10, ZWave, UPNP, Serial, Home-Plug or other.  HAL is the only scalable product that is priced and designed to address an entry level system, up to a full high-end home automation system capable of interfacing with a vast array of devices.  HAL is designed to expand as a customer’s needs expand or change, thereby maintaining the value of their investment in technology.  Since HAL can interface with multiple protocols, as new technology evolves it can be added to the home and still work with older legacy devices.  HAL is an Intelligent Home Automation System, which understands the relationship between devices, not just connectivity, thereby making it an intelligent gateway to bridge various disparate systems and devices.

Which OS and hardware are required to make the system function?

Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.   Minimum Hardware: Any CPU that will run XP (Atom, Celeron, Pentium, Core iX, Zeon, AMD…) and the minimum memory required for that OS.

Which protocols or brands of devices will the software control?

Protocols : IP, Zig-Bee, UPB, C-Bus, Insteon, X-10, ZWave, UPNP, Serial, Home-Plug   Brands: Vantage, CentraLite, Leviton, Lutron, HAI, RTI, Aeon, Nest, Phillips, Crestron, GE, Apex, Honeywell, DSC, Elk, Interlogix, Caddx, Napco, OnQ, Legrand, 3M, Aprilaire, Danfoss, HSP, Intermatic, Radio Thermostat, Remotec, RCS, Schlage, Trane, Venstar, VivoTek, Wayne Dalton, 2GIG, Act, Cooper, Jasco, Innovus, Merten, Monster, SmartHome, PCS, Simply Autoamted, ADI, HomeVision, Global Cache, TED, JDS, Davis, Ademco, BruTech, Kwikset, NuVo, GreyFox, Clipsal, Holec Xanura, Cree, Electronic Solutions, Somfy, HomePro, WGL, SpeakerCraft, Inetrmatic, Clipsal, Way2Call, Creative Labs, Conexant, IntelliTouch, Pentair, ATI, Marrick.

Does the software run on a PC? If not please describe how it works.


Can the software be controlled with other devices such as smart phones, tablets or dedicated keypads etc.

Yes, there are smartphone apps for both the Android and iPhone as well as a Web UI.

Please describe some of the primary functions that can be performed by the software

As reference please see the tabs on this page… Each of the tabs on this page reflect some of the many functions that can be performed.  Not shown on that page are some of the capabilities dealing with Scheduling, Macros, Scenes, Shopping Lists, Whole House Audio, Rules (If Then Else)…

Is the software designed to be installed and set up by a homeowner or is a professional integrator recommended?

Both and then some…  There are DIY versions, Professional versions and versions for Utilities and service providers.

How long has the company been in operation and what other products / services do you offer?

Home Automated Living has been in business since 1994 or 21 years.  HAL currently offers 6 versions; HALbasic, HALdeluxe, HALultra (formerly called HAL2000), HALpro, HALhms (Home Manager System) and HALecs (Environmental Control System).  HALbasic, HALdeluxe and HALultra are DIY products.  HALpro is the professional version. HALhms is a fully managed automation system offering full device control, telephony and Internet integration.  HALhms is designed to deployed and remotely monitored and managed by service providers.  The system is constantly providing technicians with information regarding the health and status of the customers system’s hardware and software. Technicians can remotely assist customers with questions or modifications in addition to proactively addressing any issue that may arise before the customer is even aware a problem may exist.  HALecs is designed for the elderly and disabled customer with custom interfaces for things such and bed automation.