Flexible Raceway Systems

Within the past decade residential cabling has changed from Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) to Category 3 Cable to Category 5 to Category 5e, and now in some high-end homes, fiber. Even the bundled cable installed today may be substandard for the homeowner technology requirements of the future. The technological changes of the future are unpredictable and therefore wiring a home with Carlon Resi-Gard flexible raceways is the only way to future-proof.

Future Proofing

Even though cable is run to each room in the house, various changes will occur. Cabling standards will change. Homeowner technology requirements will change. Planning ahead for these changes is easy by installing Resi-Gard. Installing raceways throughout the house provides the opportunity to easily remove the outdated cable and replace it with new cable without tearing up the walls. EIA/TIA-570-A states, “Within buildings, consideration should be given to establishing spare pathway capacity for future media additions or modifications that would be difficult or impossible to cable.”


Protection is the second reason why Resi-Gard should be installed. Installing cable takes a lot of time and money. Installing cable in flexible raceway protects it against other trades accidentally tampering or damaging it.


Installing structured cable in an easily identifiable, telecommunications recognized orange colored Resi-Gard notifies installers, homeowners, and inspectors that low voltage cabling is installed in that raceway.

Flexible Raceway Installation Requirements

There is not an all-encompassing Resi-Gard installation scheme that is applicable to every home. Three levels of future-proofing, protection, and identification are defined.

Level 1 – Minimum

At a minimum install 2-inch Resi-Gard from the distribution box area into the attic of the home, otherwise known as a vertical “main” chase. This chase creates a pathway inside the wall that allows for easy distribution of future cables. Depending upon the quantity and size of the cabling being installed and the number of distribution panels, more than one chase may be necessary.

Level 2 – Moderate

Moderate coverage includes a chase from the basement to the attic and one Resi-Gard run to every location where there is potential for cable upgrade in the future. For example, every room where there is a computer with an Internet connection. Therefore, as technology changes, those cables already have the pathway in place, so they can be removed and easily upgraded.

Level 3 – Maximum

Maximum coverage includes a chase(s) and Resi-Gard runs to every outlet. This ensures maximum upgrade ability, protection, and identification. It does not matter what low voltage application the outlet will encounter, the pathway will be in place to allow for maximum flexibility.



1 ? Minimum

Main Chase(s)

2 ? Moderate

Main Chase(s) & 1 Resi-Gard Run to Every Low Voltage Outlet that has Potential to be Upgraded

3 ? Maximum

Main Chase(s) & 1 Resi-Gard Run to Every Low Voltage Outlet

Installation Recommendations

Main Chase
The Resi-Gard chase is typically run from the basement or equipment closet to the attic through common interior walls or up through an exterior wall.

From the First Floor
Run Resi-Gard from the low voltage outlet location, down vertically through the sill plate and into the basement. Then in the basement, run it horizontally to the distribution panel.

From the Second Floor
Install Resi-Gard from the outlet, through the sill plate and header and vertically down through the first floor wall cavity. Then from the first floor, run it through the first floor sill plate and into the basement. Then in the basement, run the flexible raceway horizontally to the distribution panel.

Slab Applications
Resi-Gard can also be concrete encased for slab applications.


The complete Carlon Structured Cable Management Systems solution consists of Resi-Gard, low voltage brackets, couplings, adapters, conduit clamps, cable clips, approved solvent cement, and cutters. Resi-Gard is available in sizes 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ and supplied with pull tape in the larger sizes to easily pull cables through the empty flexible raceway in the future when the walls are closed up.

Where to Buy

Carlon Structured Cable Management Products are available through distribution nationwide. Visit www.carlon.com to locate your Local Carlon Representative to find a distributor near you and for additional product information on Carlon Resi-Gard and the rest of Carlon’s product lines.